Take The Indoors Outside With Flat Screen TV Mount Options

As weatherproof televisions and outdoor flat screen mounts become more affordable, larger numbers of homeowners and business owners are taking advantage of the price breaks to install new units in outdoor spaces. Doing so not only adds an entertainment element to patios and beer gardens, but also allows places like malls and amusement parks to display maps, wait times, and other important information to customers.

Mounting a television outdoors requires close attention because of the additional structural and safety factors involved. In some cases, standard TV mounts will suffice, but there are several situations in which special flat screen mounts or enclosures are called for. Here are a few of the more popular mounting options for outdoor areas.

Weatherproof enclosures

Weatherproof enclosures are the easiest way to prep your television for outdoor use. These boxes are used in conjunction with regular mounts to completely surround your television and protect it from rain, dust, critters, and other harmful elements. Some enclosures even come with a temperature control unit to help prevent damage caused by extreme hot or cold.

Single and multi-screen poles

In some locations, outdoor television viewing is a seasonal activity limited to the mild weather of the spring and summer months. As such, it wouldn’t make much sense to use permanent TV mounts that would essentially render your set useless for most of the year, especially when poles present a much better alternative. A single pole mount is used for one television, while multi-screen poles are meant to accommodate two or more units, which is great for beer gardens and other venues where people will be watching from multiple angles.

Standard wall brackets

If you plan to mount your television in a covered area that offers natural protection against the elements, then standard wall brackets can do the job. Wall brackets work with fixed or tilting flat screen mounts to attach your television to a solid surface. With the right hardware, you can even install your television on tough materials such as stonework and brick.

Ceiling flat screen TV mounts

Ceiling flat screen TV mounts are a good option for those outdoor spaces that feature a sturdy covering or roof-like structure. This type of mount allows you to suspend your television from the ceiling when wall space is not available. Ceiling flat screen mounts are great for covered patios, beer garden tents, resort cabanas, and even gazebos.

Taking the indoors outside is easier than ever. With the right flat screen TV mounts or enclosures, you can install your television anywhere-provided there’s access to an electrical outlet, of course. All you have to do now is figure out which mounting solution is best for your setup so you can begin the process of transforming your outdoor room to a full-service entertainment or information center.