Tama Drum Sets – Crucial Things You’ll Want to Know

Tama has been making quality drum sets for quite some time and many owners professional and novice rave about the superb sounds that come from these delightful percussion classics. They are known for using only top notch materials to achieve a crisp clear sound second to none.

TAMA’s Rockstar is one of the quality sets they are known for comes in 8 different finishes including 3 metallic finishes so there is no chance your child will not like one of them. These sets are very durable because they come with the star cast mounting system. In a drum set you have a bass drum then several other drums that are all held up by metal stands. The TAMA drum sets have the Star Cast Mounting system allowing the set to be customized to the drummer. Nothing will be out of reach for even the youngest percussionist.

The shells of the drum or the round outside part that has the finish are usually made of a wooden base and then might be covered by other materials. TAMA guarantees the strength of their shells by offering a free 5 year warranty. The reason these drums have such a great sound is because there is no metal placed into the shell of the bass drum to interfere with the resonance.

The part of the drum you hit is called the head and Rockstar heads are made of DuPont Mylar and create a deep tone and they last longer too. These drum heads are on the basic set that includes the bass drum, two tom toms of different sizes, a floor tom, and snare drum. You can add symbols if you like but they will cost a little more. The throne is sold separately as well.

You can get sets with only three parts including the bass drum, floor tom, and tom tom but in order to be a usable set you do need the five pieces. You find these five piece sets at affordable prices and it is suggested that you buy them new so the warranty on the shells will be in effect.