Surgery For Penis Enlargement

A lot of men today are coming to the realization that their partners may possibly be unsatisfied in the bedroom. It is not at all surprising, therefore, that many of these men who are coming up short in that department are looking at various ways to make up for their shortcomings.

Aside of more reliable methods for penis enlargement, such as certain devices and exercises, some men are exploring the idea of ​​penis enhancement surgery. This option would require one of various procedures that would cost vast amounts of money, may cause undesired complications or deformities, or may even end up producing the opposite of the desired effect – a shortened penal.

Different types of procedures

There are a few different methods of penis enlargement surgery, but none are without down sides. One method of surgery claims to lengthen the penis by separating a suspensory tendon inside the body. This means a surgeon would have to actually make an incision and slice an internal tendon which holds the penis in place. The theory behind this is that since the tendon no longer holds the penis in place, an extra inch or a little more of the internal penis will be able to extend outward.

A method forirth enhancement claims to increase the circumference of the penal by a full inch or more. This is attained, however, by a procedure in which a surgeon injects chemicals into sections of the penis and scrotum, causing them to fill empty space and therefore make the penis and scrotum girths larger.

Another form of surgery, which is intended for men who are fully impotent, but is sometimes incorrectly submitted for cosmetic use, includes a pump and inflatable tubes. The inflatable tubes are surgically implanted in the penis and a pump is surgically implanted in the groin area which can be used to inflate the tubes by hand.


The greatest disadvantage to all of these procedures is that they are irreversible. They are advertised as the "only permanent" method of penis enlargement. What that really means, however, is that once the procedure is done, it can not be undone – no matter what complications may arise.

There are two main disadvantages to the above mentioned penis lengthening surgery. First of all, the procedure is an actual surgical procedure, complete with scalpels and incisions. Secondly, in some cases, the snapped tendon heals incorrectly, actually causing the penal to shorten.

A major down side to the girth injections are very important. Most men want penis enhancement for the purpose of increasing the pleasure during sexual contact. However, the injections cause a loss of sensitivity and sensation, and in some cases the procedure makes it difficult to even engage in penetrative sexual activity. This would cause many men to wonder what the point of the surgery even is.

Furthermore, most legitimate medical organizations decry penis enhancement surgery. Even many cosmetic surgeons will have nothing to do with these procedures, due to unproven methods and extremely high dissatisfaction rates among patients.