Steps to Diagnose Connection Problems in Netgear Wireless Router

The article explains the steps that can be taken to diagnose and resolve connection issues in Netgear wireless router. The methods compiled here are simple and correct until date. It is strongly recommended that users follow the instructions carefully to avoid running into problems. This will eventually save them time as well as money that would otherwise be sent contacting Netgear router support.

Netgear wireless routers are known for their excellent wireless speed and performance. After that, these may create internet or wireless problems at times due to several reasons including recently made changes to the computer or device settings, connection problem, and outdated drivers among others. The below mentioned guide will help you scan as well as fix the connection issues on your own and without the help of Netgear technical support.


Turn off all the devices including computer, router, and the modem respectively in the order and wait for a few seconds (20-30 seconds). Thereafter turn them back on in the same order. Connect to the internet and check whether the problem has been fixed or not. This is the simplest and most widely used method to resolve common connection problems as it clears up the existing settings and starts a fresh connection.

If the previous method did not fix your problem, then check this out. Update the router driver (s) by visiting the Netgear website. Check if any updates are available to download for the drivers. If there are, download and install them. If prompted, reboot all the devices. Beside, run Windows Update and simply download and install all the latest updates. Restart the computer when prompted. Upgrade the router's firmware also.

First check, whether you can connect to the internet on a wired connection or not. Make your wireless computer a wired one by connecting the Ethernet cable to your computer and router. If internet works on the wired one but not on the wireless, then you can follow any of these steps mentioned here. However, if internet does not connect on the wired computer, then this can be considered as the root cause of the problem. Take corrective steps to resolve this problem and then move on to the wireless connection problem. One of these steps include checking the cables etc. Whether these are firmly placed in or not. These should not be broken or damaged that may be causing your connection to drop repeatedly. If everything is fine on your end and you are still not able to go online, contact your internet service provider (ISP).

Login to the router's interface (you will be required to make a wired connection to logon) and review the settings. To do so, open your internet browser and type '' (without quotes) in the address bar. Hit the Enter key on the keyboard to proceed. When prompted for login credentials, enter this in and hit Enter again. Review the settings and if required modify them. For example, assign or change SSID, channel numbers, mode, security key WEP or WPA, and / or access point etc.

If you recently made changes to your computer, undo these by restoring the computer to an earlier point in time when things were fine. It should resolve the issue caused by the changes.

Additional Tips:

If you are using Windows XP with Service Pack 1 (SP1), then upgrade it to SP2 or SP3. It has been strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest SPs to avoid facing wireless connection drop problems.

The In House Separation: Tips On Making It Work When You're Separated But Still Living Together

I sometimes hear from wives who husband is pushing for a marital separation. Because today's economy is a tough one, I'm hearing a lot about "in house" separations. What this means is that no one moves out of the house. The couple typically agreements to try a trial separation in which one of them moves out of the master bedroom. They give one another the space to live separately. But no one is having to pay additional rent until they figure things out. Some wives see this as prefer to the husband actually moving out and some get pretty panicked at this scenario.

I recently heard from a wife who said "our marriage has been on the rocks for the past eight months. I have two kids to think about, so separating or divorcing is just not a viable option for me. . ' What this means is that he would move into our basement while I keep the master bedroom. We would both let each other be and he would have that space that he thinks he can not live without. t want me questioning him or making demands of him. I suppose this is preferable to him filing for divorce. And it's clear that neither of us can really afford to pay for someone else to have an apartment or another house. wondering is should I agree to this in house separation? Do these ever work to save marriages or do they just delay the inevitable which is a "real" or legal separation, or worse, a divorce? " I have a definite opinion on in house separations, which I will share with you below.

When Done Correctly, I Think An In House Separation Is Preferable To A "Real" Separation, Especially If You Might Want To Save Your Marriage: I actually sometimes encourage wives who want to save their salaries to suggest an in house separation. I know that there can be a lot of anxiety and awkwardness about the boundaries of the separation when you are living under the same roof. But frankly I find this so much preferable to trying to figure out a way to get a husband who has already packed up his things and left the house to change his mind and come back that same house.

Please believe me when I say that it is often easier to reform the marriage that you still hold under one roof than to save the one that is now living somewhere else. Will you have hard work to do during the in house separation? Absolutely. Will things be awkward and weird? Most probably. But is this easier than trying to lure your husband back to the house? Most of the time, there is not even a question about this.

If you have the choice between an in house separation or allowing your spouse to "try" moving out, I almost always encourage you to keep your spouse in the same home as you. It will make your saving your marriage easier, though none of this is easy. Many people worry about the circumstances. They will tell me that since it's only finances keeping their husband under the same roof, that they really consider this to be a "real" separation. You can call it what you want, but there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the circumstances that just might work out in your favor. With that said, in order to give your in house separation the best chance of being successful, it's important to set boundaries and to set things up correctly, which I will discuss now.

Making The In House Separation Work Well Enough To Save Your Marriage: I want for you to be very clear about what your husband wants right now. Most husbands will tell you that they want space. This is their way of asking you for uninterrupted time alone to clear their head and determine what they really want. I know that sounds easier than it actually is in real life. But please understand that if your husband does not perceive that he is getting that time, he may possibly think he needs to divorce you or distance himself from you more in order to get it.

Often, your best bet is to respect the boundaries. Give him that time alone. You know where he is more of the time anyway. I know that it's very tempting to want to know what it is thinking and feeling all of the time, but sometimes a little time apart and mystery can be a good thing for your marriage. I often tell wives that you need to give your husband the time to miss you. As best as you can, give him that space but make sure that when he does see and interact with you, that you make the encounter as positive and as easy as you can possibly make it. You do not want for this process to be difficult. In fact, you want for it to go so well that he ever does not need the space anymore and he wants to move back into the master bedroom.

Do not Think You Need To Solve Every Problem That You Have During The Separation: Many wives feel a sense of panic when they are in this situation. So they will try to figure out what needs to happen in order to get their husband invested in the marriage again. As a result, they will figure that they need to resolve all of their problems before they can ask him to end the separation. Although I understand this, I know from inexhaustible experience that it is not the best call. Doing this will often make things more awkward between you so that your husband will want to avoid you. The goal is to make things better and easier between you, not more awkward and forced. I suggest working on reconnecting before you even vent into the territory of your problems. Couples often can not really successfully solve their problems until they are both committed and connected once again.

LOTRO Crashes – Learn How to Fix Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO) Crashes in Computer

LOTRO (Lord Of The Rings Online) is a popular game played worldwide, however, it is reported by its players that LOTRO crashes in PC. There are various problems linked to this game. Sometimes lotroclient.exe crashes and sometimes the game crashes while loading.

This article would brief you on how you can prevent and fix LOTRO crashes. Steps are outlined below but important thing is to keep the sequence while following steps.

Ø First of all you have to delete the File User Preferences. Follow these steps.

1. Click on the Start button.
2. Go to Documents.
3. In the Documents double-click on the folder named Lord Of The Rings Online.
4. Delete UserPreferences.ini file.
5. Restart game and now it should work.

Ø LOTRO may crash because of improper settings. To fix this problem, you have to restore all settings to default. Try these steps.

1. Click on the game to open.
2. Go to Launcher Options.
3. Press down arrow and restore the game settings to default.
4. Done.

Ø Security permissions may be the cause of Lords Of The Rings Online crashes. You can fix it by performing following steps.

1. Click on the Start button.
2. Go to Computer.
3. Program Files (C: Program Files).
4. Right-Click on Codemasters and select Properties.
5. Now move to Security tab and click on Edit.
6. Then click on Add.
7. Enter user name and press OK.
8. Check the box Full Control in Allow column and now click on OK.
9. Done.

Ø Uninstall the game.

Ø Download a registry cleaner and PC optimizer software.

1. Open a web browser.
2. Download Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer.

Ø Reinstall game in another location eg (D: My Games LOTRO)

Ø Now run the registry cleaner and PC optimizer on your system.

Ø Clean system junk and optimize your browser with the above software for smooth performance.

Experts believe that using a third party registry cleaner on your system allows you to fix hidden Windows problems for smooth performance of games.

Tips to Solving Lawn Drainage Problems

Excessive water supply is anyway harmful for a lawn's growth. Water accumulated in the different parts of the lawn area raises drainage problems, which must be solved by following a good drainage system. Lawn drain problems are primarily seen during the rainy season, and are a major concern for the law's health. It is also very dangerous for various plants functions like photosynthesis, metabolism, etc. Moreover, poor drainage also brings the disease and pest resistance power of the lawn plants.

What causes drainage?

The drainage problem in lawn is the result of many factors. This primarily includes the soil type and soil compaction. A soil type with high clay content and low organic matter significantly boosts drainage problems in the law. Similarly, a highly compact soil severely gives any space for the air and water movement, and that leads to hazardous waste problems.

Solving the problem

The situation of lawn drainage adversely affects the grass roots and creates an unhealthy environment for the grass's growth. In order to tackle such situations, a well maintained drainage system is required. The drainage problems of a lawn can be solved by taking into account the following tips and advices-

· Aeration- One of the most recommended tricks is to aerate the lawn. You can use a punch core aerator for this process. Aerating aims at eliminating cores of soil and adds air pockets, thus helping in improving the drainage condition.

· Applying hardpan subsoil- Introducing hardpan subsoil like hardpan and hard clays also helps in solving the drainage problem. A few inches of hardpan subsoil layer precedes the passage of water to go through the ground.

· Adding compost- In order to hold water and improve drainage, it is advisable to top dress the soil by adding compost / sand blend or compost / top soil. This tips works successfully for heavy clay content soil as well as sandy soil. The main aim is to apply organic matter in the law that increases its retaining power.

· Making borders- If the lawn drainage problem exists in a small area of ​​the lawn, then it is advisable to dig and make borders along with planting small plants that would automatically get the required water for growth.

· Top dressing- There is great chance of water being transferred from higher properties into your lawn. To resolve such situation, it is recommended to raise the law to the same level by top dressing. Moreover, it is advised to lay down a drain system between two properties.

· French drain- A permanent drainage system can be availed by opting for a French drain. This drain is constructed across the lowest area of ​​the lawn.

· Adding scenic beauty- In case, you have no drain option left; you can turn the messy situation into a beautiful landscaping feature. You can dig a small pond and get the excess water accumulated in it. Moreover, make the pond look scenic by adding natural features like aquatic life, rocks, fountain, etc.

You can easily achieve a well maintained drainage free lawn by following the above tips. Also, make sure to use the right type of soil that have low clay content and provide sufficient space for air and water movement.

A Look at Shinto Spiritual Practices in Anime

In its most textbook, academic explanation, Shinto defines the spiritual practices of the Japanese people outside of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. However, it did not arrive at a conscious title until the arrival of these other faiths. Shinto is a religion that also has been adapted towards many Buddhist philosophies through the process of religious syncretism.

Gods in Shinto, which are also sometimes identified as nature spirits, are known as Kami. Individual Shrines are dedicated to different Kami, and are identified as ritualistically pure places. This outlined ritualistic purity stems from the community with nature that the Shrine shares. Shinto Shrines are generally marked from their entrance with a Shrine Gate, called a Torii in Japanese. This Gate marks the passage of the unclean secular world into the pure world of holiness. Just about every manga and anime series focusing on life in Japan, from Bleach to Lucky Star, either will show a Shrine or a festival that takes place at one.

As was previously mentioned, Shinto has achieved syncretism with Buddhism among some believers. In Tite Kubo's Bleach, one can see elements of both religions. The concept of the reincarnation of the soul is a philosophy that stems from Buddhism, which in turn borrowed it from Hinduism when Buddhism first arose in India. Many of the principals of wandering spirits, however, are a Shinto philosophy. It is also demonstrated in the symbol of the Daruma, or the small red Buddhist statutes afforded to some worshipers. Almost one of these items is found within the Kurosaki household. Of course, among other members of the faithful, this level of syncretism does not occur.

Among more traditional Shinto systems of protection that indicate Shinto philosophy and belief alone, Ofuda are quite common. These are talismans of protection for the household. However, for the individual, a Shinto priest may protect one with an Omamori, or a personal amulet of protection. Omikuji are commonly cast at Shinto ceremonies. These are sheets of paper around which an individual fortune is cast. One reads it and wraps it around a tree. The spirit of the tree will make it come true if it is positive, and ward it off if it is negative.

One final point concerning Shinto is the incredible system of personal honor that it entails. To speak to one personally, one uses a great number of honorifics including -san, -sempai, -sensei ex cetra. Likewise, Shinto has long stressed the demand for protection of others and the willingness for personal sacrifice. Whether it be Shimada Kambei or Okamoto Katsuhiro in Samurai 7, or Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach, anime and manga have long served as an extension for this belief.

How Water Expands The Crack in Chipped Windshields

The extreme weather conditions of Winter can be damaging to a chipped windshield. Winter and Summer can be the worst time of the year for those chipped and cracked windshields. The winter weather can be brutal on windows with cracks, most of us do not realize how the structural integrity of the windshield may be jeopardized. You may have a small nick or chip and put off repairing your windshield then time goes on and winter brings rain and freezing temperatures frosting up your windshield. Using hot water or the defroster to get rid of the frost on the window can cause the crack to expand and promote further cracking that may cause expensive replacement of your windshield. Water entering a crack through a chipped, cracked or nicked windshield can be a real problem, and the compact of getting the water and moisture out is a very challenging task if not done properly, but it is very essential in able to repair the windshield correctly.

After water enters a cracked windshield it is very difficult to remove and almost impossible to repair properly if not removed before repair. To remove the moisture from the cracked windshield a vacuum must be applied to the chipped or cracked area of ​​the windshield. Sometimes drilling the chipped or cracked area is necessary to remove air and moisture. The windshield must be heated in the chipped or cracked area usually by using a heat lamp allowing the water to be vaporized and the water vapor can be removed under a vacuum before repair.

We all know what happens to water when it freezes. What happens to the water that entered your cracked windshield when it's below 32 degrees or colder? It freezes and expands, now what do you think is going to happen to that small chip and or crack? Most cracked out windshields started as small rock chip or crack and ignored until it's to late to repair. Do you now need a new windshield because that small chip has a crack that spread across the windshield?

This is what can happen when winter rains allow water to enter your cracked windshield, and winters cold temperatures freeze the water that is now inside your windshield, which can and will lead to cost replacement of the windshield. The constant temperature changes also cause the windshield glass to expand and contract helping small cracks or star breaks to expand, when this happens it can cause the windshield to crack all the way to the edge, if not promptly and properly repaired by a windshield repair technician .

So in conclusion it comes to our attention that winter is the time to have your windshield repaired right away before moisture penetrates the windshield and winters freezing temperatures cause expansion, further damage and cause the windshield to crack out.

Protecting The Car With A Garage Or A Car Cover?

When winter comes along, many people think that cars now belong indoors. They know that leaving a car outdoors unprotected is not an option. It is a recipe for disaster. Any car that is left parked outside, without any form of protection, is guaranteed to get wrecked in some way or another. The fact remains; a car that is uncovered has a shorter life expectancy.

So the question remain, what form of protection to provide? There is a choice of two forms of protection; a garage, or a car cover. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. They must be weighed up by the individual, to see which is the better of the two for him.


The advantage of garages is that when parked in a garage, the car is completely closed off from any form of weather condition, and therefore cannot, in any way, be harmed by them. Garages are also very convenient for the car owner, as he always know where his car is parked, and never has to search for a space. Another advantage of garages is that they can be used by anyone. More or less any car can drive into the garage and be protected.

However, the disadvantages of having a garage largely lie in the money and space involved. Garages are expensive to build as they are not merely three wall and a door. There is more to a garage, and the money mounts up. Aside from this, a lot of people simply do not have the space to build a garage. Even if they did, they would much prefer to use that space for extending the house, rather than building a room to keep a car over night.

In addition, when a car is stored in a garage it is not dust and dirt free. Whilst the garage may be able to protect it from the detriments of nature, and car thieves, the car is still exposed to dust and dirt, and hence will still need constant cleaning.

Car covers:

The main advantage of car covers is the how compact they are. Car covers, when not in use, can be folded up and tucked away,out of sight. They can even be stored in the trunk of the car. This enables the car owner to take it along with him wherever he goes, so that he and his car are always covered. This is something that garages can never have – portability.

Car cover are also inexpensive, and cost effective. Cover covers are a drop in the bucket compared to the expense of a garage, and they also provide excellent coverage and protection. In fact they will even protect the car from dust and dirt, unlike garages. They will be able to save the car owner hundreds of dollars over the years that would have otherwise been used for cleaning, polishing and repairs.

On the other hand, the good car covers only come custom-made. This means that they are designed to fit the one car, perfectly. The cover will fit the car like a glove, maximising the protection, but it means that no other car can use it. Thus, it cannot be shared amongst family and friends, and when a new car is bought, the cover needs to be changed too.

In addition, car covers are not as sturdy as garages. Yes they will be able to protect the car from just about everything, including knocks and scrapes. Covers absorb the impact without leaving a mark on the car itself. However this is on a small scale, and should there be a more fierce collision, the cover will be inept at shielding the car.

Learning To Let Go – Detachment – Dealing With Emotion – Healing The Heart

There are three minds. The lower mind – physical, the middle mind – emotional, and the higher mind – spiritual. The lower mind heals through the transference of emotional attachments you can not exceed the lower minded desire to "hang onto" people, places and things – so we use transference to re attach those needs to different sources. The lower mind has little more awareness than an animal, highly instinctual, protecting itself, creating safety and security, whatever that happens to look like. The lower mind can not go away, but instead, we simply transfer the attachments it has from one person to another person or to myself in order to heal. A key ingredient of that is the ability to "un-heal" when the job is done.

What do I mean? There are an incredible number of people who get shut down to love and intimidation because they heal them through through transference of everything that they depended on others to get; to themselves. They become independent – individualized – and therefore ego centric and self sufficient. Here they remain primarily single. Forever shopping, never buying.

To be completely healed – detached – means to become re attached. Once we heal a wounded, we need to prove the healing is complete by going back and reattaching. Unhealing brings completion to the letting go cycle, so, there is an intellectual emotional phase to the healing cycle that is not just about the lower mind. We must heal the emotional attachments too. To do this we need to focus on cause and effect, the middle mind, our beliefs and emotions.

Do you remember pushing a child on a swing? You pushed them, they went up and out and then back to you. This is emotion. The push for emotional swings are your beliefs. If you get good news, according to your beliefs you push, if you get bad news the swing comes back. It's also like the see saw in a children's play park. One side goes up, emotions are high, then the other side goes up, emotions are low. This is the indisputable middle mind world of emotion and beliefs.

In separation, or heart break, the see saw is really out of control. Up and down and up and down. The more up it was, attracted in the first place – the more down it will go, resentful in the end. Emotions are essential in life because without them, we could not experience life. But they are fickle. They have no base in reality. If you think you are right your emotions go up. If you think you are wrong, your emotions go down. Right and wrong have no foundation except in your mind. A fiction that can cause intense pleasure and severe pain. It's all made up.

The miracle is to see through the fiction of your emotion. Here's how:

1. For every door that closes another is spontaneously open. So, if you lose your wallet out that door, another wallet appears at another door. If you lose your relationship out one door, another relationship is spontaneously appearing at another door. Nothing is missing. Nature abhors a vacuum. This is the master stroke of detachment.

2. You might think that you are losing something. But you can not lose something – you can only lose your expectations. If your expectations are broken, in other words if someone does something that you did not expect, then you call it a broken heart. They love you, admire you and respect you, but they left you. So you might say they broke your heart, but really, the only thing they did to not stay around – like you expected. Your expectations got broken, not your heart.

3. People can block your expectations – they can not block your love. So, our expectations get returned. This is the journey of the middle mind. To release the expectations and therefore, the pain. If someone leaves, why not say "I did not expect them to stay forever" – that's wiser than moaning about a broken heart and feeling sorry for yourself: is not it?

4. Nobody is perfect, but when someone dumps you it becomes very easy to infatuate them. I have seen people go from absolute disinterest in a partner all the way to being suicidal without them, just because they got rejected. There's two sides to everyone. Never forget it.

5. You can not make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Basically, people do not change. They change their mind, their religion, their ideas, and their undies, but people do not change. Expecting people to change is a complex drama of the lower consciousness – lower mind. People do not change; but your opinions can.

6. Trust; When my marriage failed my wife said, "Chris, I love you but do not trust you and I can not live with a man I do not trust" – I replied, ambitiously trying to ignore the reality "but I won ' t do it again "She was well coached by her therapist" my trust will never come back "and she was right. You can live with someone you do not love, even an arranged marriage, but you can not live with someone you can not trust. Trust is the real foundation of relationship. Once lost, forever lost.

7. Empower yourself by being the cause of the situation you have. Say to yourself: "I want nothing. I need nothing. Therefore, I have everything"

8. Define which of your three minds is attached. If it is your lower mind, transfer that attachment to someone, something else. Even yourself. That's the real keeper. If it is your middle mind of thoughts and emotions, simply balance it with equal good and bad news. The more thorough you do this, the longer it lasts. Many people just balance the current feelings, but I recommend balancing all the good things you can dream about them, with all the bad things. Really stretch and it lasts a week or two.

9. Willpower. This is the ultimate winner. All of the above help, but without power you are nothing. Without will – there is no human spirit. Without will there is no love. Without willpower we are live leaves in the wind. If we do not take the power of will over our cravings for alcohol, food, sympathy – thoughts, we have no God in us at all. God power is will power. The laws of nature are only intellect if you can not hold your will. So, start learning to master your will. Here's some clues.

Will power is God power.

Many people talk about spirit, spirituality, healing and detachment and forget to talk about will power. Will power is God power because the power of life is not something you call on, it is something you were born with. Will power brings it up and out into your hands. Without will power the only thing left in life is lower mind, middle mind – ego. To have spirit, to hold your heart open in life, to heal, you must have the will power tapped and harnessed.

Can you skip a meal? Maybe so. Can you skip a meal and not feel hungry? Hunger is the lower mind instinct. Your middle mind can control that. You can raise the power of your will for the middle mind to control your instinct. This is consciousness. You can, from time to time, break a habit. Skip coffee – stop smoking – give up alcohol for a year – stop wasting money – eat vegetables. This is not will – this is a discipline or commitment. But to do those things and not miss them: that is willpower.

Will power is the ability to control only your mind, but it begins with your body. Can you freeze your body, lying on the floor for 10 minutes. Without movement. That's willpower too. Absolute denial of sensory habits. If you can do this, not move a muscle for 10 minutes, you have made great progress in your life.

If you can freeze your body sitting in stillness or lying in stillness, you are mastering will. Now, you can progress to the second level of will. Freeze your mind. If you can freeze your mind on one thought, for 1 minute, you have progressed remarkably. Now you can start to apply will power to your life.

The courage to say, "I will think this one thought today" is amazing. So, you might say to people "have a beautiful day" but do you mean it? To hold a thought that life is beautiful and you wish everyone you meet to "have a beautiful day" is the absolute pinnacle of spiritual manifestation. This requires great courage because you have to process your attachments. Things suck you down. So you have to process life to hold your head up high. And say "I am no better or worse than anyone else"

Can you see the real duty for detachment? Letting go needs willpower and people are looking for process and techniques but they do not want to apply their masculine energy. They want to be in their feminine energy, creating and building. But to detach you have to apply your will also. The lower mind must be transferred to other sources that are supporting your commitment to hold certain thoughts. Then your mind must be controlled to hold a balance. Then, you apply will. That's the spirit.

About Vent-Free Gas Logs And Fireplaces

What you should know before you buy vent-free gas logs. A ventless appliance of any kind will have an efficiency rating of 99.9% because they burn so clean. A vent-free gas log is fairly simple in the way they work. By deliberately mixing the gas going into the burner with oxygen from the room will create a complete combustion therefore resulting in an efficient clean burn. This technology dates back to 1980 when the first vent-free space heaters were injected. Since then manufactures have rolled this into gas logs, fireplaces and even fire pits with safety in mind all vent-free appliances are equipped with an ODS (oxygen depletion sensor) that will automatically turn the gas off if the pilot light does not since adequate oxygen in the air for the appliance to burn properly.

Being in the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue business for over 20 years I have sold thousands of vent-free gas logs and fireplaces and the largest complaint I get is that they are putting out too much heat and that the customer can only use their gas fire logs for a few hours before they run them out of the room. This is why you need to consult a professional before purchasing you gas fire logs and let them size the set for your room size. Going to the big box store and asking who ever in standing closest to the fireplace section does not count ask asking a professional about installing your gas log. Some customer complain about their vent-free logs putting off an odor and that goes back to burning clean. The only way a vent-free gas fire log will put off an odor is if they air in the room that it is breathing has an airborne odor such as household cleaning products, air fresheners or anything with an odor. If you remember that unit requires oxygen from the room air to burn clean and when the burner is consuming that room air with the airborne odor it will take that odor into the burner with the oxygen and burn that odor with the oxygen creating a foul odor that smells like kerosene to me.

Something else you should know if you own a vent-free gas log is about complete and incomplete combustion. A complete combustion is when the gas log is getting the proper gas and air mixture and the flames from the burner are not impinging upon the log sitting on top of the burner. An Incomplete combustion is when the burner is not getting the proper gas and air mixture due to clogged air intake or improper size gas line running to the gas log. And the most common incomplete combustion is when a log on top of the burner is misplaced and coming in contact with the flame. This will cause the incomplete combustion and with that will cause the gas log to soot. Make sure none of the logs are coming in contact with the flame and that they are all positioned as shown in the owner's manual to be safe.

A few simple things to look for when buying gas logs is to ask about the warranty. Make sure the warranty covers parts and labor for at least 3 years if not more. All of the fire logs we sell will last 10 plus years because they made in the USA with quality parts and tested before they leave the manufacture. You will also have a choice of control options such as manual control, remote ready and electronic ignition. The manual control means just that, you have one know that you turn from low, medium and high. Remote ready means that you can add a remote or wall switch but the unit does not come with one. With a remote ready you can add a simple on / off remote or a thermostat remote that will turn the log on and off at the temperature you have it set at. The newest trend in gas logs is the electronic ignition, this control will allow you to light the pilot light from the remote and also adjust the flame height from the remote. Also know that gas logs are made from ceramic refractory or ceramic fiber. The ceramic refractory is concrete based and the ceramic fiber is fiber based light weight. They both have their advantage because the fiber log set do not expand and contract due to heat and most of them have a little better detail. I like the concrete logs because the hold heat when you turn the burner off and they do not absorb household odors like the fiber logs. You can also wash a concrete log and you can not a fiber log.

Part 2 of Swapping a V8 Into a Toyota MR2 2nd Generation

Please note: this is the second article in a series of articles on a V8 MR2 engine swap

In my introduction, I left off at the point where I decided to change from the Audi V8 engine, over to another engine for my V8 MR2 swap. The reason I originally chose the Audi was because there was a very good chance it would fit without cutting the car chassis. The axle clearance issue, unfortunately, could not be known until I removed the oil cooler / filter from the side of the engine. It then became apparent that the engine block itself was in the way. The block could not be cut and re-welded as the oil pump and oil pump drive pulley were also in the way. I had to purchase the engine in order to find these things out. This is the nature of swaps like this, that no one has ever done before. Know anyone that wants a 1997 Audi ABZ 4.2L V8 with 70K miles?

I realized at that point that it might be easier to find a transverse V8 engine, even if it's too long to fit, and go ahead and cut the chassis and weld it back up again. Welding some sheet metal is easier and far cheaper than trying to solve the problems created by using the Audi V8, which may be solvable, but only with a lot of very expensive custom machined parts. Even then, I still feel the axle clearance issue will still cause problems, as it would require a 3rd CV joint to be added to the right axle, and some large permanent angles would be required, which are never a good idea with CV joints. The areas of the MR2 chassis that needed cutting were thin sheet metal. They are structural, but they are not heavy structural, so welding sheet metal back into the cut areas should not pose too much of a problem, plus, I had a plan to reinvigorate those cut areas. More on this later in this article.

I need to backtrack a bit, as I have not discussed the transaxle yet, which is another major component that needs to fit between the engine. During the initial research into this project, I decided to check out what the Fiero guys were doing. The Fiero, made by GM and Pontiac from 1984 to 1988, was a mid-engine affordable car, which also used a front wheel drive train that was simply transposed to the rear of the car, just like all 3 generations of MR2. The engine sat slightly ahead of the driving axle, so when the front wheel drive train was moved to the rear of the car, it became mid engine. Note that the definition of a mid-engine car is one where the engine sits ahead or on top of the rear axle, just like the MR2. Note that a rear-engine car has the engine behind the rear axle, like a Porsche 911 or the original VW Beetle. The Fiero guys have been doing V8 swaps into the Fiero for many years now, since the early 1990's. The car is wider than the MR2 mk2 (mark 2), so it's easier to fit a V8. I contacted one of the oldest companies that did V8 Fiero conversions and found out that they were using a new GM 6 speed front wheel drive transaxle. This transaxle was the strongest transaxle available to the average person. It had the highest torque rating.

Transmissions and transaxles are rated by torque from the factory. Transmissions and transaxles are not rated by horsepower, as horsepower does not kill transmissions. Too much torque is what can kill a transmission. Think of it like this, when you turn a bolt with a wrench, you are applying torque to the bolt. Apply too much torque to an already tight bolt, and you can snap the head off. Transmissions are similar in that too too torque can break the gear teeth right off of a gear.

The torque rating given is also based on the weight of the intended vehicle. Torque rating means, how much torque from an engine can the transmission or transaxle handle, and still last a long time, usually 100,000 miles. The heavier the car, the lower the torque capacity of the transmission. Use the same transmission in a lighter car, and the torque rating will be higher. A heavier car generates more stress on the transmission components when the car is accelerating at its maximum, when the engine is generating maximum torque. This is always first gear, as that is the maximum torque multiplication given by the transmission to the engine during driving. The 1997 Audi V8 I tried to use was rated for 295 ft-lbs of torque at its maximum. The Northstar has a similar rating.

The new transaxle the Fiero guys were using was a new GM unit rated for almost 300 ft-lbs of torque, in a 3500 lb car. The biggest surprise is that this transaxle could be purchase NEW on eBay for only $ 475 SHIPPED !!! That was in 2007. Nowadays, you can get it for around $ 375. There is a story behind this, but basically, GM surplussed out the 2006 version of this transmission, as they decided to change it in 2007.

This transaxle could take the torque of a healthy V8 engine. If the car were lighter than 3500 lbs (Fieros are around 2700 lbs, and mk2 MR2's are 2700 to 2950 lbs), the torque capacity of this transaxle would be higher than its factory intended application. The 6 speed was also shorter than the stock MR2 transaxles by 1.75 inches, allowing more room for a longer motor and adapter plate (if one was needed).

The icing on the cake, and the part I did not know until 6 months after buying the Audi V8, was that the Cadillac Northstar 4.6L V8 bolted up to this transaxle, with the exception of one bolt, that could easily be accommodated by a fabricated small bracket or welding some additional aluminum to the side of the transmission bell housing flange on the block. No adapter plate needed!

By switching to the Northstar, I could resolve the adapter plate issues, the starter location issue, and most importantly, the axle clearance. This is because the Northstar was used originally in transverse applications from 1992 or 1993 up to 2002. It's still used transversely, but there is a longitudinal version and GM moved the starter location. Checking my notes from November of 2007, I found that I had written that the Northstar was 23.75 inches long at the critical dimension-this is the length of the engine from the crank pulley bolt head to the rear face of the bell housing flange on the block. At the time, I may have accidently included the flex plate in the critical dimension, but it is really not part of the critical dimension. It turns out that the 23.75 inches measurement was INCORRECT!

Back in Nov 2007, I did not use a straightedge on the Northstar I looked at in the wrecking yard, just a tape measure. Also, at the time, I assumed an adapter plate would be needed for the Northstar to mate to the GM 6 speed (which was wrong as I later found out, and discussed above). If you have ever measured an engine for length, you would know that it can be tricky to get an accurate measurement as the engine has a lot of width and parts in the way of measuring. In December of 2008 (a year later), I went back to the wreckers and re-measured the Northstar. This time, I was much more careful. I found that it was actually 23.0 inches long, but remember, no adapter plate was needed (which would add around inch inch to the whole assembly). This puts a different spin on the problem.

OK, so if this is a bit confusing, or hard to picture, I will simplify it here. The stock MR2 turbo motor is the Toyota / Yamaha 3S-GTE, and the stock transaxle is the Toyota E153. The 3S-GTE is 20 inches at the critical dimension. The E153 is 16 inches long. Total length of this drive train is 36 inches. However, there is a notch in the left side of the car that matches the E153 case perfectly, giving it a little additional clearance. It will not match the GM 6 speed. The stock MR2 drive train has about in inches of clearance at the crank pulley, and the same on the transaxle end.

Now, the Northstar is 23 inches, and the 6 speed is 14.25 inches, for a total of 37.25 inches or 1.25 inches more than the MR2 stock drive train. This would not fit, as the MR2 chassis notch at the transmission end does not match the 6 speed. Cutting of the chassis is required, but not very much cutting.

The prior attempts to put do a V8 MR2 swap in the Gen2 attempted to use a Toyota 1UZ-FE V8 which is 26 inches long, and the E153 which is 16 inches, for a total of 42 inches. This is 4 inches more than stock! 4 inches may not sound like much, but it's a lot when you're fitting a drive train. To make things worse, an adapter plate is needed to mate the 1UZ to the E153 transaxle. So, add another inch inch.

This approach required complete removal of the MR2 subframes, which are only 2 or 3 inches wide in those areas on each side of the car. This would weaken the car quite a bit. Also, the right shock tower would probably hit the rear head of the 1UZ V8, so it would have to be cut a lot. I think the guys that did the prior attempts figured this out after they cut their MR2s, and they brave up.

In December of 2008, I went ahead and purchased a low mileage Cadillac Northstar. Fortunately, 1994 to 1999 were all the same, and I found out that they were the easiest to add a stand alone engine management solution to. The later 2000 and up versions are far more difficult. The 1993 version is also the same, except that the intake manifold was cast from metal (aluminum or magnesium), instead of plastic like the 1994-1999 versions.

I was able to mate the Northstar to my 6 speed that I had purchased in December of 2007, a year earlier. Finally! I made some progress! I then did a test fit into my 1991 MR2, and made the cuts to the chassis, so now the Northstar and the 6 speed fit in the car. I just recently mounted an alternator to the Northstar, and found a way to fit it much more tightly to the block, giving the engine additional room around it in the car. I am currently in the process of building the motor and transaxle mounts. Once that is complete, I can send the axles out to be shortened and re-splined.

Getting back to the cutting of the chassis that I promised at the beginning of this article: The areas of the chassis that I had to cut are part of a stamped sheet metal "pseudo" sub frame. It's not really a sub frame as its stamped sheet metal that is spot welded to the body, but they are in the shape of a traditional frame rails (ie rectangular cross section). I notched these "frame rails" on each side of the car to clear the Northstar crank pulley and the case on the GM 6 speed. The metal is thin gage sheet metal. I will re-weld these areas with new sheet metal to cover the holes, and I will probably put additional sheet metal doublers over these cut areas, overlapping the weld joints. This will ensure that the repairs will be stronger than original. This is the standard approach in the aircraft industry, when facing a similar issue.

In addition to the doublers, I am going to create a new rear suspension cross member from scratch, as the original cross member interferees with the GM 6 speed case, and the new axle locations. This new cross member will have extended sections that the original did not have, which will straddle the notched areas of the sub frames, further enhancing strength. I did not need to cut the right shock tower, but that is not completely certain yet. I did have to remove some metal that was attached to the outside of the shock tower. It did not add much in the way of structure, so I felt it was OK to do this.

The end results of these modifications will probably add weight to the car, and I will weigh the new parts to get an idea of ​​how much added weight there will be, but I estimate it will be less than 20 lbs more than stock. The V8 should easily handle an extra 20 lbs of car!

Please stay tuned for the next in this series of articles.

Update: It turns out that the custom cross member is NOT needed! I found a way to use the stock MR2 cross member (with seme minorl modifications). This is great, and is a HUGE time / money saver. The MR2 crossmember is extremely important because the rear suspension and rear toe control rods attach to it, so trying to duplicate it accurately, and with enough strength is extremely difficult and time consuming. Now that I found a way to re-use the original cross member, I have save huge time and money.

Top Winter Fashion Trends

With summer fashion styles and ranges being the most celebrated out of all the seasons in a year, many people forget that winter and autumn also features great ranges. Many consider dark colors to be the only option throughout the winter period. But many do not realize there is much greater styles and ranges out there this time of year. Fashion is always changing and evolving and this includes during the winter months.

Winter 2012 Fashion Trends

The recurring themes this winter are around classy, ​​sexy and classic clothes. That help provide a little bit extra warmth. Here the common trends being placed around jackets and coats.

Maxi coats for example provide a long and sleek appearance while sheltering you from nature. Combine this with boots or boots to help lift yourself from the ground and adding more height. Although super chic, they also provide high usability and versatility any time during the autumn and winter months. Although darker colors are more common considering trying a lighter color this season.

Another winter trend this year is leather. And not just leather jackets but also leather skirts and trousers. Again providing warmth and very tough materials that provide class and elegance. Do not just consider going for a black jacket, think about mixing different colors. Such as a red leather skirt with heels and a denim jacket. As with chinos becoming in fashion for men, this provides not just the typical denim jeans but also red, gray and also yellow colors into their option of colors. Much similar to leather. Instead of going for the typical black consider red as suggested or even green.

Finally, although you will most likely be hanging up your sunglasses as the key summer accessory. You can celebrate knowing they can be replaced with hats, scarves and gloves. As always these are considered key winter essentials, along with allowing for personalization.

Chunky knit hats and scarves prove very popular. Faux-fur scarves are also the rage and warm. Beanie hats are also easy to find and prove successful against the cold. Combined with contrasting winter winter coats can prove a great winter look.

Although keeping up to date with current trends is important for those looking to be as stylish as possible. Its vital that personalization can shine beyond this. With adding your own accessories or even mixing up a few styles and colors this winter can really set yourself apart form everyone else.

Remember that high street retailers are providing high quality combined with high speed turnaround, which can match the styles and designers of much more known brands.

What to Know about Dry Oxygen

Virtually always, if your doctor recommends dry oxygen as opposed to other kinds of home oxygen equipment, he or she will also recommend that you use a humidifier. As a matter of fact, it is essential to have more than one humidifier when you use dry oxygen. The reason for this is that without a humidifier, you run certain risks – and, in the very least, it is much less comfortable to use dry oxygen equipment without a humidifier.

Dry oxygen is, under certain circumstances, a preferred oxygen delivery system for the patient. Therefore, when one uses dry oxygen, for whatever reason, a certain amount of moisture must be maintained in the surrounding environment. Most importantly, the humidity in the air will adhere to the dry oxygen emitted as it is delivered by your dry oxygen equipment.

Nonetheless, the dry oxygen requires clean water in the air around you. This means that the water you use in your humidifier must be filtered, distilled, it should not be tap water – that will actually have a negative effect on the reliability of your dry oxygen equipment.

Your humidifier or humidifiers must be regularly emptied and refilled with clean water for several reasons. The minerals and other things included in normal tap water could potentially cause damage to your dry oxygen equipment. Therefore, you must also be sure that the humidifier is regularly cleaned with soap and water – thoroughly rinsed, and that the water is consistently replaced strictly with filtered water. Then you can attach the humidifier to your mask or your nasal cannula.

One reason to store dry oxygen instead of moist oxygen is that some high-pressure oxygen tanks can become corroded by the moisture. It is also possible with moist oxygen tanks that the oxygen could, as a result of condensation from the moisture, form and freeze during use. A dry oxygen tank provides the ability for easier storage as well as eliminating the above problems.

As far as what becomes less of a risk for you, comes a much more comfortable state when you use dry oxygen and a humidifier. Your nose, throat, and mouth are much less likely to become dry. Some people have very sensitive skin as well, and with extra moisture in the air you can avoid skin irritations due to dryness.

A dry oxygen tank is definitely something to consider if you are a patient or caregiver who requires oxygen equipment. But remember to always check with your doctor, of course, before you make any changes to your methods and / or back – up delivery system.

Do it Yourself Scaffold Towers

The procedure for building scaffold towers used to be a complicated affair and for the ordinary DIY painter or self-employed tradesman, setting up a scaffolding structure was avoided at all costs.

Scaffold of yesteryear was fundamental and required a large lorry in order to move it from one site into the next. It required an additional helper (or even a number of people depending on the scale of the project) which were skilled in tower construction. These professional scaffolding workers did not come cheap, and the expense of setting up a scaffolding structure would often inflate the initial builder's quotation to such a degree that it would often discourage clients from having the work done. To get over this problem many builders, anxious not to pass-up business would likely conjure up some ramshackle method to completely avoid the requirement for scaffold. This as you can imagine directed in countless serious injuries involving falls and therefore prompted new regulations to be implemented.

The advance in access tower design combined with revised rules and guidelines has contributed significantly to scaffolding safety. Today's modern alloy folding scaffold systems are extremely light and also less of a challenge to assemble. Thus aluminum tower systems are now extensively used by both amateurs and professionals alike and offer a good substitute for professional scaffolding installation.

Prior to utilizing an access tower as part of a do-it-yourself renovation or occasional repair job, it's important to be familiar with the safety recommendations.

The Work at Height regulations 2005 advises that an assessment of the methods to be used has to be completed to make sure there is not any alternative to working at height or more appropriate apparatus. This simple evaluation should be executed for any job needing an upgraded operating platform.

When the assessment is completed and if a tower is considered to be the best jurisdiction to do the job, one must learn the best way to erect the scaffold system properly.

1) You should if at all possible use one other person in addition to yourself (particularly for everyone who is putting together a big tower) or possibly a team of people depending on the magnitude of the installation.

2) One or two person's must be designated to carry out the construction.

3) Another who will check and make sure the right tools will be ready to use when needed.

4) Your entire crew must work with safety harnesses.

5) Positively no corroded parts bought to be used to build the scaffold system.

6) Any locking parts of the tower system will need to be looked at and tested for possible failure before they are added to the construction.

7) Castersought to be scrutinized and examined for deterioration and brakes tested for efficiency.

There are 2 main licensed methods that are approved by the prefabricated aluminum scaffolding manufacturers association (PASM) however, one of the most trusted is the 3T (through the trapdoor) method. This entailing positioning of a trapdoor platforms at intervals of two meters using 2, three or four rung frames in the base depending upon completed height. This means that it is possible to clamber through the trapdoor as well as sit on the working platform to complete guard railing at each and every stage of construction. Using this method insures that you will be constantly guarded against any mishaps while the tower system building is in progress.

For those who have hired or bought you 're their own apparatus, make sure you read the manufacturers instruction. The majority of manufacturers have a obligation to provide guidance manuals, these should clearly show the tower erection routine. When producer's instructions are followed diligently, a high quality modern day access system or combo ladder is by far the most secure option for working at heights.

Valthirian Arc – Flash Game Review

Valthirian Arc is a complicated RPG type game, in which you must control a small school of magical students and train them to help defeat evil creatures.

You are introduced to the basic concept of the game, and eased into each of the different features by a step by step tutorial showing how to manage your students, view your statistics, quests available and your current achievements. The main objective is to complete quests, in turn this will grant you more gold which you can use to improve your academy.

Each student is different. Their skills vary and their aspirations determine the outcome.You must oversee their training and provide them with different exams so that they become qualified in different skill areas, then you can graduate them to increase the fame of your academy and fulfill the king’s expectations. Each students fame is determined by their stats and exams they’ve passed. Don’t get rid of all your best ones however…

Some quests require you to kill monster or bandits. You must take control of your group of students and navigate them around the map, defeating any enemies in sight. If things become to tricky you may use the teacher intervention to aid you along your mission. If you do fail it however, there won’t be any punishments and you’ll still earn LP for what you did accomplish.

There are two different types of game modes, sandbox mode and official arc. During sandbox arc, the game is infinite. The king will pose no expectations, leaving you to play at your own pace and will. However, in official arc, your decisions have to be much more precise, and you must think about every choice you make. If you fail to meet the king’s optimistic expectations at the end of the month it’s game over. Don’t be alarmed though, it automatically saves, you may continue your progress at another time if it becomes too much of a burden.

I won’t lie to you, Valthirian Arc is a complicated game. It takes a minimum of fifteen minutes to fully understand your goals and objectives, especially during a more relaxed version of the sandbox mode. However, with a huge list of achievements to be unlocked and a vast range of skills that you can teach your students, this game, like all addictive RPGs can prove to be very enjoyable and provide many, many hours of fun.

How to Install a Stair Lift

Ladder elevators can be a nice addition to the home to enhance accessibility. If the home has relatives or friends who are not able to move about the stairs easily, stair lifts are a good choice for this purpose. These days, it is extremely easy to install stair lifts and here are a few tips to get started.

Many Advantages
These days, installing stair lifts in the home is an easy task and with it comes the pride and assurance that the home is accessible for everyone. Even persons with lesser degree of mobility will be able to navigate the home at their leisure and comfort levels.

Easy Installation
Once the most appropriate stair lift has been chosen and, which fits the width of the stairs, installation is needed. Many people get intimidated by the installation process but the fact is that it is very easy. The only tools you need are a hammer, screwdriver, level and the kit. It is very important to consult with the owner's manual in the kit before starting the installation but in general the basic installation steps are quite generic.

Three Carriers
The stair lifts typically come with three carriers namely one going on the top of stairs, one at the bottom and one at the middle.

Typically, the stair lifts come along with cables, which allow the lift to come back to the ladder bottom once it reaches the top of the stair. This is a special kind of power cord, right through the ring, placed against the wall and runs from the top to the bottom of the stair lift.

Installing And Seat Path
The next stage is the actual installation as well as placing the seat path to the track. The seat needs to be attached in between two tracks, which were available with the kit. The top of this seat should be attached to the top of the track and proper screws should be fastened to hold the seat in place. Then, the track combination should be set appropriately to connect brackets, which attach to the steps of the stairway. The track needs to be in level so the seat is not in a blocked position. Once the ladder path is set, the elevator screw of the ladder is placed into the track with the appropriate screws.

The ladder stair lift comes equipped with a pulley, which helps move the chair down and up across the stairway. The chain should be installed at the middle of the runway right at the center. You need to slide the pulley in forward as well as backward directions with ease.

The cord is critical to successful installation of the stair lift because it powers the elevator. This power cord has to be fed through a specific slot inside the track, which is specifically designed for this cable. Once the cord is fed through, the power cord needs to be connected to the ramp bottom and then to the outlet.