Doral Tara – Great For On-the-Water Family Vacations

The 25 feet Doral Tara is among the boats from Doral boats which you can take either under a sunny or gloomy sky. It features a full canvas camper top set and and cockpit cover which makes your Tara versatile on water. This allows you to be comfortable under rain or the intense heat of the sun. This also means more space for the deck so you can accommodate more than the specified 5 people the lower deck is designed for.

This also gives protection to the cockpit and other electronics present on the deck. The cover provides more than that. Aside from protection from weather, the cover aids in security and theft protection especially when docked, organization, safe transport, improved aerodynamics and gas mileage. This also means more possible electronics on deck. Dora boat's trademark of customizability is well represented in this craft.

The Tara craft also boasts a compartment below deck with windows. It's a full room with optional furniture and stereo system from Doral International. This inboard / outboard cruiser is 21.67 feet long and weighs 3950. This weight does not account for passengers, fuel, or gear. The beam of this Doral boat is 98 inches.

Its hybrid engine gives the owner a choice of having an inboard or outboard engine, which fits suits him. But the same recommendation goes with your this as with all engine replacements. Always heed the maximum horsepower of the craft.

This will keep passengers safe and keep the insurance accepted from an insurance company. Although this Doral boat boasts a fiberglass hull, the best way to keep it maintained is to cover it when not in use. This way, the Tara will retain its quality and resale value at its highest.

The Doral Tara is great for family vacations, simple parties or water sports like swimming and / or fishing. It's spacious and perfect for any weather so getting away fromland business is just a Tara away.

How to Wallpaper Over a Brick or Cement Block Wall

The problems of concealing grouting and rough surfaces are easily overcome. Lining paper, if properly applied, will stretch over and hide the rough patches and the effect can be completed by using a heavy or embossed wallpaper.

This technique also applies to walls built of cement blocks. If you are building with brick or cement block and know that you want to wallpaper certain walls, ask your builders to apply the mortar so that you have a nice flat surface, rather than raking out the joints. With existing walls, the secret is in preparing the raw surface.

These are the tools you’ll need:-

A long table or bench, a trough, sponge or foam paste applicator, scissors, soft brush for smoothing wallpaper on to wall, a ruler, plumb line, razor for cutting.

A paint sealer is applied to dry any moisture from the wall, then a latex based wallpaper liquid size. A well soaked pre-pasted wallpaper lining will be just sufficient to soften the size and bond the lining firmly to the wall so that when wallpaper is pasted over, it won’t weaken in any way.

The same principle can even be applied if you are papering over rough-caste walls (walls that have been plastered and raked or scrolled upon when wet). If your brick wall has an extremely rough and raised surface it will have to be plastered over prior to wall-papering.

Here is how it’s done:-

1. Prior to start working on an absorbent raw wall, you’re first step is to seal and size the wall. Coat it with a paint sealer and leave to dry overnight. Next apply a latex based wallpaper liquid size; this is especially good on absorbent surfaces. This takes about an hour to dry. If time is short you can apply two coats leaving an hour between coats, instead of the over- night sealer.

2. Apply pre-pasted lining paper. Soak it in a trough to soften and roll out to arm’s length. Fold over and back half-way, forming pleats to the end of the roll.

3. Holding the top piece of paper in one hand, and pleats in the other, stretch the first pleat along the wall and flatten out with sponge. Stretch next fold and flatten and so on to the end of the roll.

4. To paper around a corner, leave 25 mm (one inch) overlap and “butt” the adjacent strip of paper on to it.

5. Repeat soaking and folding procedure and bring next roll of paper lining overlapping approximately 6 mm (quarter of an inch) onto the first. By having paper on paper you will prevent the joins from edging into the grooves between bricks.

6. Leave lining paper to dry overnight. As it does so it will tighten and stretch out over grooves and rough patches on the wall surface.

7. Before applying wallpaper, coat again with the latex based wallpaper liquid size as added insurance that the lining paper has sealed properly and tightened on to the wall

8. The type of wallpaper used is important. It should be embossed or a heavy natural weave to ensure that the imprint of the design is not lost when pasted on.

9. Hang your selected wallpaper vertically in the normal way.

Sit back and admire your masterpiece.

Various Types of Indian Hardwood

Indian is the home to some of the best furniture pieces. Indian craftsmen use their superb skills and ideas that have been passed on for generations, to make furniture that speaks of quality and durability. Many furniture and antique collectors believe that a collection is not complete if it does not have Indian furniture pieces, especially wooden furniture.

Among all the pieces that are manufactured in India, hardwood furniture is the most common type. Indian hardwood furniture is revered all across the globe and has found a place in the home of the rich and famous.

Following are some of the most popular types of hardwood that are used by the Indian furniture manufacturer.


This is one of the most expensive woods available in the world. The cultivation of mahogany is controlled by the Indian government and it's only grown for meeting commercial purposes. The tree is not allowed to be grown by all and sundry and one has to furnish before the government valid reasons as to why he wants to grow the wood. Mahogany has a reddish-brown color and is a finely grained wood. It's highly durable and capable to resist shrinking, warping and swelling. It's extensively used for the manufacture of quality furniture like wood facings, veneers, cabinets, tables and cabinets.


Walnut wood sports a fine texture, has considerable strength and easy to work with. The wood is resistant to warping and shrinking and is friendly to almost all types of finishes. Walnut wood is mostly used in the making of veneered and solid furniture, gun-stocks, cabinetry, wall paneling and novelties.


Oak is a common wood used in the making of Indian wooden furniture. Beside its durability, oak enterprises good bending qualities. The wood is considered to be good for trimming, boat framing, flooring and the manufacture of wooden desks.


Although not found in abundance in India, maple has immense hardness and strength and is a well textured wood. Maple mashes are considered to be good for flooring as it has moderate shrinkage. Maple wood is also used for making furniture and other woodenware like bowling alleys.


Cherry is a less-frequently used wood. It's close-grained and resistant to shrinking and warping. The color of the wood turns red when it's exposed to sunlight. The wood ages well and is often extensively used for making cabinets and novelties as well as solid furniture handles.


Rosewood has a dark and reddish-brown color and is close-grained hardwood. Of late this type of wood has witnessed consideration interest among Indian wooden furniture manufacturers. Beside, demands from the western world are also fueling its popularity. The wood comes with an exclusive fragrance, takes high polish and is difficult to work upon. The wood is good for making piano cases, musical instruments, art projects, tool handles, furniture and veneer.


Teak is moisture resistant. It's resistant to cracking, warping and decay. It's best used for making fine furniture, ship building, paneling, windows, doors and floors. Teak is also a great construction wood.

5 Instructional Design Fundamentals – Simplified

Instructional Design (ID), simply stated, focuses on enhancing learning. From this short yet straightforward explanation, it follows that ID fundamentals are based on the way learning occurs. Derived from these fundamentals are strategies and teaching methods that trigger the most effective learning in the most efficient manner.

Here are the 5 ID fundamentals that budding instructional designers can use –

1. Understand learner's needs – Before beginning to prepare any instructional material, identifying the learner's requirements is of utmost importance. It is difficult to proceed if you do not have any information about what is to be achieved. Knowing about your audience background and learning outcomes sets the path for developing the training material. Most importantly, it helps outline the topics that need to be addressed.

2. Capture audience attention – People learn about new things for various reasons, be it a new found interest, seeking solution to a tricky situation or purely enhancing skills for personal and / or professional gains. The bottom line is, new learning does not begin until there is a pressing need to learn. This means, when you begin developing instructional material, first bring out the need and you will never fail to grab your audience's attention.

3. Move from simple to complex – Spare a thought for how humans learn about new things. Novel learning starts when one became interested in a topic. To know more about this new topic, one generally reads about its basics before moving to its complexities. People relate new information to what they already know and build upon existing knowledge base.

Knowing about the way people learn clearly points to the way you as an instructional designer should put forth information. Once you know the learners' current level of understanding and the objectives that they want to achieve, develop training material that moves from simple to complex ideas. Present easy-to-recall information such as definitions, examples, and non-examples before graduating to further details.

4. Move gradually – When was the last time you actually learnt something by zipping through its basics? Probably never … Speed ​​at initial stages of learning takes learners only so far.

A sound instructional design typically eases learners into complex ideas. It steadily builds on the basic conceptual knowledge, taking them ahead with sufficient hands on practice, and then finally to a stage where they can apply newly acquainted knowledge to assess a given situation and come up with solutions.

5. Solidify – "Practice makes one perfect." That's because practice solidifies the learning process. Same holds true for an effective instructional design as well. When developing training, in addition to presenting necessary information, include a healthy mix of practices and tests. Provide relevant feedback, summarize and give tips. All this helps solidify new learning so the learners retain it for a really long time.

Handy Tips To Help You Make Your Own Wood Wicks For Candles

Wood wick candles are the newest rage in candles. These painted candles have a wick that is made of a particular kind of wood that allows the candle to burn not only with a pleasant fragrance but it also has a familiar crackling sound much akin to wood fire in the fireplace.

If you make your candles then it is possible for you to make these too. There are a few tips to help you make your own wood wick. You will need a few strips of hardwood which are the dimensions of a Popsicle stick. You should choose a hardwood that burns at a very slow rate like olive, ash, walnut and eucalyptus. Also, you need to remember that these wood wicks are to be used only when making jar candles.

Now that you have the strips you must lay them out and place them next to each other without touching at all. The surface that you place them on should be a flat surface and they should be allowed to lay like that overnight. The next day you will need to prime the strips. To do this you will have to heat some wax in a double boiler. You should now take one wick at a time a dip it in the wax with the help of a paperclip clipped to it. Once removed it takes about 30 seconds for the wax to dry. Once the wick is dry you can store it in a metal holder and use them the next time you make your candles.

Importance of Town Planning

For the construction of a new town, town planning is important art. Earlier towns were used to emerge by themselves. But now a proper planning has been done to avoid any problem in the future. A properly planned structure helps in utilising the land capability and it’s resources to its maximum.

For establishing a town it is necessary to select a site. To select a site a proper land survey is required. This survey includes the selection of area which is most suitable for the residential. Environment, location nearby to city, connecting distance with the highways and all such things are considered during the selection. An enough space in large acres is required to establish a new town.

A properly planned structure helps in utilising the land capability and it’s resources to its maximum. Now-a -days all of us are so much busy that we do not want to run here and there for any other things. Either these are schools, hospitals, market, parks etc., everybody seeks to it that all the facilities are in most nearby locations. The designing includes all these things.

. The designing is done by the team of experts. As it requires a mixture of art and science, therefore this unit includes surveyors, engineers, architectures and consultants. They all work to develop an organised plan. Drainage system, road construction, water facilities, electricity grids, transportation facility, all are important factors which are kept in mind while construction. In fact all measures are taken for protection of town from natural changes like earth-quakes, and floods. Architectures and planners design the map in such away that the available space is used in the best way. And all systems can be located within the same location. Consultants provide the initial town planning advice, so that the project can be taken ahead smoothly. And give their services time to time for its smooth and rapid development.

No town will prosper if it is not meeting with the expectations of people. Therefore the planning should be creative enough which can attract the attention of public. This beauty along with all facilities fulfills the feeling of civic pride among people. And purpose of these towns to give improve quality of life is also solved.

If planning is not done then houses may emerged before installation of electricity grids and water supply systems. Hospitals can be raised at the unapproachable area and industries may raise before installation of the transportation system. And it is important to keep in mind that town planning is not limited to the development of streets and civic amenities. It’s motto shall be encompassing all the facilities with aesthetic surroundings and to provide the better standards of living to the people.

Wood Vs Metal File Cabinet

The metal file cabinet is among those in popular demand when it comes to organizing and storage needs. But today, there are even more choices, particularly when it comes to the material of the filing cabinet. File cabinets now come in plastic materials as well as genuine wood. A lot of people are now going for wooden materials for their cabinet, but which is better? Is it wood or metal?

A wooden filing cabinet can have both practical and aesthetic qualities. Oak is a popular choice in this case, since it offers a wide range of natural colors and patterns. White oak allows you to easily paint over it with different finishes from very dark to very light.

On the other hand, a metal filing cabinet can offer durability and strength. Thus, it is mostly preferred for use in offices to keep very important files. While they may not fit in most home decor, they may do well with modern interiors.

So which is better, a metal file cabinet or a wooden one? There isn’t one answer to this one. The most practical thing to do would be to first consider your basic requirements. What are you going to use the cabinet for? Where will you put it? For instance, if you’re going to put it in the patio, it will have to be weatherproof. You may then consider how you want your cabinet to look like. A wooden one matches more in a home setting, while a metal would probably fair better in an office setting.

The Best Barbecue Grills Are Lynx Grills

If you are passionate about cooking and love to grill, you know the value of having a high quality grill. If you use a cheap grill when preparing food outdoors, the choices are high that your food will not turn out well, the meat will be cooked unevenly and you may even under cook some foods. Lynx grills are some of the world's best grills that money can buy. These are professional grills and most of the world's best chefs own a Lynx. Food tastes best when it is cooked outdoors on a grill. If you cook on a Lynx outdoor grill, you can rest assured that your food will turn out just as you had expected it to.

These high grade grills offer you innovative features, outstanding performance and superior craftsmanship. The lineup of grills offered by Lynx are built as either the built-in variety or as freestanding grills. Of course you need the proper utensils and cooking gear when grilling but this company has you covered in that department as well with Lynx grill accessories.

Lynx grills use an advanced ignition system to ensure that the burners ignite as they should. To make sure that your food cooks evenly, a lynx outdoor grill offers a heat stabilizer that ensures that the heat at the grilling surface is not affected by wind. The burners on these grills are made of cast brass, unlike the hollow tubular steel burners that are used on almost all other grills. The burners hold heat very well and radiate heat better at higher temperatures.

For restaurant quality performance, Lynx outdoor grills have an infrared burner that sears steaks like the fine restaurants do and when turned lower, can cook delicate seafood. If you are in the market for a new outdoor grill and want only the best, you simply can not go wrong with a Lynx. The signature trademark of a Lynx outdoor grill is the blue LED lighting that is built into the grill. These lights illuminate the knobs, Inside you will find halogen light that illuminate the cooking surface.

If you run your hand over a Lynx grill, you can feel the quality. The welds are seamless and you will notice a lack of screws and sharp edges. You are able to lift the lid with a single finger thanks to the nicely places springs and perfect balance.

Where Can You Find Chinese Lacquer Products?

As Chinese lacquer products are becoming more popular, ever more people are wondering where they can source them. These products are often used in home decor magazines or given away as gifts. In this article we will discuss four places that you can find Chinese Lacquer products. We will also give you a few helpful hints when it comes to purchasing these items from suppliers.


The most obvious place (and best) place to find Chinese lacquer, is to search online. There are a lot of online stores that sell these wonderful pieces in the west. If you're in the United States and looking for a supplier then just Google specifically for your area. Most online shops will ship their products to anywhere in the United States.


A lot of shops and Chinese lacquer products sellers are selling their products on eBay. It's a simple way for buyers and sellers to connect for a variety of products. When purchasing products from eBay make sure that the seller has a trusted reputation and the minimum amount of negative reviews. If they do have negative reviews, make sure that you go and see what they are for. Sometimes buyers will give negative reviews for silly reasons and you do not want to miss out on the opportunity of finding the perfect product for you.

Specialty Stores

There are specialty shops all over the United States which specialize just in selling Chinese products. Go and see if you can find Chinese lacquer products in their store. If they do not have the products you want in the store, ask them if they can recommend you to someone.

Tips for buying Chinese Lacquer products

When purchasing any sort of products, make sure that you do your research before hand. You want to be able to get the best possible price. Compare prices between different shops and see which one is offering the better deal. Really exceptional online shops will even offer you a bonus gift for purchasing through them. It's these sort of online shops that you should be looking for. Also keep in mind that you work with someone who is knowledgeable about Chinese lacquer products. You want to purchase products from someone is supplying quality products to the public.

With these tips you'll be able to find your Chinese lacquer products quicker than you though. There are fantastic lacquer products out there – you just need to find them.

4 Common Woodturning Mistakes to Avoid In Your Woodworking Projects

Prevent these classic woodturning mistakes, and your woodturning projects will become artful pieces of woodwork:

Going too fast: Trying to go too fast is the most common drawback that woodturners fall into. You want things to be easy. Avoid doing this. You will not only mess up your work but you damage to something more important-yourself. Making things happen fast is the top cause of injuries.

If you see yourself wanting to hurry things up, have a break and remember that rushing is not safe. You can lose more time in the long run if you have to repair an error or worse – a have a stay in the emergency room at hospital.

Stain doesn’t take: Two typical causes that stains do not take are: using non-staining wood packing and if glue is not totally wiped off after creating the whole piece.

The problems are simple to avoid but they are not very simple to correct. Remember that you should buy a wood pack that removes stain and make sure to clean up the glue coming out of the join whenever you place the pieces together.

If you finish with an unmarked area on your work, put a colored glaze-a semi clear substance like the thinned-out paint. Alter the color and exposure until you get it almost similar to the stained wood. Allow it to dry and start the topcoat.

Excessive sanding makes wood fuzzy: There are types of wood that become fuzzy when you do too much sanding. The wood fibers shred and make hair like fuzz on the wood’s outer portion. You don’t want to discolour or have an initial color in that case.

If your wood gets fuzzy, go down a polish or two with the sandpaper and sand out the furs. The way to prevent fuzz is to remember that you should not use sandpaper finer than 150 grit.

Joins don’t fit together: You have taken care to have joins that are tight enough, but when paint the glue on and try to draw the join together, it will not go. It is either you have joins that are very tight or you pulled joints together and experienced a lock-up.

To prevent too tight joints, dry it first. If you have to thump the joints together with a mallet, you should loosen the joint before you add glue to it. If the joint is a mortise and tenon, shear the tenon until you can push the join together easily using your hand.

If the join still locks up on you when you assemble it, you have to do some mallet tapping and clamping to make it move again. It depends on the time the join has been locked, you may not get it to dislodge. Avoiding a locked joint is as easy as testing the join and sanding it if it is tight the first time it is assembled.

That’s it! Avoid these 4 woodturning mistakes, and you’ll create classic woodworking art that is appreciated for generations.

Beach Party Games – Having Fun In The Sand And The Sun

When having a beach party, games are an absolute must. Between the sun, sand and surf, there are plenty of ways to have a great time at the beach and satisfy your competitive instincts at the same time.

"Water-Balloon Challenge" Beach Party Game

Water-balloons and beach party games go hand in hand, especially in this instance. Players pair off, and are given one full water balloon each. Partners must face each other, starting out by standing 2 feet apart. Players must throw and attempt to catch the water balloon, taking one step backwards each time they catch it. Once a pair's water-balloon is dropped or bursts, they must exit the game. The last pair standing are the winners of this beach party game.

"Fruit-Legged Beach Relay" Beach Party Game

At a beach party, games like this one can give everyone plenty of laughs. Players split into two equal teams, with a piece of fruit being given to each player. A bucket for each team is placed down the beach. The object of this beach party game is for team members to take turns shuffling down the beach one at a time with their piece of fruit wedged between their thighs, run back up the beach and tag the next person in line. The first team to place all their fruit in their bucket and return to the starting line is the winner of this beach party game.

Beach party games are a fantastic way to enjoy a day by the sea. And the best part is, getting sandy and sweaty does not matter because you can cool off afterwards.

How to Make Your Car Shine Like a Diamond

During the summertime, nothing beats a super clean and well-waxed car. If you're like me, it can be difficult to replicate that same shine you'd expect from a professional car detailer on your own. Sometimes I think it's nearly impossible. After many botched wax attempts and countless hours scouring the internet for answers, I've come up with a compilation of best practices for attaining that high gloss shimmer and shine we've all come to expect from the professionals.

First and most importantly, make sure your vehicle is in a covered or shaded area and out of direct sunlight. Garages or carports work the best. Sunlight and heat will cause water to evaporate too quickly when washing which may lead to spotting. When you attempt to wax your vehicle, the sun will dry the wax out and ruin your shine. It may also damage your car's finish.

Next, you need to thoroughly wash your car until it is extremely clean. When I say clean, I mean clean. You're going to have to get out the bucket and the hose and scrub your car by hand. You should use a reputable car shampoo. These can be found at any auto parts or car care store. A natural sea sponge is the best option for cleaning the car. Start by rinsing approximately 1/3 of your car. Use the sea sponge to wash the rinsed area from top to bottom. Frequently wring out the sponge and soak in the soapy water bucket. When finished, rinse the soap off of the car and move on to the next section. Washing the car in sections helps prevent spotting. Use a terry cloth or chamois to dry your vehicle. Do not allow it to air dry!

Now that your car is ready for wax, you should decide what type of shine you are looking for. If you're looking to protect your car's natural shine, one thin coat of synthetic wax will do the trick. To get the showroom shine, you will need to apply a thin coat of synthetic wax with another coat of carnauba wax on top of it.

Once you have made your decision, you're ready to wax. Lightly coat the painted areas of the vehicle with a very thin layer of wax using a clean terry cloth or towel. Be sure to avoid any plastic or trim areas of the car, as the wax may not come off of these materials. Test on a small area if you're unsure. After the wax is applied, buff it out with a new, extremely clean terry cloth. If you notice any streaking, you can remove them with distilled water. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with your shine.

The Pros and Cons of Asbestos Usage

It seems that lately all news regarding asbestos usage is negative. It causes lung cancer and mesothelioma, and it has been linked to a number of other cancers and health risks. However, many people do not realize that asbestos is still used today because it has many positive characteristics in the construction world.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that comes in six different forms, divided into two families. The serpentine family contains chrysotile, and the amphibole group has the other five types: tremolite, actinolite, anthophyllite, amosite, and crocidolite. The main characteristic of asbestos is that it is occurs in bundles of fibers that can easily be sheared into smaller threads that have high length to diameter ratios. Additionally, asbestos has high tensile strength and are flexible enough to be spun into cloth or mats of fiber. Lastly, they look like the protein cellulose, which is a major component of plant structure.

As a silicate mineral, asbestos has several major qualities which make it extremely useful in construction and other industries. Silicates tend to be flame retardant, resistant towards chemical action, insulating towards electricity, thermally unaffected, and not easily biodegraded. Thus, it plays a major role in several industries.

The serpentine family of asbestos includes chrysotile, which is the most commonly used form of the mineral. Serpentine asbestos is used in building materials such as drywall, plaster, vinyl flooring, shingles, roofing tiles, counter tops, pipe, fireproofing, and caulk. It is also utilized in the automotive industry in things such as brake pads, gaskets, and clutch plates. Chrysotile is a component in firefighter’s gear as well, in things such as fire blankets and clothing. As you can see, including chrysotile fibers in material is a huge advantage because of its fire retardant properties.

Amphibole-type asbestos is slightly less common than chrysotile, but it is now mostly banned. It was commonly used in insulated ceiling tiles, pipes, asbestos-cement sheets, and thermal and chemical insulating materials.

Asbestos, despite all of its good qualities, also has some very negative side effects. A specific type of lung cancer, called mesothelioma, is caused by asbestos. Regular lung cancer can be a sign of asbestos poisoning as well. Additionally, asbestos exposure has been linked to other cancers including gastrointestinal, colorectal, throat, and esophageal. Lastly, this silicate mineral can cause other problems including asbestos warts, pleural plaques in the lungs, and diffuse pleural thickening.

Because of the many cons related to asbestos and your health, it is now banned from multiple uses. However, because of its pros, there are still industries that utilize asbestos as long as it is treated to prevent it from flaking into people’s lungs and causing disease.

If you or someone you know has developed mesothelioma as a result of unsafe asbestos, you may be entitled to financial compensation. For more information regarding this deadly disease, check out the law firm of Williams Kherkher today.

The Most Important Thing to Do When Fire Breaks Out

Fire can destroy almost everything from your home to your family. Fire can easily spread so quickly that it is almost impossible for you to get out once it has started. Luckily, you can have your home fireproof but it will also cost you a lot. For those who can not afford having a fire safe home, these measures will help you guide you and your family to safety.

The most important thing to do when a fire breaks out is to get out of the area. So, always know where to go out when fire happens. Know where the fire exits are or in case you are inside your home, know where you can get out as quickly as possible.

A house can completely burn down in a matter of minutes and while it is still burning, you can still be inside trying to get everything out. If you do this, you might end up burned inside. Forget everything and get out of the house as quickly as possible.

Check the doors to see if there is smoke coming out of the sides or under. If it does happen, stay away or you might be exposed to backdrafts or worse explosions. Try another exit if you encounter one.

Drop to the floor is the room you are in is consumed by smoke. You will breathe less smoke when you drop to the floor. You can then take your time to crawl on your knees and elbow as you breathe heavily.

If you find yourself trapped, find a way to call for help. Break any window and yell for your life. If you still have time, call for 911 and ask for help right away.

When the odds are against you, try looking for some sheets and cover the door to prevent smoke from getting inside. Break any windows so that neighbors can see that smoke is coming out from your house and they will be able to call for help.

Always prepare a plan of action within your family. Practice drills and how you can stop a fire from happening. You can gather the entire neighborhood and have a firefighter teach you how to stop a fire from happening.

Keep your thoughts together when a fire tragedy happens. You might not know it but your overall calm approach to things that may take your life is the only way for you to survive the entire endeavor.

Why Do Women’s Feet Get Bigger As They Age?

There are many reasons why women’s feet get wider as they age. Some of the reasons include weight gain and an aging population. We’ve probably all noticed that people are generally bigger today than years ago. Weight gain adds more pressure on your feet as you stand or walk which makes the joints and ligaments work harder to retain the structure of your feet. The more pressure the feet have to put up with, the more your feet will stretch or spread out. As feet age, they lose fat padding and grow wider and longer, resulting in lower arches and problems like corns and calluses. Structural changes can affect balance and gait. With time, your feet will stop going back to their normal shape, and their size in due course will become wider and longer. As we get older the ligaments and soft tissue start to grow weaker and lose elasticity, causing the feet to grow wider and flatten.

Good fitting shoes with enough cushioning and support can help with this. As the foot becomes wider, longer and less padded, the plantar fascia tendon which runs along the length of the sole and makes up the arch becomes stretched; this contributes to the lowering of the arch. A lower arch can lead to bunions forming. Women are inclined to have wider feet due to pronation. Pronation is when the arch area in the inside of the foot, rolls inwards towards the ground. Women tend to have wider hips which make pronation more common in women than men. Legs are made to turn inwards at the knees, which can lead to pronation at the feet. If a woman is overpronated it will look as if she has flat feet. Pronated feet are wider than unpronated feet thus making them look bigger. Another reason when women complain about having wider feet is during pregnancy.

During this time, the body releases hormones which relax the soft tissue structures like the ligaments. This hormonal change along with the natural weight gain during pregnancy is known to increase a woman’s shoe size. Women tend to spend a lot of time walking and standing on hard surfaces, which can lead to foot deformities. Foot deformities such as hammertoes and bunions are caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes more often than not. Feet can change in size as we get older or heavier. Health problems like diabetes, circulation problems and heart disease can cause swollen ankles and feet, making them look bigger. Sales figures show that the average woman’s shoe size has gone up from a 5 in the past five years. This means that demand for the bigger sizes, like the nines, tens and elevens is also going up. This increase has been linked to the obesity epidemic.

Medical experts believe that consuming high-density foods like pizza and processed foods during puberty stimulates the growth hormone. This not only then increases waist size, it also affects other parts of the body such as the feet. What causes foot pain? Almost all women have experienced a dull ache or throbbing feet sometime in their lives. There are many reasons for this but mostly ill-fitting shoes are to blame. Most people put up with foot pain as a part of their lives. Foot pain and discomfort is generally a sign that something isn’t right, your body is trying to send you a message. If you do something about it then, it will save you from unnecessary pain in the future. The foot is designed to adapt to uneven ground. Nevertheless, hard and flat are the types of surfaces most people find themselves walking on these days.

Sadly, human feet don’t do too well on this kind of surface. The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SCP), the leading professional body for registered chiropodists and podiatrists in the UK, have stated that 37% of British women have bought ill-fitting shoes in the summer sales and 80% women have suffered from foot problems. The study has found that women are ignoring the consequences of buying and wearing ill-fitting shoes just for fashions sake. Many foot problems arise because of this. Out of the 80% of women who endure foot problems because of bad shoes is made up of 39% with cracked heels, 19% having in-growing toenails, 15% having bunions and 24% resulting corns on their feet.

The top five foot problems in the UK are:

27% – Cracked heels

26% – Veruccas

26% – Fungal infections

19% – In-growing toenails

16% – Corns

Blisters are also another cause of ill-fitting shoes. Years of wearing ill-fitting shoes can take their toll on your feet. Problems such as bunions, neuromas and hammertoes can occur. Not forgetting arthritis. Overlooking foot problems can increase the chances of developing osteoarthritis in your feet. Nearly half of the people in their 60s and 70s have arthritis in their feet or ankles. Ill-fitting shoes are a danger to people with diabetes too. Something as simple as the wrong size shoes can put those with diabetes at risk of serious foot problems that could lead to amputation. We all think that ‘killer’ high heels are the shoes which would give you the most problems. They do cause problems but slip-on shoes like the court shoe is the worst out of them all as they give no support, they tend to be too narrow in the toe and cause the foot to slide forward and squash the toes.

Common foot problem

  • Blisters – caused from friction when rubbing against ill-fitting shoes.
  • Bunion – a swelling on the side of the big toe, causing pain and worsened by wearing ill-fitting shoes.
  • Ingrown toenails – tight footwear and socks in ill-fitting shoes worsen this condition.
  • Corns – hard and thick skin on areas of the foot where there is a lot of pressure or rubbing on the skin.


Bunions are caused when the toes are pushed out of their normal position. This causes a lump on the side of the foot that can be very painful and swollen. Wearing tight fitting shoes can cause this.

Corns and calluses

The skins way of protecting itself against repeated pressure and friction is to build up hard layers of skin cells where the irritation has occurred. When this build up occurs on top of or between toes is called corns. Calluses are hard skin which is thick and yellowish on the sole of the foot.


A hammertoe is when one of the smaller toes starts to look like a claw, when the outer toes are bent rather than straight. Wearing ill-fitting shoes like exceptionally high heels or pointed shoes can cause hammertoes. These types of shoes force the toes into an unnatural shape which cause the muscles in the toes to shorten thus forming a hammertoe. People with diabetes are more likely to develop hammertoes; extra care is needed to ensure correct shoes are worn to help prevent this. Wearing correct fitting shoes and looking after your feet is a must with the hectic lifestyles women lead today.