Tatung Rice Cookers – Better Than Aroma Rice Cookers?

In the low end price range market, Tatung rice cookers often come out on top. They offer many convenience features while keeping operation very simple, and that is attractive to many consumers looking for a good product to cook their rice perfectly every time. While they are a good pick for cooks of any experience level, it is smart to take a moment and see how they compare to other reputable brands in the same price range, such as Aroma rice cookers.

Both brands are in the same lower price category and offer many of the same features. Actually, when you take a closer look there are far more similarities between these two brands than there are differences!

Both models come in white or stainless steel designs that look great with any kitchen design. Both will cook rice to the correct consistency every time and will hold it warm until you are ready to eat. They come with necessary accessories, including a measuring cup and spatula. More importantly, both brands can be used as a crock pot to make other meals or as a steamer for vegetables, meats, or even seafood.

So what are the differences that make one better than the other?

The Aroma 10 cup rice cooker will make up to 20 cups of rice and offers a wider variety of models to select from. Each model has slightly different features, but virtually remains very similar. It is a good product at a very affordable price with great diversity in cooking potential.

The model getting the most attention in rice cooker reviews is the Tatung TRC-8FZ rice cooker. It has a very modern style with a unique design and spherical pan and heating system. An easy to read LED timing display and large buttons on the front make it very simple and quick to set the 24 hour timer. The 2mm pan comes out for easy cleaning and the stainless steel lid is easy to wipe down after use. It may not come in numerous different models, but it is very efficient when it comes to cooking all varieties of rice perfectly.

Tatung rice cookers have been around for generations and have earned respect as one of the best small kitchen appliances on the market. While other brands such as Aroma offer very similar products at the same price points, they may not hold up to the durability and time tested quality of a well known name like Tatung.