Swaying With a Chandelier

I am here, sitting in our couch. I am just glad there is not much work to do. It had been quite a stressful week in school. I really had a hard time dealing with my professors. They were all so demanding. Would you believe I never had slept the past days?

My dear teachers and instructors are cramming because the exam week will be due soon. What they wanted to do is to discuss matters and have the lessons in an n extremely fast pace. Just the other day I went to school with no sleep at all. My eyes are blackening and my eye bags are growing more and more.

Seems that was not yet enough, our Science professor assigned a project, an impossible to pass project at that. Would you be able to run your electric motor for two straight hours using your 2 V batteries? Definitely not! It was impossible I tell you! It must be his happiness to see students failing. You know, he likes it when his students fail because his subject, Physics, is very difficult to pass because of his impossible demands. He would laugh his heart out and act like he has emerged victorious. He likes it when his evil plans are happening. And the poor little students, afraid of failing would be begging him for another chance.

Well, I am just glad that the week is finally over. And finally I could begin reading Nicholas Sparks novel A Walk To Remember. I have always wanted to read this novel but since school had been pressing me to push my patience further I have to forget about reading this book.

So I lie here in the couch reading through every line. I am trying to understand how every event leads to the tragic but still happy ending. I was so engrossed by the novel I have not noticed it is starting to get dark. I realized it is almost night time. I folded one page and turned on the chandelier just hanging above the couch. I really love this chandelier because the light it gives off is not annoying. With the fluorescent and light bulbs, I get so annoyed by the light. It kind of irks me at times because the light seems to reflect in the book pages especially the glossy ones making it hard to read.

The chandelier however, just seems to get the place a little more conducive for reading. You do not have to be irritated by the very bright light because the chandelier would give you that shady light something like that of the sun during sun rise or sunset.

I was glad mom brought the chandelier and got rid of those fluorescent lamps because reading had been so easy. In fact the chandelier gives you that romantic feeling. I do not know. Maybe there is something about the light that the chandelier gives that seems to get you more in love and romantic. Maybe the chandeliers light creates a more nostalgic ambiance which is very sweeping when you read romantic stuff.