Sunset or Sunrise Is the Right Time to Reflect Upon What’s Going Right in Your Life Before Day’s End

***Sunset it the perfect time to reflect, like seeing yourself through the sunrays of light at dawn or by daybreak. Reflect by gazing with introspection at your life-style. Can you see your reflection that stares back at you through the waters of the ocean? Do you see what’s going right in your life? Judge introspectively. The time has arrived to purse further effort by setting your sights to new heights upon the next sunrise! The sun has always been such a barometer of time and accomplishment. It’s hard to think of time without thinking of a sunset or sunrise!

Yesterday is gone! With the expectation of a new day comes thoughts of the sun rising upon a new dawn. The death of the day before is now a forlorn conclusion, it’s an indisputable fact. There is an eager expectation that arrives with the promise for a new start, like the new promise experienced by every new sunrise! Dawn indicates that mourning/morning has come and yesterday’s troubles are gone. There is no need to mourn or extend yesterday’s morning any longer than is necessary. Yesterday is gone- POOF- CHAZAM- GONE! YESTERDAY IS GONE, IT IS NOW IN THE PAST!

A new day and a new space is made available to make more time for new thoughts and efforts. Old solutions have expired like yesterday, time cannot revise or reverse yesterday’s troubles or worries. May the new sunrise make you more apprised of the wise ways that new thoughts contribute to devising successful outcomes to your most challenging life conundrums or puzzles.

The sun shines upon everyone equally everyday. It invites a chance for a new beginning and an end to yesterday. Let sun rays come to you with glares of enlightenment in the form of great thoughts, ideas, intentions or plans. Have the knowledge that there is sunny, viable, vital, healing energy that is granted to you, like a new sunrise, with a promise for a fresh start!

Be welcoming and engaging when experiencing the flames of changing sunlight and sun rays. Charges are exposing and obtaining options of illumination. Readily grant the support that the Universe offers you with each new sunrise. A new day is granted for all of humanity, it’s up to us to partake of what we want to change or keep receiving. Don’t fall into the insanity of doing the same things over and over again expecting different results!

You gain much more clarity through your decision to concentrate and attune more to what you desire to surpass, understand or engage than by seeking to alter yesterday. Rehashing and rehearsing your troubles over and over again helps nobody.

Choose change daily. Participate and expend more energy by taking action towards your own desires, life events and focus on calculated outcomes that you desire to authorize for yourself. Allow and honor different ways of thinking. Invite more introspection, correction, renewal and planning in your way to advancing your thoughts. Whatever time of day resonates the most or the best with your biological clock, take a break, relax and sit still for a few moments a day. In times of stillness,plan to understand what you intend to accomplish before the end of the day unfolds. As you look within yourself, attain closure by what was completed yesterday. Contemplate and spend time thinking. Know what you want to accomplish before the dawn of a new day, week, month or year happens. Hear what your conscience is telling you. Be content to receive illumination daily, in the greatest or smallest form, welcome knowledge like you welcome a warm sunrise.

The illumination of a warm sunrise is exciting and invites CHANGE and PROGRESS. Change is like having wings that fly and soar into the horizon attaining more of what you are hoping for! Find the vantage point of your plans, ideas and aims. When thinking of the illuminating Son/sun, it is our enlightened way of viewing new opportunities. We are all capable of finding ways or devising how we want to reach our aspirations after many sunrises have passed us by. Be assured in the knowledge that there is vital,viable healing energy granted to you everyday. Be a positive recipient of change, engage the flames of change! Always seek sun rays of hope or change. I encourage you to openly obtain illumination in the form of knowledge. Aid your ability to digest greater and bigger things arranged through change and enlightenment, enjoy your new thought process!~

Let’s enjoy the sunset today and devise a way to meet- that would be really cool and pretty neat too! Enjoy the rest of your day and in all ways remember that actions are to be taken at the best time of the day, whatever time works best for you. The best sunrises and the most awesome sunsets are the most amazing times to draw inspiration from your internal talk in the form of your thoughts. Thinking is based on what you realize has been settled at the end of your day, or for you to decide how you plan to engage or change after the next sunrise comes upon you again!

***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~