Storage for Cereal Lovers

If you use proper Cereal Storage you won’t have to tell stories like this one. My son just came and said to me ” we need some milk but I just wanted to let you know the cereal in the boxes are stale but the Fruit Loops in the cereal storage container is still fresh”. He could have easily said “Dad you wasted some money by leaving your Raisin Bran in the cardboard box dummy”. And yes I did have the you blew it this time look on my face.

The key to keeping your Raisin Bran (o.k. not everyone eats Raisin Bran) fresher for longer periods of time would be air tight sealed containers to keep out moisture and insects. It is truly a no brainer, look who’s talking.

Humor Your Taste Buds

More than likely, you ended up eating some Rice Crispies that were less than fresh, and more than likely your taste buds did not appreciate it. When you buy Captain Crunch, you want it to be crunchy, and of course you do not want your Cheerios to end up feeling like Gummy Savers (the only thing worst is sour milk).

Keep Away the Bugs

Often, if you have cereal around for too long without having it in a sealed container or cereal dispenser, you may end up having a few extra things in your bowl. Especially if you live in the warmer southern states, you really have to be careful about the storage and storing other types of dry goods, such as flour and sugar.

There are all kinds of bugs that would enjoy nothing better than some fun in the Special K box(okay that must be the insects on a diet), so you want to be sure that you use proper cereal storage to keep this from occurring.

Saving Money

Usually you will find that these products only has a shelf life of about 2-3 months max, and usually shorter than that once it has been opened. How many times have you had to throw out a $4 box of Captain Crunch because it went stale, or had to clean out the cupboards because bugs decided to throw a party in your cereal boxes?

Everyone wants to find ways that they can save money, and just by investing in some proper storage containers for your cereal, you can save money and cut down on the waste.

Cereal Storage time guidelines;

Cereals, ready-to-eat Room Temperature 2-3 months

Cereals, ready-to-cook Room Temperature 6 months

Corn meal, Room Temperature 1 year

Flour, cake, all-purpose, Room Temperature 1 yr

The Cereal Storage Solution

As you can see, storage is very important for a variety of different problems. A great way that you can save money, avoid getting bugs in the Puffed Wheat, and make sure that it always tastes great is to invest a little bit of money in airtight storage containers. Sure, it will cost you a little bit to purchase them, but think of all the money you could be saving in the long run. Please remember that all plastic containers are not made for food storage.

Whether you eat cold ready to eat , or you enjoy other types of cereals like oatmeal, Malt-O-Meal, or even grits, it is important that you store each of them properly. When you eat breakfast you want to know that when you take the first bite, it is going to taste great. There is no need for you to ever eat stale cereal again. Get the right storage containers and no doubt you will be able to enjoy a great bowl any time of the day, and you can save money while you are doing so.

I have seen a box of Raisin Bran last 6 months in a properly sealed container. I know this because no one in my home will eat Raisin Bran but myself.

I’m like a big kid I can eat Raisin Bran 24/7. I see you thinking about running to the kitchen right now!