Swimming Pool Fence – A Pool Safety Must

Safety has always been my number one concern. It has been since the day I started my career in the industry years ago and, why shouldn’t it be, there have been a number of fatalities and untoward events that resulted from accidental drowning. Besides, I also have young kids and I would hate for them to be a part of some statistic, the same goes for my pets.

So, when it was our turn to get our very own pool I made sure to order a swimming pool fence as well. Oh and yes, I also got an alarm system and a mesh cover, which is really to screen off leaves and other debris, but I figured it will serve a safety purpose as well.

Yeah, you can call me Mr. Paranoid, but when it comes to the safety of my family I would like to leave nothing to chance. I’m supposed to be an expert at these things so I’d like to live by what I preach.

In my opinion, aside from an alarm, a swimming pool fence is probably the best accidental drowning deterrent there is. A swimming pool fence serves the purpose of keeping your kids out of the water when you don’t want them in it.

You know how kids are no amount of finger-wagging and telling them not to even go near the pool area unsupervised can really keep them as far away as we would want them to. It is really up to us parents to make sure that they cannot get into the water whether intentionally or unintentionally unless we are there with them or another adult is.

What about pets? Kids, pets and a pool should not go together. I remember when my 2-year old son “playfully” threw our pet kitten into the water just to see if the poor thing can swim like the fishes in our fishbowl could. Now do you see what I had in mind when I got that mesh cover?

Actually, the pool’s fence is more for our dog, as far as our pets are concerned. No, our dog is not a trained swimmer, but there was a time when he relieved himself along the railing of our pool. Since then, we would like the peace of mind that we are not swimming in dog pee-laced water.

We also don’t want our dog to get the idea of jumping into the water so he could swim with the kids. Hence, the swimming pool fence is really a nifty idea.

If you are thinking of getting your own swimming pool fence, make sure to get the one that is “climb resistant” and has a self-closing gate that automatically locks as well.

A rust-resistant or non-corroding swimming pool fence is also a better option. I have seen a glass swimming pool fence but unless it is made of tempered glass or sandwiched by an acrylic or safety sheet, I don’t think I can recommend it for families with young children.

Whatever type of swimming pool fence you decide to get really depends on your preferences and budget, but I will really urge you to get one for your pool. It is a real safety must.