Team Fundraiser: Go For The Gold With These Ideas

Don’t you have good ideas for your team fundraiser yet? Well, you’re in pretty good luck because I’ll be pitching three good fundraising ideas in this article that will be of great help to you in terms of funds production. Let’s go through the details of each one so that you’ll know have a good idea as to how they need to be executed.

The first team fundraiser idea that I have to offer for you in this article is a car wash fundraising event. Car washes have long been proven to be one of the greatest types of fundraisers in every single community. Now, you may think that since this is an effective fundraising idea, you’re going to need a lot of good materials and serious preparations for it. Well, not necessarily. In order for this to be running at full speed in producing funds for your team, all you need are: a high traffic location that has good visibility; willing and hardworking volunteers; and some signs that will catch some good attention from people passing by. The best thing about doing a car wash fundraiser is that you can do this even with short notice. Let’s proceed to the specifics of what you need to do. First, you need to line up a location that has good main road frontage and you need to see to it that your location has good water access. Next, you need to assemble your car wash supplies including wash towels, squeegees, dry towels, buckets, and hoses. You then need to assign an item for your each of your volunteers. The next step is advertising. Make 8 to 10 poster board signs with high contrast colors so that they can easily catch attention. Next, group your volunteers according to 2-hour shifts. Set the date and time schedule for your car wash fundraiser. Doing this on a Saturday is highly suggested.

The next idea that you can do is a yard cleanup. This type of fundraising campaign can be put together really fast and easy. You just need to create a set of instructions for your volunteers about what you plan to offer to your customers; what they should say; and how much they should charge for their yard cleaning services. Like other kinds of fundraisers, your target clients for these would be family, friends, and neighbors. Base the kind of services that you’re going to offer on the age of your volunteers. Your services can range from simple lawn care to mulching flower beds and pruning tree limbs.

If you want to expand the horizons of your fundraising campaign, you can choose to execute a community cleanup fundraising campaign. This is also referred to as a trash bag fundraiser. Through this type of fundraising idea, you can get the chance to both raise funds and send out a positive message about your group as well.