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Commercial Marketing – The Greatest Fishing Sport There Is

According to scientists, humans have been fishing for over 40,000 years – and they do not appear to be letting up anytime soon. When speaking of the lure (pun intended) of fishing, whether it takes the form of commercial, sporting, or recreational – fishing enthusiasts the world over describe the thrill of the “hunt,” and the euphoria of the “catch.” Interesting... »

Why Can’t We Live Together?

“Why Can’t We Live Together” was the title of the hit song by Timmy Thomas in 1972. The song’s title and lyrics ask a poignant question today, for schools, communities and even nations that continue to struggle with mistrust, misunderstanding and deep-seated hatred as well as resentment and envy. So, why can’t we live together? A question I asked myself as I watched t... »

3 Common Causes of Septic Tank Odor In The Home

If you live in a rural area, there’s a good chance your house is equipped with a septic tank. The septic tank will normally go unnoticed during day-to-day living, but it sometimes makes it odorous presence well known. If you are experiencing an odor from your septic tank, it is usually caused by one of three things. 1. Dry Drains A dry drain is probably the most common cause of septic tank o... »

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Pickwick Tea

So what could be simpler than brewing a cup of Pickwick tea? While the act itself is simple enough there are a number of things to consider if you want to get as much benefit and enjoyment as possible from your tea drinking experience. Water Is Key The quality of the water used to brew tea can have a considerable effect on its taste. Tap water can be very “hard” meaning it has a high a... »

Bloons the Original – Interesting Levels – 39, 43, 48 and 49

Level 39 (Lockdown) 20 balloons required to complete the level. Another level which depends as much on luck as skill. The easiest way to play it is to shoot almost directly upwards to just glance off the vertical rubber wall to the left of the screen. By glancing off the right side of this wall with plenty of power the darts will come down and pop most of the bloons on the other parts of the scree... »

No Hot Water – No Problem, Fix it Yourself!

Your water heater is one of the single most expensive components of your plumbing system. It costs a lot of money to buy it and it costs more money to operate it. If your water heater isn’t working properly it can make your life miserable. Unless you really like cold showers it is a big deal when your water heater has problems. When To Call A Plumber This is a good time to talk a little abou... »

Fireproofing Your Property With Intumescent Coatings

Fire protection is one of the most important issues ever to be addressed by building owners and facility managers. Many facility features can be optional or arbitrarily implemented by facility managers, but a fire protection program is not. It is so important that no facility can ever be operational without it, because it is a part of the requirements for Building Regulations compliance. Fire prot... »

Three Different Types of Conference Calls That Can Help Your Business

Conference calling is the new way to communicate, and it is not just for businesses anymore. Many people, in all walks of life, are finding a use for such programs. Some people use conferencing for various purposes involving their work, others use conferencing to communicate with distant friends and relatives, and some people simply use it to save time when it comes to any type of meeting that the... »

5 Sexy Dresses From The 2017 Grammy’s

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards brought out the biggest names in music, and with it sex appeal has hit an all-time high for music’s biggest night. We will review the sexiest dresses from this years red carpet. Ladies wore everything from super seductive high-end designer dresses to vintage-inspired gowns. Let take a look at who stunned the crowd. Jennifer Lopez stunned the crowd in a pink gown... »

A Guide to Freight Forwarding

The types of sea shipping There are many different types of ship used for international sea freight; the differences reflecting the various requirements of importers and exporters, with particular vessels used to transport different types of cargo. Below is a summary of the different types of vessels used: · Roll-on roll-off, or ‘ro-ro’ vessels are used to carry both haulage and... »