Formula for Personal Change

Formula for Change:

Step One:

Assessment of the situation – what is true now & what are the desired goals or results

Here is the start. What is it that you want to be different? You need to discover and be very specific about what is the current situation and how do you want it to be different. To do this, use your Coach’s assessment and gather input from all interested and involved parties.

Step Two:

Learning – techniques, tools, etc.

Discover what you need to learn and how to learn it. To do this you need to talk with people. A mentor relationship may be the key to new ideas. Coaching may provide the push. Peers may have advise, opinions, or ideas that you need. Classes, books, or articles may help.

Step Three:

Practice – take action & pay attention

This is a key. You need to take action to have change come about. It does not happen by itself. Use the familiar settings to practice. Or look for new settings to try out your change.

Step Four:

Feedback – score results against goals

Always utilize your own self-analysis – check in with your self right after your practice to see if you obtained the desired results. Independent observers can also be helpful. Pick someone you trust and whose opinion you value and ask them to observe you. Then afterward ask for their feedback. Also important is to utilize your Coach’s observations and feedback.

Now based upon results you obtain and feedback, go back to either more Learning and/or more Practice. Do not be hard on yourself and keep this cycle up until you obtain your goal.

Steamer Deck Chair Plans – Things to Consider in Building Your Own Deck Chair

Steamer deck chair plans makes the best blueprint to follow when you’re planning to build an outdoor furniture. Steamer deck chairs are simply one of those furniture which you can easily build if you have ample planning on your part.

These kind of loungers makes a good fixture in your yard, patio or poolside as it adds to the relaxing ambiance of the place. There’s something definitely calming and relaxing when you see a good lounger in the outdoor landscape of your home.

Just like any other woodworking projects, it is imperative that you go all through the different aspects of the project so all details will be covered and construction can run smoothly. Some things to consider for this project are:

Budget and Materials

Though it’s definitely less costly to build your own steamer deck chair, you still need to shell out some cash for the project. The number of deck chairs you’re going to use will also determine how much you can possibly spend on a project.

Though if you are a complete beginner in woodworking, I strongly suggest that you start with one first. Then, when you have a feel of how things are done, you can go from there and build other chairs of this kind.

As for the materials, you need to choose what type of wood you will be using to build chairs of this type. One of the most common we see in the market these days are teak. And honestly, I’m not that surprised as teak are both beautiful and durable.


Steamer deck chair comes in a variety of sizes and designs. You need to decide beforehand on the size and design of the lounger you are going to build yourself. Keep in mind for this your personal preference as well as the needs of your family.

Steamer Deck Chair Plans

Construction is so much easier when you have the help of quality steamer deck chair plans. Not only will you have a helpful guide in the preparation ad planning stage of the project, you also have something to guide you so the construction can run smoothly.

I personally prefer plans with step by step instruction as this will prevent you from making so much mistakes causing you to spend on materials more than you have to. Elaborate illustration will definitely help as well. This will supplement the instruction in the event that you’re struggling with its clarity.

How to Take Your Brick and Mortar Business Online







3.1 The Future is Here

3.2 Approaches to eCommerce

3.3 Using Experts

3.4 The Process

3.5 Other Considerations

3.6 Do It Yourself (DIY) Plan





This article is about how you can take your physical business online using Experts or how you can do so all by yourself.

  • To emphasize the urgency of setting up one's physical business on the Internet
  • To discuss ways a physical business can be set up online
  • To point out the easiest way to start as a beginner

3.1 The Future is Here

Bill Gates once said that in the future there will be two classes of business – namely, those that are online and those that are no more existing. The current trends in business cycles are provoking this to be true with every passing day.

More businesses are going online and increasing their profitability while those that can not read this handwritings on the wall are losing customers, profits and depressed bottom-line, to them, on a very rapid rate.

So the next wise thing for any business owner to do is to think twice … on how to get his business online as soon as possible.

3.2 Approaches to eCommerce

There are 3 approaches to taking your current offline Business online namely:

a) You can set up a self-hosted website and sell your merchandise using phone, web chats (as in Yahoo / Facebook chats) or payment processor, all run by yourself.

b) You may otherwise want to use other companies to sell your products globally for you – you only source and supply the goods to them eg FBA that I will discuss below, or

c) You may wish to enrich your merchandise by just linking your own website to so many others and also helping them to sell their goods as affiliates while also making decisions for yourself. This is possible with eBay, Amazon and most sites selling similar product in your own market niche.

For most beginners, doing this by yourself is generally out of the way because of the vast technological background knowledge that may be needed to guarantee profitability.

Even though nowdays, software is impressively bridging the gap, and borrowing the ground to make ecommerce almost all-comers affairs, yet, it may be quite a breath-taking experience to cover the learning curve. I will also talk briefly on this again later.

3.3 Using Experts

There are so many companies who are more than willing to help you set up your business on the internet.

You can check on the following websites to find out things for yourself as their requirements are different: ecwid

– very good if you want to sell on multi-channel: Vend, eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Square, Instagram, etc.





– they can do all the technical work for you on a fee.




you can also find gigs who can do it for you here.

3.4 The Process

In case you want to start with Amazon, the program for handling this is called Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA). You may wish to check their website for full and updated details.

But as is at Amazon, so also is the case in most of the websites, you need to do the following, preparatory to approaching them for this business:

a) Prepare a catalog database of all your products

b) Take and store cute multidimensional pictures of all your products

c) List your products on their website eg Amazon

d) List your product in many other marketplaces: eBay, rakuten, etsy, ecwid, jet, Newegg, Konga, Kaymu, DealDey, etc.

e) Integrate an inventory management system – this will enable you to traect your goods across the various sites so that you do not run out of stock. STITCH LABS is a very good place to do this.

f) Create your own hosted store. This is where you display photos of all your merchandise. Using Shopify is a very good idea.

g) Send your inventory to Amazon FBA storehouses.

h) Amazon usually have very strict specifications on packaging, labeling, etc. Companies like stitchlabs can help you with meeting Amazon standards.

You can also search this phrase in quote for more details: 'Labeling and Packaging Products for Amazon FBA – FBA Prep'

I) Barcoding: do not forget that each unit of product sold at Amazon and most online sites must have a barcode.

Bar code is a kind of universal product label like the one shown below that you see on every product sold in the global market:

This site will help you if you check on them:

j) Get someone to review your products on your site – this can cause your sales to shoot up.

3.5 Other Considerations

Traffic: consider using free traffic initially and paid traffic as soon as possible to bring eyesballs to your website. When using paid traffic, never forget to tract your conversions and measure profitability so that you will not burn out your budget too fast.

Tracking inventory levels across all channels: stitch labs can do this for you at a fee.

Integrate your offline and online store: this will increase your profitability and ensure that you do not lose your customers to others as they go shopping online.

You can simply do so by hanging the address of your website over the lintel of your brick-and-mortar business.

Analyzing your virtual store performance regularly:

Check your sales, conversion, non-performing goods, etc. so that you will not put too much of your working capital in non-performing inventories.

Do not forget to use social media, email marketing and text messages: these are very simple but highly profitable ways to market your business, use them on a regular basis basis.

If all these looks like too much work for you, then I will suggest you hand it all over to the geeks, any of the aforementioned companies can do a niece job for you at a fee.

3.6 Do It Yourself (DIY) Plan

Alternately, you can still go ahead and do it all by yourself, read through this guide for full details on how to do so, search 'profiles woothemes'.

Start from 'About' and learn all you need to run your website by yourself.

Although this may steepen your learning curve, but you can start there to learn the ropes.


It is advisable to find ways to take your current physical business (if any) online if you want to remain profitable on a long-term. Doing so is very easy these days as highlighted in this discussion.


Your physical business can go online in 3 ways, those ways were the center-piece of our discussion in this ecourse.


Go to Fiverr and post your job if you want to take your current physical business online. Gigs will respond and you start negotiation.

You can also use other websites like Rakuten, Etsy, etc., as listed above.

Insurance For Coach Houses

Coach Houses are built over 3 floors; similar to town houses, except the ground floor is a single garage. This is a popular and space-saving option for house builders to incorporate all the facilities a modern family needs using smaller plots of land to provide it. It is therefore considered financially economic house building. Economical house building means economic house prices! Everyone is a winner with this new space-saving concept!

This design of property is typically smaller, reflecting just 1 or 2 bedrooms – 3 bedroom coach houses are unusual, but we are seeing them being built more so laately.

The Coach houses are typically 3 connected properties (although in some cases can be more), one property owner will be responsible for insuring all of the garages upon which the block of coach houses are built, and can request that the other home owners – who will have access to their garage with a 999 year leasehold, pay a contribution to the insurance costs, even though the policy is not exclusive to the garages and will include their house too !. It is deemed reasonable however, that the policy holder can request around 25% of each of the other coach house owners towards his buildings insurance costs.

This is an effective way of sharing the cost of insurance and protecting every body's legal liability. The other house owners will also have to have their own Coach House buildings insurance policy however, to insure their own home (excluding the garage of course which is on leasehold through their neighbor) Tricky to follow? It can be without you have been given good advice! You will need to clarify detail of how everyone should protect themselves and their property against being uninsured in the event of a claim! This tend to be when policy holders realize that they are uninsured, in the event they make a claim!

There are usually significant areas of shared driveway space with these plots too, and this liability has to be included in the policy of the coach house owner who is insuring the garages also.

There are policies available to cover these risks, although they can be difficult to find! There are not many available on the market so it can take time to find the right policy for you. The most important thing is to ensure that the insurance policy you choose includes all of these risks and the insurance provider is fully aware of the build, set up of lease holdings, and the shared liabilities involved. Without investing the right time, ensuring that you purchase the right buildings insurance policy, could result in you finding out that you are, in fact, uninsured in the event you come to make a claim!

5 Instructional Design Fundamentals – Simplified

Instructional Design (ID), simply stated, focuses on enhancing learning. From this short yet straightforward explanation, it follows that ID fundamentals are based on the way learning occurs. Derived from these fundamentals are strategies and teaching methods that trigger the most effective learning in the most efficient manner.

Here are the 5 ID fundamentals that budding instructional designers can use –

1. Understand learner's needs – Before beginning to prepare any instructional material, identifying the learner's requirements is of utmost importance. It is difficult to proceed if you do not have any information about what is to be achieved. Knowing about your audience background and learning outcomes sets the path for developing the training material. Most importantly, it helps outline the topics that need to be addressed.

2. Capture audience attention – People learn about new things for various reasons, be it a new found interest, seeking solution to a tricky situation or purely enhancing skills for personal and / or professional gains. The bottom line is, new learning does not begin until there is a pressing need to learn. This means, when you begin developing instructional material, first bring out the need and you will never fail to grab your audience's attention.

3. Move from simple to complex – Spare a thought for how humans learn about new things. Novel learning starts when one became interested in a topic. To know more about this new topic, one generally reads about its basics before moving to its complexities. People relate new information to what they already know and build upon existing knowledge base.

Knowing about the way people learn clearly points to the way you as an instructional designer should put forth information. Once you know the learners' current level of understanding and the objectives that they want to achieve, develop training material that moves from simple to complex ideas. Present easy-to-recall information such as definitions, examples, and non-examples before graduating to further details.

4. Move gradually – When was the last time you actually learnt something by zipping through its basics? Probably never … Speed ​​at initial stages of learning takes learners only so far.

A sound instructional design typically eases learners into complex ideas. It steadily builds on the basic conceptual knowledge, taking them ahead with sufficient hands on practice, and then finally to a stage where they can apply newly acquainted knowledge to assess a given situation and come up with solutions.

5. Solidify – "Practice makes one perfect." That's because practice solidifies the learning process. Same holds true for an effective instructional design as well. When developing training, in addition to presenting necessary information, include a healthy mix of practices and tests. Provide relevant feedback, summarize and give tips. All this helps solidify new learning so the learners retain it for a really long time.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven For Your Backyard Living Space

Everyone wants something unique and unusual in their back yard. In the desert landscaping scenario its a bit easier to get that kind of thing since the back yard is in use all year around. When it comes to something different for your back yard outdoor kitchen and barbecue centers another innovative product that a great landscaper can offer you is a wood fired pizza oven.

Whats more fun than Pizza and the parties that it can engender? The answer to that has to be a pizza oven, outdoor, wood fired and providing the best of the pizza that the world has to offer.

Typically the Italians offer wood fired ovens to create the best of the gourmet pizza that can be found in the United States and around the world.

One of the items that is quite often found as an addition to desert landscaping is the outdoor wood burning pizza ovens. These are not just for business or for Italian restaurants, they are also for the discerning or the fun loving home owner. Your outdoor kitchen or barbecue area will benefit from the addition of a wood burning pizza oven on your property.

A good landscaping company can offer you an amazing and attractive new element to your next back yard party – a pizza oven that will be the hit of your neighborhood. Wood burning pizza ovens are of course the state of the art, but there are also some easier solutions such as gas pizza ovens as well as much more.

One of the first things you're going to need to determine when it comes to ordering your outdoor wood burning pizza oven will be to figure out precisely what you need. Some of the smaller or more standard size of ovens will be about three feet wide. The measurement is the dimension of the interior. This permits it to heat up very quickly in under an hours time. An oven of this size is capable of cooking between two and ten pizzas at one time and doing them to absolute perfection.

In addition to the wood fired ovens you might also elect one of the authentic brick outdoor ovens for your backyard. Forno Bravo Pizza ovens are among the best in the world and are one that you might consider as something that could easily be fitted out in your desert landscaping project.

For your next barbecue or party, offer something unique and intriguing in your back yard. Make it a cut above the rest for what you can offer to your guests. Get your wood fired pizza oven installed and find out why the Italian chefs will not do it any other way.

5 Reasons to Prefer a Hotel Over Rental in Derby

When someone plans for the tour with his family, then the first thing that comes into his mind is the safety. This is the reason people book a quality hotel because they have enough custody and supervision over various aspects of security of their clients. The main purpose of a family tour is to enjoy unbounded and unlimited and a family can not enjoy in the shadow of insecurity. Therefore, people prefer the hotels that have the best class security and safety services.
One can relive every moment of tour heartily only after being ensured towards the security of his family. So, people choose such kind of places that are known only for the world-class accommodation, food and other related facilities. Derby is one of the places that are reckoned for the best staying, cuisines and secondary related services because it has a chain of luxurious hotels that offer the premium amenities. Book one of the Derby hotels and enjoy your tour here and avail all other amenities that a rental home can not provide you.

Amenities that make the Derby hotels the most desirable and way better than rentals are:

Awesome location

Derby is an English City located on the banks of the River Derwent in Derbyshire. In the west of the river, there are Derby Museums and Art Gallery instead of that there exists home to Joseph Wright paintings and Gothic Derby and Southeast along the river. In its northwest is Markeaton Park that offers a craft village and boating lake. These all make it the perfect place location wise for visiting and spending vacations in a completely cheerful manner. Whereas, there are also many rentals here, but that are located in the areas that are distant from the city. You can not opt ​​for them because they do not have enough amenities to stay nicely even for some time.

0% Compromise with Privacy

All the luxury hotels have different rooms so that their guests do not have to take care about their privacy. The hotels in Derby have various types of rooms such as single bedrooms, double bedrooms and also the suites that leave no space in order to spoil any guest's privacy in any manner. When, when we talk about the rentals nearby here, their arrangement of accommodation is as poor as you can not expect any privacy from them. The reason is they do not have even separate rooms for two separate families so how can you think about privacy. After receiving their service charge amount in advance, they do not provide all the services that they have discussed you earlier. It is one of the major drawbacks of the rental rooms in Derby.

Value for Money

The Derby hotels offer the complete value of your money by serving you with their premium hospitality services. Firstly, they have all the basic facilities and they keep all their commitments until you check-out from the hotel. They serve you with the best of their hospitality services and avoid any kind of misbehavior that can harm their reputation. This way, they present their level of quality and hospitality so that a guest can observe all the positive aspects of their services and he'll make the source of their advertisement as well, such as he 'll suggest the same hotel for the other who are opting for a hotel. And, if in future, it requires a review of the guests then they will prove an asset for the hotel if the guests provide the positive review. The star ratings also depend upon the quality hospitality services of a hotel.


When we say family hotel then it denotes that a hotel should posses a warm-behavior with the kids and senior members of the family that are checking-in. It should have appropriate amenities for the entertainment of the kids and when it comes to adults then the hotel should have enough arrangements for them as well like anytime doctor availability, transportation to reach the nearest multi-specialty hospital, spiritual and calm place in the hotel promises, etc. Derby hotels provide all the above rated amenities that's why they are known as the dominant family hotels. Whereas, the rentals do not have that scope to offer you required services for the kids and elders.

Better Transportation System

A quality and luxurious hotel must have their own cars or taxis so that to pick-up and drop their guests at airports, railway station, bus-station and any other visiting place directly from the hotel. The hotels in Derby have affiliates with leading taxi agencies and they provide taxi 24 * 7 to the guests so that they can reach their desired destination from the hotel. On the other hand, either the rental rooms have sufficient budget nor they take it as their responsibility to pick or drop any guest from any place.

Understanding The Different Types Of Roof Trusses

Roof trusses, usually fabricated from wood, frame house roofs during construction or renovation. There are many different types of roof trusses, and all of them support the other material that's used to construct the rest of the roof. They help support and spread out the load to the exterior walls.

Let's look at the different types of trusses that are in common use.

Bowstring Roof Trusses

Bowstring trusses are arched and usually large. They support the weight of buildings like aircraft hangars and warehouses which need plenty of open space within. There are multiple beams that make up an arch, with sheets of metal or other material making up the roof outside.

Water runs off easily from such roofs, and there is no need for a ridge cap like for other types of trusses.

Dual Pitched Trusses

The standard triangular truss design is such that two sides slope up to the apex above, with struts (called "upper chords") leading down from it. They are attached to a horizontal beam that makes up the base of the triangle.

The upper chords are typically of different lengths in this kind of truss, making the apex off-center. This allows plenty of open space unobstructed by poles for support.

Gambrel Trusses

Gambrel trusses are like barn roofs in appearance. There are two upper chords, one longer than the other. They meet at the apex of the truss, just like the dual pitch variety. Because the sides are steep, there's enough room for living space under the roof, or to use as an attic for storage.

A Gambrel roof truss for the home allows you to include an upper floor benefit the roof. There's also extra room for large windows, which results in a brighter appearance inside.

It is an expert's choice to pick the best from the different types of roof trusses for a specific building, and depending upon your unique needs and requirements.

How to Remove Facial Moles – Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Removal Techniques

You may want to remove facial moles if they are in large numbers and big in size. Some moles, which are not large in size, may actually help you in improving your appearance. If you want to get rid of these spots on your face there are several options available. You can use a topical cream that has an acidic base for removal or it could be removed by surgical means or you can go for a natural removal process.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of various techniques for removing facial moles.

Topical Creams:

Topical creams with an acidic base will help you in removing the moles quickly. The acidic base in the cream will destroy the skin and produce quick results.

The main disadvantage of this method is that it can produce scarring of the skin. This method can also damage the skin in and around the mole. Since your face is an important part when it comes to appearance and personality, this method can cause permanent damage.

Surgical Methods:

Surgical removal of facial moles can be done either by shaving off the moles or they can be operated and removed from the roots. This process is fairly simple and quick.

The main disadvantage of this method is that it is expensive. Secondly this method can also cause scarring of the skin. If you have a large number of facial moles, this process can become really expensive.

Laser Method:

In this method a laser beam is used to remove facial moles. The laser beam will destroy the top layer of the skin.

The main disadvantage of this method is that is expensive and may require multiple sittings for removing the moles.

Natural Remedy:

Natural removal of facial moles is the least expensive and most suitable method. In this method natural ingredients that are harmless for your face are used for shrinking and fading the moles.

The main disadvantage of this method is that it is slow and will take some time.

Five Tips For Improving Rounded Shoulders Based on the Alexander Technique

People often complain about rounded shoulders. There are many fitness exercises for correcting this problem but the Alexander Technique perspective is a little different. Exercise is important, but no matter how many corrective strengthening exercises you do, posture is mostly the result of postural habits and how you perceive your body. The following tips can help you make better choices about your shoulders whether or not you exercise.

1 Rounded shoulders?

While everyone can benefit from these tips, your shoulders may not be as rounded as you think. People often want straight lines in their bodies but there are no straight lines in the body. The body is made of curves, every bone is curved, and a gentle curve across the upper back is normal. I like to think of the body as an arch made of arches or a spring made of springs. By thinking about these tips you might find greater openness and strength within the arch across your upper back.

2 Your shoulders are behind you .

Your shoulders support your arms and their structure comes mostly from the back of your torso, not the front. You may think that your shoulders are in front of you, but it helps to think of them as behind you. Take a moment to feel both of your shoulder blades with your hands and also feel where your arms attach to your shoulders. After that, feel your shoulder blades again and try to be a little more aware of the back of your upper torso.

3 Where are your shoulders going?

Whether or not your shoulders are overly rounded, most people do tend to narrow the upper back at least to some extent. This same habit of drawing parts of the body inward is probably not limited to your shoulders, but is repeated through the body.

4 Do not pull your shoulders back.

Pulling your shoulders backward narrows the back of your torso and continues the habit of drawing the body inward (back and inward instead of forward and inward). Pulling your shoulders back is also tiring, makes moving your arms almost impossible (you can not move your arms freely while pulling your shoulders back) and it imposes breathing because the bones of the shoulders have to move in response to your breath.

5 Allow your shoulders to drift away from each other.

People ask me what they should do with their shoulders and where they should put them. The answer requires some imagination. If the upper back is a springy kind of arch, then the end of the shoulders would tend to go away from each other like the ends of an archer's bow. Instead of actively drawing the shoulders forward or back, or doing anything with them, imagine that they are drifting away from each other. You can also think of that in several other ways:

  • Gently point your shoulders away from each other as if you are pointing your fingers.
  • Place each thumb on the end of its corresponding shoulder and imagine a very great distance from one thumb to the other.
  • Imagine your shoulders filling up the space on either side of you.


One of the goals of the Alexander Technique is to help you improve your idea about how your body works and how the parts of your body relate to each other. Sometimes just a new conception of your body can foster improvement in how it looks and functions.

Build Your Own Storage Shed – Choosing the Lumber

Wood is the most common material for building a storage shed. When buying the lumber for your shed, inspect it for warping, twisting, or loose knots. Avoid buying unseasoned or green wood, it can shrink, and split as it dries.

Kiln dried lumber is a good choice for framing your storage shed. It is kiln dried, and not as heavy as green, or unseasoned lumber. The better grades of kiln dried lumber won’t crack, or twist, as bad as green, or unseasoned lumber.

The grades of lumber most commonly used are 1, 2, 3, 4 common. No.4 common is the cheapest grade and usually has a lot of open knots, and weak spots. For building most storage sheds No.2 offers the best quality and price.

Preasure treated protects the wood from rot, decay, and insects. Preasure treated pine is stronger, and more durable than redwood or cedar, and it is also less expensive.

If you use preasure treated wood to build your storage shed foundation, wear gloves and a dust mask, when sawing. Avoid breathing the dust. Whenever possible, sawing should be done outdoors, to avoid indoor accumulation of airborne sawdust from the treated wood.

After working with treated wood, and before eating, wash exposed areas thoroughly.

Dispose of treated wood by ordinary trash collection. Treated wood should not be burned, because toxic chemicals may be produced as part of the smoke and ashes.

Although preasure treated wood for your storage shed foundation resist rot, you should prepare a foundation base. A gravel base foundation provides a flat surface that drains well to keep the lumber dry. To build a gravel base for your storage shed, remove 4″of soil in an area about 12″ wider and longer than the dimension of your storage shed. Fill the area with 4″ of compactible gravel, tamp the gravel using a hand tamper, add or remove gravel until it is leveled. Use a straight 8 foot long 2×4, and a level to check.

Plywood is made by shaving thin layers of wood and then gluing these layers together with special glue. Because the grains of the different laminations go in differint deriction, plywood is much more stronger than solid wood and it won’t split or crack.

Plywood is a good choice to build the storage shed side walls, and end walls,it is the least expensive, and easiest to install.

A good choice for the storage shed roof, is CDX plywood sheathing, this is an exterior grade good for asphalt shingles.

Remember to paint, stain or varnish your storage shed as soon as possible to protect it from the elements.

The "Un-Wedding" Wedding

Getting married is as popular as ever these days, but no so the traditional wedding. It seems like more and more couples are opting for celebrations which are as unique as they are and which have more in common with a great party than a typical wedding reception. Take a look at the trend for fresh and fun “un-wedding” weddings.

What truly sets an “un-wedding” reception apart from its more traditional counterpart is attitude. An un-wedding celebration is rarely formal, never stuffy, and a lot of fun. The emphasis is on throwing a party which promises a great time to friends and family, full of delicious foods, wonderful wine or cocktails, and relaxed conversation. This style of wedding celebration can take place at a traditional venue, but may also be somewhere other than the standard club or hotel.

Restaurants are a great venue for an un-wedding reception. A party in a restaurant is going to feel more like a great big dinner party than a standard wedding reception. And by choosing your favorite restaurant, you can be sure that the food will be utterly fantastic, a far cry from the usual chicken or beef entrees served at most receptions. The bride and groom can choose relaxed attire, rather than a heavy looking tuxedo and ornate ballgown. A modern silk organza gown with a black ribbon trim and handcrafted bridal jewelry would be tres chic.

Keep the decor informal and interesting. If it fits the room, a few long tables will feel more family friendly than many small ones. A great look for the table decorations would be a long runner over a simple tablecloth with a variety of decorative elements loosely arranged to tumble down the length of the table. A mixture of flickering votive candles, fresh seasonal fruit, and flowers in short vases will suit the restaurant venue perfectly. One word of caution: not all restaurant venues have room for a dance floor, so decide if that is important to you, and select your restaurant accordingly.

Unusual settings are also popular for un-weddings. Why not select an interesting site like an aquarium or a trendy art gallery for your reception? The space itself will be so visually engaging that you will need to do very little in the way of decorations. Plan your menu to suit the space. At an art gallery, stations featuring contemporary and unique cuisine would be ideal for dinner. Naturally seafood would be appropriate for a wedding in an aquarium.

When working with an off-beat venue, choose your colors to suit the locale. Watery blues and greens would look wonderful for an aquarium, for instance. At a site like a gallery which will have a lot to look at on the walls, a restrained color palette like white and charcoal would blend well. This color combination is one of the most popular for weddings this year for everything from bridesmaid dresses to invitations to handcrafted bridal jewelry. Charcoal dupioni tablecloths with a bit of shimmer and texture can be topped with tall clear cylinders filled with a modern flower like white allium.

An un-wedding reception can take place anywhere that strikes your fancy. It could be an airplane hangar, a city loft, or an antique carousel. When you do away with tradition, your wedding can be anything that your heart desires and your mind can envision.

Why Do Spots Keep Coming Back In My Carpeting?

Do you have one of those spots on your carpet that just will not go away? You clean it again and again and in a day or two it just comes right back. Would you like to know what is causing it and how to treat it? I'm sure you would so read on and find out what is behind that mystery spot.

The reason that a spot comes back is because of residual. Some kind of residual is on your carpet causing soil to be attracted to and stick to the carpet. It may be caused by that can of Sprite that you spilt a few months ago or the soap from that carpet spotter that you used. There are various kinds of residue that could be on your carpet. They all do the same thing though. They slowly attract and hold soil. Because they do it typically you do not notice it until it gets bad.

So how do you get rid of it? What you need to do is clean the spot thoroughly with a good carpet spotter. Make sure that you use a spotter that says it is safe for stain resistant carpeting. After you clean the spot rinse it out with plain water. If you have a home carpet cleaner use it to flush out as much of the cleaner as possible with plain water. If you do not have a carpet cleaner use a sponge soaked in plain water to try to rinse out the spot. Try to extract as much water as possible with a dry towel. Now place a fan on the carpet to try to get it dry as soon as possible.

If this fails to do the trick you should call a professional carpet cleaner in order to clean your carpeting. They will have the power to take care of several residue problems.

Home Insulation – Guide to Insulating Crawl Space

Home insulation is considered an imperative for every household to keep excess use of energy and heating system under control. Crawl space or floor cools down the indoor climate of the house in winter. By laying insulating materials under the floor helps avoiding cold feet in the morning. At the same time, a well insulated floor reduces the use of heating systems with its capacity to prevent heat loss from the home and to bar the entry of cold air through floor area. According to an estimation of Energy Saving Trust, around 15% heat loss is possible from the floor. The materials and methods used for insulating crawl space or floor depends on various factors such as if the targeted space is ventilated and the construction of the building.

Types of Floor Insulation
Several types of materials can be chosen insulating crawl space and they range from fiberglass, foams, wood fibers to paper fibers. Various types of materials may come in various formats such as blank form, loose fill form or in rigid sheet form. The form you insulation you select for insulating your crawl space must be keeping in view of the intended area to be insulated with the floor under your home or the exterior walls.

Regardless of the type of materials chosen to insulate the floor, the function and the way the materials work are similar. All types of materials work by creating a blanket on a cold night by forming a barrier to trap the air around the source of heat and then locks the warm air inside the house. Heat always tenders to radiate and escapes from the source where it is produced. The insulation helps preventing escaping heat from the source.

The performance of the home insulation materials depends upon the efficiency of resisting heat flow. The resistance toward heat flow of a material is measured in R-value. The higher the R-value rating is for a material, the more energy and insulation efficient the product is proven to be. If you are insulating the external walls the fiberglass batt is a good insulator that you can choose. You need to cut the material in order to fit to the wall from the top to the down and a few feet exceeding the ground. When the crawl space has ventilation, insulate the under floor portion.

Basement Waterproofing – 10 Tips on How to Negotiate the Best Price For Your Waterproofing Project

If you get your basement waterproofed during the dry time of year, not only will you be able to negotiate a better price but also you will be prepared for when the rain comes and you will not suffer the losses and inconvenience of your neighbors who were not so far sighted you will gain twice over.

However, picking the right time of year is not the only way of ensuring the best price for your basement waterproofing project, here are a few more tips on negotiating the best price for your basement waterproofing project.

1. Simply ask your contractor "under what circumstances would you do this work for a lower price without compromising on the quality or specification

Listen to the answer and see if it fits with your requirements.

2. Contractors get peaks and troughs in their work program which are expensive to deal with, You can often negotiate a real discount for being flexible on timescale and allowing the contractor to fit your job in around others.

3. Ask if your job could be used as a reference with before and after pictures and ask for a discount in lieu of that.

4. Ask the contractor how much discount would be available for the opportunity to put up an advertising board at the end of your driveway or in your window.

5. Once you have chosen your proffered contractor try "Well I was going to get one more quotation, but if I were to cancel that and give you the order now, what could you do on the price?

6. Ask your neighbors if any of them also want basement waterproofing work doing. Ask if there would be a discount for more than one job to go ahead in the neighborhood at the same time.

7. Talk about payment terms, ask if a very prompt payment would be worth another little discount.

8. Your contractor's labor will be expensive, so anything that you can offer to reduce the amount of labor should give a good reduction in the price. Could you do the muck away or the digging out for the pump pump and under floor channeling? If you are that way inclined or have friends and relatives who are, you could save a significant amount on the labor.

9. Be aware of the specification being reduced in return for a lower price; This is not a discount; you are simply buying less for less money, six eggs are always less expensive than twelve! Having said this, if you really can not afford everything that you want in one go it can be a valid decision to leave out some features until a later date, for example it is usually possible to install the battery back up system at a later date.

10. Make a friend of your contractor, win his or her sympathy, demonstrate that you are a nice customer to deal with, be understanding, offer hospitality, team coffee, food, especially if the surveyor has driven a long way. A little psychology can go a long way!

Note, that with all the above negotiating methods, you are giving your basement-waterproofing contractor something of value in return for your discount. Always be wary of the contractor that is all of a sudden able to discount for no apparent reason, were they offering a fair price in the first place? If not can they be trusted?

Tomorrowmore, do not forget that you are (usually) going to want a good quality service and it not necessarily in your interest as the customer to leave your contractor with little or no incentive to do your work at all. Most reputable contractors will have 10 – 15% to negotiate in return for some of the above terms – more if you are doing a significant amount of the laboring, but do not forget, if you seem to be able to negotiate a deal that sees too good to be true, then it probably is.

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