Tattoos in Gold or Platinum – Shine Up Your Skin With the Newest Treat

Would it not be cool to have your tattoos done in gold, silver, platinum or other metals as a unique jewel on your skin? A company in Japan might be starting a new trend.

For the skeptics who would immediate think that this would be some kind of health hazard to inject metal into the skin where it could easily enter the blood stream–you are right. There are no tattoos in the classical sense of the word which includes coloring with gold or other metals.

If you have a design that needs to look metallic, a good tattoo artist would instead use other colors to make it look metallic without directly using gold or silver ink. Such colors would, indeed, be toxic for the body and not something you would want to have lodging inside your skin.

The kind of tattoos are something else. These are not injected into the surface of the skin. Instead they consist of gold or platinum foil applied to the surface of the skin with a new technique developed by a Japanese company which I will present later in this article.


They consist of 99.99% pure gold or platinum which is applied to the skin in various artistic and aesthetic patters along with other elements such as colored stones and glitter powder. Thus they will not constitute any allergic reaction. Of course, if you are amongst the minority who would have any allergic reaction to normal jewelry made of gold or platinum, you should abstain from this “treatment” also.

Contrary to ordinary tattoos they do not last forever. The estimate is around 2-5 days. I imagine one would have to abstain from a nice Turkish bath in the period of wearing this unique and, no doubt, costly form of jewelry. They can be removed quite easily. Since they are applied to the very surface of the skin they will basically wear off along with the skin cells you are shedding.

A new trend in the making?