Swissvoice Epure User Review

Swissvoice Epure Design Phone

A few weeks ago I purchased the very elegant Swissvoice Epure phone. The main reason for the acquisition was the unusual shape. The phone reminds us of those of the olden days, but is also inspired by the software icons that symbolise a telephone.

In this review I am discussing the positive as well as the negative points of this cordless phone to give you an objective overview of the phone and therefore to save you time spent on research.

The Swissvoice Epure offers in my opinion, everything a cordless phone should.

Swissvoice Epure Functions

The phone has a rechargeable battery that provides talk time of up to 10 hours, a phone book with up to 100 entries, a backlit display, alarm clock, hands-free operation, and a pager to find lost handsets. It is expandable to up to 4 handsets and the Swissvoice Epure emits 65% less radiation than most other phones and is more energy efficient (Full Eco Mode).

The phone is available in black, white, red and beige.

Swissvoice Epure – Review


The negative points which I present here are in my view minor points and have not bothered me at all since I bought the phone. However, this is obviously in the eye of the beholder and these points may be very important to you and therefore may deter you from buying the Swissvoice Epure.

No Answering machine

The Swissvoice Epure is not available with built-in answering machine. If an answering machine is important for you, you would have to purchase a separate unit or opt for another phone.

Keyboard is not illuminated

The Swissvoice Epure does not have a backlit keyboard, which was criticised by a few Reviewers on the internet.

Limited Functions

Some reports on the web complained of the limited amount of features that the Swissvoice Epure has to offer. I personally think that a landline telephone does not need to have thousand games and features. Most people today own a smartphone that caters to all the geeky needs one may have. One must understand though that the Swissvoice Epure is not a funky gadget, but a well-designed cordless telephone. In my view, the limited features actually leads to a better usability.


The phone received 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon’s German website (the phone seems to be much more popular in Germany). Out of 70 reviews, 30 Germans awarded five stars (and, hey, Germans are tech-savvy and critical as well!). A few reports are mainly on the amount of features, but hardly any criticised the actual quality of the phone.


The Swissvoice Epure is probably the most beautiful phone currently on the market. The design is the most-cited reason for the purchase and the reason that I chose this phone as well. The manufacturer has received several international awards for its unique design. The telephone is a design icon and, unlike other cordless telephones, can actually add beauty to your room or the piece of furniture where it sits.

It is not only the looks that I really like though. The headset itself reminds one of those of yesteryear, it is quite big and shaped like those old handsets as well and is therefore very comfortable to use and can be easily held between your ear and shoulder. Even long phone calls are pleasant with this unit.


The fact that the Swissvoice Epure has limited features, has the advantage that the operation is quite simple. I e.g. programmed the phone book, ring tones and selected the way calls are answered (answering by lifting it from the base or by pressing the green button) without touching the manual. The phone book for example can easily be opened by pressing the keys on the side of the handset.

Full Eco Mode

This feature will reduce the radiation from the phone by 65% compared to conventional cordless phones. When in inactive mode no radiation is actually produced. With all the radiation that we and our families are exposed to, through WIFI and mobile devices, I am quite happy that my landline phone is low-radiation. The Full Eco Mode also reduces energy consumption.

Swissvoice Epure – Conclusion

For me it’s quite clear – for those to whom design and beauty is important and don’t care too much about gadgety features, this is the phone of choice. The form of the phone actually enhances your room, at least in my view, the same way a cool sculpture does.

Furthermore, the phone is the most comfortable phone that I have used in a long time, due to the well-shaped handset.

The Swissvoice Epure does not come cheap, most internet retailers sell it for £80 (single set) and £150 (“Duo” – two handsets). If you look at this phone as a piece of design though, I don’t think this amount of money is too much, considering that you get design plus a very good-quality cordless phone.