Swing Your Hammer As The God Of Thunder This Halloween!

The warmth of summer has all but left us, the days are getting shorter, nights are drawing in and there’s a chill in the air. The leaves on the trees start to subtly change colour to mark the coming of Autumn. Christmas is still a good while away, the next event to look forward to is Halloween and it’s just around the corner.

It’s an exciting time for kids and also for adults. Parties to plan for, candies to stock up and most importantly, a new Halloween costume to go trick or treating on Halloween night.

Halloween is full of the traditional scary sights and it’s always nice to try to be a little original when it comes to choosing your outfit. This year has seen the revival of some old superheroes with big movie releases which have bought The Green Lantern and Captain America to the big screen but one of my favourite movies of this year has been Thor.

Costume designers always keep abreast of movie releases to influence their designs and there are plenty of Thor movie outfits to be found right now, perfect for something different for Halloween.

Whilst searching for Thor movie outfits I found a wide variety of outfits from the movies, superhero outfits for kids, superhero dresses for ladies and some great Thor suits for adults.

Thor is a superhero movie based on a comic book character in the Marvel comics. In the movie he is banished from Asgard, city of the Gods after having incurred the wrath of his father Odin, King of Asgard. His father strips him of all his godly powers and exiles him to Earth, forcing him to live as a mere mortal amongst us humans.

Not the easiest transition for a god to make!

All superhero stories have a supervillain, an archenemy against whom the hero must fight to save the day and Thor is no different. Loki is the villain in this tale. He is the foster brother of Thor and known as the god of Mischief. Growing up he was always jealous of Thor as he always felt that his Foster Father and the people of Asgard favoured him. In the movie, Loki plots to become the next king of Asgard whilst our hero Thor is in exile.

Not everyone likes to transform themselves into the righteous superhero, some prefer to let their darker side shine through by playing the part of a villain. If that sounds familiar to you, and you are a fan of the Thor movie, then a costume of the character Loki could be the perfect fit this Halloween!