Suffering From Hip Pain? Use The Leg Wedge Pillow And Feel The Change

Hip pain is a common discomfort people have, it does not let you feel comfortably either when you are awake or when it is time to sleep. But in order to understand this pain, why it happens and how we can obtain hip pain relief, we have to know how the hips work. A joint is formed by the ends of at least two bones that are connected by ligaments. The hip consists of two parts: a ball or femoral head at the top of the femur, and a rounded socket or acetabulum in the pelvis. The surfaces of the ball and socket are covered by a material called articular cartilage, which cushions the bones and allows them move easily.

So what causes hip joint pain? Arthritis is one of the most usual causes, and more precisely osteoarthritis, which involves a breakdown of cartilage in the joints, and when cartilage wears away the bones rub against each other causing this pain. It is more frequent in people older than fifty years old. Another cause is the avascular necrosis, which happens when there is not enough blood supply to the bone, like when someone has been through organ transplantation.

Treating hip pain

In most cases that are not as extreme as the ones which require hip surgery or hip replacement, doctors recommend medication, physical therapy like hip exercise and changing your sleeping position and getting an ergonomic pillow to accommodate your legs in the right position. This is where the Leg Wedge Pillow proves to be right what people who suffer from hip pain need. This orthopedic pillow keeps pelvis correctly aligned and relieves pressure on the hips as well as in all joints. People will feel a great difference in how their hips, lower back and the rest of the body feels after sleeping comfortably without feeling pain.

But there is more. Most people are side sleepers, which mean they prefer to sleep on their sides. However, people who like this sleeping position know that the most common set of discomforts are hip and lower back pain. And here is another cause for hip pain: sleeping in this position the natural shape of the body causes that the leg that is furthest from the sleep surface to be misaligned and it is pulled straight down by gravity, creating pressure and tension on the hips causing more pain. The Leg Wedge Pillow, when used as a leg spacer pillow, helps people to stay on their side without feeling any discomfort. People can feel the pressure and tension release as your spine and your hip are properly aligned right after they place the Leg Wedge Pillow between their legs, which allows them to sleep comfortably and quietly and forget about hip pains.