Take The Stairs

There are 72 steps found in the stairway at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Thousands of people visit the steps each year just to do what Rocky did. Run up the steps and raise their arms in victory.

You see athletes running the stairs all the time to help them get and keep their legs in shape. Running the steps has a little more impact than walking them. I doubt if there is a better workout for your legs and cardiovascular system. Almost every time I see a piece on a professional running back part of their work-out is running the steps. You can see how powerful their legs are on the football field.

Exercise companies have certainly jumped on the band wagon. A day does not go by that I do not see an ad for some kind of a stair walking machine on the television. Every gym and fitness facility has them available to their clients.

Walking is a great, low impact, form of exercise. Adding a few steps up the stairs can burn a few more calories, increase your blood flow, and strengthen your bones. Your arms, legs, and even your Gluteus Maximus, your bottom, will firm and tone.

Walking, running and bicycling are all weight-bearing, but low impact forms of exercise. The impact of walking is much lower than other forms of exercise and adding a leisurely walk up the steps can have its benefits.

Walking can benefit all of us including those suffering with pain. How about putting you in a better mood just for starters? Lowering your blood pressure and at the same time increasing blood flow. As you know the blood carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells then takes the bad stuff away. Feeds and cleans our tissues. Walking adds to the health of joints, also strengthening the muscles in your back and legs. Walking also lowers the risk of blood clots.

I found this video on YouTube from a mall in Stockholm, Sweden. They noticed people were ignoring the stairway and only taking the escalator. Engineers put together a plan to get people to use them. Now the escalator is ignored. Watch how much fun these people are having on these stairs.

The Dreaded Stairs on YouTube .

Get the proper nutrition and set a goal to add the stairs to your next visit to the mall. Take the stairs and raise your arms in victory. Over time your choice will make a difference in your well-being.