Stone Veneer Is Cheaper Than Brick Or Natural Stone

It is not hard to understand why nearly everyone likes the look of natural stone. It just simply looks good and creates the feeling of value and longevity anywhere it is installed. That look and feel has been added to what is now being called stone veneer. Veneer is defined as a thin layer of material for facing or inlaying on another material. Veneers are usually applied to the outside of homes and can be seen in brick facade homes. When homes are constructed, the walls are first framed out and then the outside is covered with O.S.B sheathing. After this, siding of some kind is installed. This is where a veneer comes in, and that veneer can be brick, stone, or other forms of siding for the home.

Brick and natural stone are both wonderful sidings to place on the outside walls of house, and it is common knowledge that they add value as well as stability to any home, but there are some drawbacks to using these materials to cover any dwelling. The cost alone gives pause to many home owners who are considering using brick or natural stone for this purpose. Another choice for the home owner would be stone veneer, which provides the same value and structural integrity that comes with the installation of brick or natural stone, but it costs one third to one half what these would cost to install.

While brick and natural stone are more expensive than artificial stone it is not just the cost of the materials that bring the cost up so dramatically. The home owner must also factor in the cost of the installation. Hiring a mason is the best way to accomplish applying brick and natural stone facade to the outside of any structure. They are highly trained in all the techniques it takes to install these materials properly. A faulty installation will cost much more in the long run, so hiring a professional, rather than making it a do it yourself endeavor, is much more cost effective. With stone veneer, a D.I.Y project is simple and easy to achieve, and you don’t have to be an expert.

Choosing to install artificial stone is a great option for those who are on a limited budget, or prefer the feeling of satisfaction that comes from creating something beautiful that will last for years.

The installation is not as involved as would be found with brick or natural stone, since there is no need to use ties or footings, and the adhesives used are environmentally friendly. Another interesting feature of stone veneer is that it can be found in a variety of designs and colors that are not always present in natural stone that can be found in local vicinities, which is where most natural stone is used due to the cost of shipping.