Sustainable Living

Sustainable living or sustainable life style, for many is just environment friendly living, the true séance & meaning of sustainable living can be understood only if we can understand the denotation of the word sustainable it's self. Anything that can survive and can be rejuvenated after the test of time and every day direct and indirect factors is sustainable. Sustainability of a nation a social set up or simply the way we spend our lives depends upon how independent are when it comes to fulfill our daily needs on personal and national level both. Thus sustainable living is all about being independent when it comes to mobility, food production, health care and so on, sustainable living also depends highly upon sustainable production of mother of all leisure and production Energy.

Sustainable living amazingly is also environment friendly living. Every step taken by us towards sustainable living is also a step towards a cleaner carbon free environment around us. Not every family can have there own coal mine along with there personal coal power station, generating electricity for there home only, but every family can have there own wind turbines and solar panels on there roof tops generating electricity for individual units in a very sustainable manner . There is so much that can be done when it comes to sustainable living from growing some bit of our own food to producing a portion of our energy needs independently at little or zero cost. Many Americans should be able to learn about sustainability from there grandparents who struggled through the great depression of 1930s as sustainable living is 90% about consuming less or at least consuming consciously, only if we would squeeze our tooth paste tubes hard enough to utilize that last Bit of cream we trash out most of the time. Sustainable living depends on consuming consciously, what if fuel hits $ 10 a litter how many of us would walk to the super market and catch subways to work.

Switching to sustainable living and environment friendly life styles should be much easier for North Americans and Europeans, as the consumption is these developed parts of the world is already very high in terms of energy, fuel, food and daily use commodities, while poor and developing Nations of Africa and Asia should be able to speed up their development and real growth simply through adopting sustainable living.

Let's be a bit hypothetical about sustainability, now only if every Iraqi and Afghani family had there own solar power panels instead of central grid based power system, United Sates would have had to literally bomb every single house in these countries to cut the power of these Countries along with there communication. Sustainable living is not only green it can also be a nations most powerful yet peace full defense system.

Some of the simplest yet effective things we could do to reduce our carbon foot print, sustainable living are easy to adopt, some effortless changes made around our homes and work places can have a very positive impact towards our local ecology.

Only by replacing one 60 watts incandescent light bulb with one CF bulb in every home of North America we could get rid of the pollution equaling to removing one million gas guzzling cars off the road, but this is half the advantage of think all light bulbs in USA replace with CF bulb's and the natural cut down in power needs.

Staying fit and healthy is the base to sustainable living; Walking and cycling to work are the perfect ways to stay fit for our busy urban life style. Not only by doing so we stay fit but also save money, help air pollution and save soil. In one of my article about my personal experience of paddling to work I've mentioned about just how we can save up to 2 tons of carbon emissions per annual one can save and how fit one can stay.

Every time we switch off our AC's, TV's, Micro wave ovens and many other devices we tend to leave them hooked in the power socket, and tiny red light stays. These tiny red light indicate the vampire voltage being consumed by these devices, if all North Americans start controlling these vampire volts they can shutdown about 10 to 15 coal power stations.

We are what we eat, so we are weaklings as we eat week food produced with an aid of fertilizers and pesticides, organic food is now in demand and it production is still low, producing organic food is not only easier but also dirt cheap for farmers And they save on pesticides, and fertilizers and use insects and natural organic wastes to aid there crop. Organic food is a back bone to sustainable living, the concept of sustainability is all about healthy life, every organic vegetable and fruit helps reduce cancer risk, organic red grapes for example are know to reduce cancer risk to almost half as the plant fights against the Fruit fungus that creates an immune to fight cancer.

Many fashion designers are reclaiming fabric, many product and furniture designers are reclaiming materials such as wood and fibers. I would not mind reclaiming an iron or wooden trunk for a coffee table with a lick of paint on our old furniture we can follow the thrift green path of sustainable life style.