Switchwords Can Help You Get Fit

It’s a well established fact that getting and staying fit is best for you. While we live in this body we may as well live in it feeling good and looking good. Not many people will argue with that. There is, however, one problem. Getting fit is not the most exciting thing in the world and so it takes motivation to get fit and even more motivation to stay fit.

Weight issues are not only about food intake,but more about mindset. You could eat hot dogs all day and as long as you stay under your resting caloric metabolic rate, you will lose weight. Since the issues is one of mindset, the only way to get fit is to reprogram the Subconscious mind.

The Subconscious mind is a recorder and collector of all your life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly. This collection of information is the root of all our habits, every single one of them. This includes our eating habits. As the poor eating habits become entrenched, they get harder to break. It’s for this reason it is often hard to make healthy choices when it comes to our fitness. Although it seems like a bad thing, the subconscious mind is doing this out of convenience. Since we introduced these negative thoughts and constantly reinforced them, the subconscious mind is doing us a favor by making them routine. This routine of course leads to an expanding waistline. These routines can lead to far far worse things such as debilitating addictions. The only way to “reset” the subconscious mind so it doesn’t continue to reinforce these habits is to reprogram it or at least short circuit the habit loop. One way to do this is with Switchwords.

Switchwords are single words and are often found in various and unlimited combinations. They are one-word affirmations. Unlike the traditional affirmations that contain statements that your subconscious does not believe is true, Switchwords, bypass the interpretive aspect of your mind and engages the subconscious mind directly, thus making the desired result a bit more automatic and without resistance.

Switchwords penetrate the subconscious mind in ways that allow them to work synergistically and more effectively than just affirmations alone. They work together to make sure the subconscious mind’s tendency to entrench bad habits is not activated. This means that you can make changes in your fitness level without the subconscious trying to get you back to your baseline. They are, for lack of a better term, powerful.

Here are just a few Switchwords you can say right now to help get you motivated. You can say them in your mind or out loud. Whatever you way you think is best. I will provide a list and what each switchword means.

ADD: This is to increase what you have, no matter what it is.

BE: This is a powerful one, this will help you to achieve good health.

BRING: This is a manifestation Switchword, it helps you unite with your goal, helps you finish what you started.

BUBBLE: This Switchword is really good at helping you expand your perceived limits, will help you push through your workout when you are fatigued.

CANCEL: Use this Switchword to eliminate negative thoughts and conditions. When you feel you are about to give up, this word is great to cancel those thoughts

CHARM: This will help you manifest your heart’s desire.

CRYSTAL: This is a powerful Switchword that will help you clarify any situation or things. It helps you look to the future; both mentally and through clairvoyance. I use this one to clarify intentions when I feel blocked. It keeps me focused on my fitness goals.

DIVINE: This creates miracles of all types. Use it with any of the other Switchwords and you will notice the difference.

HALFWAY: When you are not in the mood to finish your workout, this one is great. It helps time fly.

MOVE: This one is amazingly effective if keeping your energy up during workouts. I use it with UP.

ON: This is a very powerful Switchword to help you get new ideas on how to get fit.

OFF: This one is used quit an unwanted habit AND it helps you go to sleep. This Switchword does help me sleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I can rely on “OFF” to help me get back to sleep quickly. I love it.

STRETCH: This will help you prolong a good feeling, event or a sense of well-being you are experiencing. It will also help you grow intellectually, spiritually and physically. By grow I mean become better

TINY: For fitness purposes this is great to reduce size, in other words it will help you lose weight.

TOGETHER: This is considered to be THE Master Switchword to help you master any activity. Get things all together. It is also used to become single-minded when you need to be. It’s the most powerful Switchword in the list.

UP: This one dispels negative moods and gives you extra energy. I use this with MOVE.