Super Quick Seduction – How to Make a Woman Like You in 120 Seconds Flat

What does it take for regular guys to attract gorgeous babes in an instant? There really is no need for you to have a huge bank account or Brad Pitt-like looks to bag the girls. It is merely all about psychology.

The faster you learn how to access female emotions and how to smartly put clever tactics of psychology to use on women; you are going to be much closer to girl magnet status than you ever believed you could be.

Super Quick Seduction – How To Make A Woman Like You In 120 Seconds Flat

1. Emotional Control. Everything boils down to initial control. You may feel like losing complete control whenever women provoke you with flashes of skin or sultry words, but trust me: losing control is a bad thing.

Only by using tons of emotional control will you be able to manipulate conversations to your full advantage. Having the ability to lead interactions will make you very desirable without seeming like a complete idiot who is merely trying to impress the ladies.

2. Rejection Control. The majority of guys have trouble hiding their bitterness whenever women reject them. Show how many choices you have to prevent women from thinking you get gravely disappointed after getting rejected. Seeming desperate for a girl’s phone number will not give you the keys to her heart.

3. Tease Control. Do not be afraid to tease women whenever it is clear that they are getting spoiled by attention. There are ways to be cocky without seeming too arrogant. It is easy to tease women with some sarcastic humor and wit. Women happen to love men that can produce compelling yet fun conversations.

If you are the impatient kind, though, you can make use of an advanced yet controversial method in attracting women. The secret would be to make women give up all emotional independence and relate their happy states with you. This method of hypnosis, call Fractionation, would be a guaranteed way to make women fall for you in only 2 minutes.