Systematic Investment Plan – Providing a Wholesome Investing Solution

Have you ever given a thought on how you are saving or investing your money? I believe not! We all follow a monotonous schedule. We earn, spend and save some part of our earning. As far as, saving is concerned we never scrutinize all the alternatives that could be taken into consideration before investing. The whole mutual fund industry had worked on mouth publicity until a few years back. But, now the picture is changing. With the onset of technology in almost every field, the clients are becoming alert like never before. So, why leave the mutual fund industry untouched?

An impressive revamp called Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) has bred a new life in the sector. It amasses three different words namely, Systematic, Investment and Plan.

Systematic, meaning a consistent process. Anything which is endured over a long period through gradual but a fixed pattern.

Investment is a strategy of making money out of money. In short, it is a process of nurturing wealth.

A plan is generally an idea or a method of carrying out anything via proper channel. The universal design of a SIP includes deducting a particular amount from the account of the payee at a frequency as set by the investor, depending upon the type of SIP opted. This business carries on for a quantum of years and then the invested sum is returned to the client with interest as corpus.

Types of Systematic Investment Plan:

There are variegated Systematic Investment Plans available to befit the desideratum of divergent clientele base. They are as follows:

  1. Monthly Systematic Investment Plan: It is the most popular type opted by the clients. As the name suggests, Monthly scheme allows you to invest your money on a monthly basis. Every month, the amount is deducted from your account. The amount can be any sum of currency depending on your budget and your investment strategy. The monthly scheme inseminates the habit of regular and planned investment in the investors. This form of SIP is uncomplicated. Bulk investors are attracted towards this scheme owing to its flexibility and progressiveness.
  2. Daily Systematic Investment Plan: Have you ever heard of the phrase “Digging the well each day and quenching the thirst”? This phrase fits here rightly. The investors opting for daily scheme are the ones who plan their income-expenditure cycle on a daily basis. These clients believe in filling the pot drop by drop. Very steady and slow form of investment, Daily SIP is quite secured at the same time.
  3. Flexi Systematic Investment Plan: Businessmen and professionals who frequently switch their jobs need a plan where they can invest as and when they want. A scheme which gives them the desired freedom is called Flexi SIP. The Flexi SIP is an investment plan in which the investor can put in an inconsistent amount at different time intervals. There is no restriction either on the money or on time at which the SIP installment is paid. Hence, if the client has excess money in some month, he can put it in the SIP.

All the types of Systematic Investment Plans are exceptionally progressive. It solely depends on the client and his investment beliefs, which define his/her strategy of investing.