Stinky the Garbage Truck Review

Stinky the Garbage truck is an interactive dump truck with over 90 different phrases and sounds to keep your child entertained for hours! With literally the push of a button, it's easy to see how Stinky has moved to the top of every youngster's wish list this season!

This is no ordinary garbage collecting machine! Stinky has five different interactive modes children (and children at heart) can manipulate. Stinky the Garbage Truck can be used manually as a push truck or you can watch him become larger than life as your child interacts with him!

Turn Stinky's head and watch his headlights light up and blink, or pull his smokestack and listen to him belt out a tune the kids will be singing along with in no time! Feed Stinky by dropping small items into his garbage chute and watch as he dumps them out just like a real garbage truck.

Worried you'll be spending a fortune in batteries when the toy is left on? Worry no longer. When not in use Stinky simply goes to sleep, conserving those precious batteries! Wake Stinky up with the push of a button.

Stinky comes with the Matchbox Big Rig Buddies DVD

Stinky never travels alone! The Matchbox Big Rig Buddies DVD is included with Stinky the Garbage truck and features two Big Rig Buddy episodes. Let them watch as Stinky and his Big Rig pals join young Felix on adventures that promote qualities like teamwork, friendship, and excellence.

Mattel has been a front-runner in children's toys and accessories and does not disappoint with Stinky, providing eager parent's with a toy that is not only durable and easy to clean, but also has the ability to keep a young mind engaged and stimulated. Easy to assemble and easier to use!

Afraid your little one may be too young? Stinky is for ages 3+, making him the perfect gift for that special boy or girl on your shopping list.

Let's get down to the numbers – boasting a price tag of under $ 60, this interactive and multifunctional toy is a steal! Prepare to be 'swept' off your feet with Matchbox's Stinky the Garbage Truck this holiday season!