Tablet Packaging Types And Contract Manufacturing

In the pharmaceutical industry, we can broadly divide the two types of tablet packaging into blister packaging and skin packaging on one hand. The benefits of these two types are quite apparent, depending on the requirement and convenience. On the other hand, contract manufacturing plays a major role from custom formulation to distribution, including encapsulation, packaging and labeling of the finished products.

Let us consider each area more elaborately.

Blister packaging

One of the most important materials in this type is Polyvinyl Chloride, or simply PVC, which is a cost-effective material and easy for thermoforming. Some people term this type as unit-dose packaging. It is tamper proof, highly durable and transparent. In this type, a highly automated equipment allows heat-sealing process, which can display the products in several ways. Further, this process attaches the packaging to blister cards. Though this process is meant for only light items, it can be modified for heavier items by using clamshells.

This method of tablet packaging also has several other benefits. First, its protective quality is very high. It is child resistant and simultaneously increases the product efficiency. It enhances as well the ease of use and makes the products more secure for the patients.

Skin packaging

It is also simply known as skin pack. It is as well ideal for small items and quite a cost-effective method. However, it is different from blister packs, in which the plastic around the product is pre-formed. Precisely, the plastic surrounding the product is formed over the product in skin pack. Essentially, it takes very less space during storage and display, so it gives more value to business. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, it is unsurprisingly popular in the retail market. The shipping expense and freight are also greatly reduced without compromising on the quality of the product with this type of packaging.

The benefits of contract manufacturing in tablet packaging

A few distinct benefits of hiring the service of contract manufacturers in this industry have made the life of medicine manufacturers much easier. There are cost benefits, quality benefits and other mutual benefits. For instance, the medicine makers need not spend on building infrastructure and hiring skilled manpower. In return, they get the service of contractors who specialize in one area of the business, in packaging, in our context.


We can apply these types of packaging according to our business requirements. It is much effortless with processes like contract manufacturing these days.