Swiss Ball Training for Jiu-Jitsu

If you haven’t spent any time training with a stability ball, then you’re missing out on an effective and fun way to increase core strength, balance, and body awareness. There are more than enough exercises on the ball that are sports specific in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The unstable surface of the balance ball puts a greater amount of stress on the core muscles and makes them work harder to stay balanced. Essentially you’re correcting muscle imbalances by using different muscles of the mid-section (abdominal, stability, and back) in a diverse way.

The stability ball is nothing more than an anti-burst plastic ball that expands when you fill it with air. To reach the correct density: less air is not as challenging while more air makes it harder to balance on. Choose a ball that accommodates your height. How do you know if it is the right size? Use the chart or sit on the ball with both feet on the floor. In this position, your hips and knees should form a 90-degree angle.

55 cm = 4’11” – 5’4″

65 cm = 5’5″ – 5’11”

75 cm = 6’0″ – 6′ 7″

The stability ball provides many more benefits besides an awesome core workout; it will help to strengthen weak muscles and in turn will give a break to the overused ones while opening up the range of motion in the knees and hips. It is a great way to train movement and pressure if you don’t have a drill partner.



This exercise performed on the work out ball will build a strong abdomen and back. Start with feet on floor and your elbows on the ball to begin the position. Keep your back straight and focus on contracting the stomach muscles. Work your way up to holding the position for one minute.


Doing a crunch on the stability ball takes the legs out of the equation and makes the abdominal muscles do most of the work. Position the ball under the lower back and cross your arms over the chest. Curl up and contract your abs. lower back down to the start position and repeat for the desired repetitions.

Ball walk

Develop core strength and balance while learning how to use the balance ball. Sit on the ball and slowly walk both feet forward as your back slides down onto the ball. Once your head and shoulders are supported on the ball, walk all the way back until you’re in the seated position.

Push ups

There are two ways to perform this exercise, with hands on the floor or you can make it harder by placing your hands on the ball for support. As with the standard push up, you will be raising and lowering your upper body with a push motion. What makes this different, the balance ball turns it into a whole body workout because of the instability of the surface.

The stability ball is an effective, fun, and inexpensive way to get a good workout. The functionality of this piece of exercise equipment makes it useable by individuals of any fitness level. Incorporate the balance ball into your workouts to take advantage of one of the best ways to strengthen the core muscles and increase stability.