Storm Water Drain Blocked? Effective Solutions to Clear Up Blocked Drains

Different elements can cause a blocked storm water drain in any household. Oil, antifreeze, and other pollutants can accumulate throughout the pipes causing blockage within the system. Prolonged blockage could lead to more problems like flooding. If this happens to your own storm water drain, what should be done to effectively eliminate the problem?

It is essential for any homeowner to be aware of what is happening in their drains. Pipes should be checked regularly to see if water is running and flowing smoothly through the pipes. It is also best to minimize accumulation of unwanted debris within the pipes by filtering out what goes inside the drains, such as falling hairs upon taking a bath or excess food while washing the dishes. Prevention is still best than repair.

To prevent a clogged drain from happening, it is recommendable to use a hair catcher. It is a device that looks like a colander that catches falling hair and refrains them from entering the bath drain. Without the hair catcher, it is also good to use bent wires to hook out hairs trapped on the drain.

But in the event when a household’s storm water drain gets blocked, there are now innovative solutions to clear up blockage. For those who wanted to save, they would usually fix the problem themselves. One handy plumbing first to clean and unclog the drains and pipes is the use of environment friendly and non-toxic cleaning agents. These agents have strong chemicals that break down unwanted particles inside the pipes. Other homeowners also use home plungers to loosen up the debris that are stuck inside their toilets and sinks.

Sometimes, when a blocked drain gets more complicated, and cannot be resolved with the usual handy home devices, it is still best to call your trusty plumber to check and finish the job for you. With their modern gadgets that can fix blocked storm water drains, pipes and sewers, they can finish the job in no time. Gadgets such as the hydro jet pressure machine that gushes out unwanted dirt inside the pipes and an electric eel that scrapes out the dirt are ways of ensuring that blocked storm water drains are repaired more effectively.

With several options available nowadays, be it DIY or seeking professional plumbing assistance, it has become easier for homeowners to clear up a blocked storm water drain. A visit to the grocery store, or simple search on the internet, usually does the trick.