Switchword – Words of Empowerment

It was a book I needed to read. I do not know where it came from. I know I did not buy it. I do not remember anyone giving it to me. Suddenly it was on my bookshelf. Another book on self help and enlightenment!

All of the books I have previously read about enlightenment condemned the ego. The message is clear the ego is bad and one must strive to negate it.

This book "The Secret of Perfect Living" by James T. Mangan is different. Instead of trying to negate the ego, it suggests we encourage the ego to acknowledge the work the subconscious does. The purpose is to get the conscious (ego) and the subconscious (higher self) to unite. Instead of working against myself, I would be doubling my potential.

For me it is impossible to get rid of my ego. In fact, I have come to realize that my ego is not the problem. It evolved to help me exist in this world. It has done a wonderful job.

But the truth is that the subconscious controls and does far more than my conscious ego. Yet the ego gets the credit! The ego has become a dictator. There is an imbalance! So getting the two most powerful parts of me together to create a more powerful I, rocks my world!

The Secret to Perfect Living explains how to achieving unity of the conscious and subconscious mine. Part of this unifying process includes a list of what Mr. Mangan calls switch words.
Switch words are words you say internally that instantly unifies our mines to accomplish a specific task.

For example: you can not find your car keys, instead of wondering around aimlessly you say reach to yourself or out loud and within minutes you find your car keys.

It's so simple and yet it works.