Switch Plates – How To Install New Ones

Installation of new switch plates is a great way to add your personal touch to your home’s décor. Most homes have the standard white or ivory plastic ones, but you have a large variety of custom options to choose from if you want something a little different. While you may think you are not the do-it-yourself type, this is a project that is not very difficult, and one you can accomplish with a few extra minutes.

Style & Material

Consider the current theme and design of your room when selecting new switch plates. If your room has a more contemporary look and feel, you perhaps want to consider simple metallic ones. With a more rustic country-feel to your home you would want to perhaps consider wooden versions, perhaps with a design on it to match the theme of your home.

If you are replacing the switch plates in a room with a specific theme, such as a little girl’s room with a princess theme, you are bound to find a something to specifically match the theme; giving you the ability to continue the theme in all aspects of the room.

Between intricately designed metal switch plates and simple wooden ones with painted decorations, you have a wide variety of new selection to choose from. The limit on the variety of what you can put in your home is only limited by how much you want to look for the right ones.


The installation of your new switch plate is an easy project you can do yourself; however, you will need to follow a few tips to ensure your own safety. Be sure to follow any and all guidelines provided to you by the manufacturer of the selection. Read them over clearly before you start this project.

Before starting the installation process, turn off the power to that room at the main switch. Any time you are dealing with a screwdriver and live wires, you are in a dangerous situation. Turning off the power at the main switch will minimize the danger for you.

Carefully remove your old switch plate and set it aside. Next, line up the new one with the existing switch frame. Using your screwdriver attach the new one to the switch frame. You may want to only partially screw one part of the plate at a time to make sure everything lines up before tightly fastening it.

A simple but fast-to-complete project, changing out the switch plates in a room can dramatically alter the look of the room; lending a whole new personal touch while allowing you to bring a little more of your personality into your home a the same time.