Summer Friendly Tips For Your Screened-In-Porch

Screened-in porches offer the perfect balance between indoors and out. Enjoy sitting in your home’s extension without the sun beating down, the rain moving you indoors, or bugs getting in the way. As the school year begins and the days start getting ever so slightly shorter, here are some ways to keep your screened-in-porch full of the signs of summer:

– Give the area a good scrub. Summer brings pollen and dust, which can affect your screened-in-porch as much as a porch that’s open to the elements. Vacuum the cushions, wipe down the walls, and sweep and mop the floor to instantly brighten the space and make it feel like the beginning of the season again.

– Opt for warm, late-summer colors. Late summer is the perfect time for rich corals, teal blues, and sunflower yellows. Add extra throw-cushions, a new rug, or a set of new vases to add dimensionality and reflect the warmest days of the season.

– Use mirrors. You can add light to your porch without adding extra lamps. Decorate with mirrors to reflect the existing light in the space. Mirrored trays and wall hangings all can create a feeling of brightness, even when the sun isn’t at its highest point.

– Get the fan going. Install a fan or keep your existing fan running to cool the area to a comfortable temperature. If you close your eyes at dusk, you may feel the similarity between a good fan on a summer night and the wind coming in off the ocean on a beach.

– Add some curtains. Linen is the ideal fabric for screened-in porches. Add a flowing, beachy charm to your screened-in porch with a few sets of curtains strategically placed around the porch. Keep them open for a purely aesthetic appeal or close them when the weather gets too warm or bright.

– Install a new feature. Looking for extra natural light in your space? A skylight can add more brightness to the interior of the space and bring in the warmth of summer throughout the year. A fireplace is another year-round addition that can make cool summer and autumn nights relaxing and inviting.

– Build on a theme. Whether you choose beaches, gardens, or other summery design themes, add elements of the design in connecting rooms in the home to extend the flow of summer throughout the home.

– Get a swing. A swing is the quintessential piece of any porch layout. A glider or swing offers a relaxing space for napping, reading, or enjoying the sound, smells, and views around your home.

– Add height. Summer evokes a feeling of airiness and warmth. If you want to keep that feeling throughout the year, consider raising the height of the ceiling to add more flow or opening more of the space with a door replacement to let in more light throughout the home.

Summer is a good time to experiment with new designs and decorations for your screened-in porch. Turn it into a place you love spending time with fun, simple, and transformative changes.