Stop Panic Attacks – My Personal Drill

Anxiety is something 17 million people in the Unites State's are suffering from right now. It is a problem I had myself all through my teenage year's. So I do know a bit about it. I used to follow the drills I am going to list below that had very helped me whenever I was suffering from severe anxiety. Most attacks that you have are a result of past experiences or present worries. That build up anxious thought's in your mind which then lead to a panic attack. The severity of the attack varies from person to person. I have read report of people actually thinking that they are going to die, and after they rush to the emergency room, they're told that it was just a panic attack. Some of us even start thing we're going insane, but trust me, you're perfectly fine.

Once you start accepting that you have a anxiety problem it becomes so much easier to deal with it later on. Anyways, The following are the drills that I personally followed that helped me cope with my panic attacks:

* Get Some Company – When you start feeling anxious or start getting anxious thought in your brain, the first thing you should do is call up a friend or someone who is really close to you and have a chat over the phone. Call them over if possible. It always help's to have another person with you rather than dealing with it alone.

* Have a glass of water – As simple as it is, it can work wonders, I often found myself feeling that I could not breathe and that I was choking to death during a panic attack, a quick glass of water helps a LOT! Always carry a bottle of water with you when you're outside or at work.

* Listen to soothing music – I have a play list of some good trance music on my laptop at all times … I just play it out loud and dance to it. Yes, DANCE !! you'll be blown away by how effective this is in stopping panic attacks … Dancing also gives you a good workout and help's the brain produce helpful chemical's like serotonin, which has been proven to encourage a good mood and help you relax.

These are just a few pointer's that I really hope help you out with your panic and anxiety issues. I know how hard it is. No one around you want's to listen. they just think you're overreacting, it ok. They have never suffered from a panic attack before and they do not know what you're going though. Stay strong!