Stove Buying Guide

Stoves are one of those appliances which are essential in any household. Buying all your meals outside can be costly while microwaving everything may be unhealthy. There are a wide range of stoves to choose from. But before buying a new stove from your local appliance store, there are some things you have to consider first:

  • Gas vs. Electric. Some houses have a gas line to connect to the stove while others don’t. Check if you have this option at home. An electric stove, on the other hand may cost a lot in terms of electricity consumption. You may also want to consider a combination stove which has both a gas and electric option if in case you run out of gas or the power is out.
  • Size. How many burners do you need? If you live alone, a single or double burner may be enough. However, if you have a larger family, you’d need more burners. Also consider where you’ll be placing your stove. If you’re getting a large stove, ask the attendant for its dimensions and see if it will fit the spot you have at home. Imagine how inconvenient it would be to take home a lovely new stove only to find out you don’t even have enough space for it!
  • Ease of use. Knobs, buttons and settings which are self-explanatory are incredibly important in a stove since it can be a source of overcooked food, or worse, fires. A manual and controls which are clear should be some of the considerations to keep in mind before buying a stove. You should also check if the grates or drip pans are easy to remove for cleaning and if the oven door can be opened and closed without too much effort.
  • Added features. There’s a type of stove for almost any cooking need. Setting aside the basic stove and oven, there are more features you might want to consider. With one-touch options, you can preheat the oven, cook time-specific dishes, and add a minute to the timer and so much more with just one touch of a button. Timers, beepers and remote control features are also available in some models.
  • Reviews. Before deciding which stove you want to take home, have a look at some online reviews to see if there are any potential problems you may face in the future. These are problems which you can’t possibly foresee while you’re choosing a stove in the store, so reviews are helpful guides for users of the same model. Some reviews also specify what they might have done wrong, so you can avoid making the same mistake they did.

A stove, much like a car or a reliable sofa, can be a lifetime investment. A well-maintained stove can last for several years, even if it’s being used more than thrice a day. Before committing yourself to any one stove, exhaust all your resources to find the perfect fit. And don’t let yourself be convinced to buy a super high-end stove by a smooth-talking salesperson. Stick to the basics and pick a stove within your budget that has all the features you want.