Summer of Weight Loss

There are two things that you need to consider if you want to look good this summer. Your diet and your exercise. Only by paying attention to both you can make this summer a great summer.

Your diet needs to be lighter. Cut out all that meat, especially the really fatty one. Instead go light, have more vegetables. You want to BBQ then learn how to BBQ vegetables and fruit. Make sure you have some tropical fruits around for the sunny and warm days. Nothing cools your body down like some tropical fruit. So, keep your eating light overall. Have fruit and some whole grains for breakfast. For lunch and dinner have grains and vegetables, sometimes a little oil but whenever you eat, eat light. Eating too much does not feel good when the sun shines down on you. The best way to eat light is by having five to six smaller meals a day instead of three large ones. Feel the summer by using some colorful fruits and vegetables.

As to exercise make sure you get in early. Do not wait for the summer to be as hot as it can be. Start early by finding a group you want to go hiking with, or find some friends to go biking together. Another great sport for the summer is swimming. Get a membership to a local pool and start using it. Make sure all your equipment is ready to go. Maybe you still got to clean you in-line skates or polish your bike down. Pump some air in those tires. A great summer exercise is to join a local sports team. Often times they have local softball teams or basketball. Find out now so that you can start right when the first training begins. One thing you have to do for certain. Set yourself a goal. This can be walking for a certain amount of minutes or steps a day or it can be to really get into a certain sport this summer. Whatever it is, be committed to it and let everyone know. Exercise is only half the fun when you're doing it by yourself.