Stop Dog Digging – How to Stop Your Dog Digging Holes in Your Yard

Is your dog constantly digging up holes in your yard for no reason? Do you want to stop your dog from destroying your yard? To stop your pooch from digging in your yard, you need to let him know that this behavior is frowned upon and results in bad consequences. If you do regular work on your garden, roll out the hose and fit a sprinkler on the end it. Every time your puppy goes out to your yard to begin digging holes, turn on the sprinkler. This method fools your pooch into thinking that digging holes causes the sprinkler to turn on, thus causing him to hopefully stop this behavior.

If you do not have a sprinkler or your mutt is digging too far away from where your sprinkler can reach, consider investing in a water gun that has good accuracy and can shoot over several meters. What you want to do is every time you see your pup trying to start digging a hole, deliver your dog a shot of water, while aiming for its head. Again, you will make him or her believe that this behavior will lead to a shot of water to his head, thus can hopefully make him stop this behavior.

One effective method for your pup who continually digs in the same spot over and over again is to put his or her own feces in the hole he made. It is important to remember that it has to be his/her own feces because dogs hate the smell of their own feces. Only a few dogs will dig through their own poop, so if you place their feces in the spot they dig, they will most likely stop this behavior for good.

So to stop your pooch from digging up holes in your yard, you can use your sprinkler, a water gun or even their own feces to discourage undesirable behavior. Remember to reward your pup right away if he has been a good boy for the best results.