Steps to Fix the 0xc0000142 "Application Failed to Initialize" Error

The 0xc0000142 error is caused by a series of corrupt or damaged system files on your computer that are preventing a program from being able to read or load the files it needs to run. This error typically shows with the cmd.exe (Command Prompt) program inside Windows, but is also a big problem for many other programs as well. The typical sign of this error is when it appears either as a blue screen error or a standard Windows alert, saying “Application has failed to Initialize (0xc0000142)”.

To fix this error, you need to look through a series of possible causes and fix them as you go… starting with the “registry”. The registry is a big database that Windows uses to store information and settings for your PC. It keeps everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper inside, and is where your computer is able to “remember” a variety of settings for your PC. The registry also holds a series of file references which programs like cmd.exe like to use to operate. Unfortunately, these references often become damaged and corrupted, making Windows unable to find the files it needs to run the programs… causing the 0xc0000142 error. The first thing you should do to fix this error is to clean out the registry with a “registry cleaner”.

After performing a registry scan, you should look at then performing an antivirus or antispyware scan of your PC to make sure that there are no infections inside it. One of the big problems of Windows computers is the way in which viruses and other malware can invade your PC and corrupt a series of files and folders that Windows needs to run. You should run a deep scan to remove any potential infection that’s causing damage to your PC.

If those steps don’t work, you should then reinstall any program that’s showing the 0xc0000142 error OR run a Windows repair installation. If the program that is causing the error is not critical to Windows (it’s not like cmd.exe etc), then you should be able to uninstall it completely by clicking Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs. It will then uninstall the program and all its files, allowing you to install a fresh copy which works smoothly and reliably. If the program that’s giving you the error is an essential Windows application, such as cmd.exe or similar, then you should perform a Windows “repair” installation to fix it.