Teenage Love – Attraction Or True Love?

Love: A beautiful word and a universal emotion and the most difficult one to understand (even more difficult than women!). The reason is that it has so much other emotions involved in it that you can identify these other emotions as separate ones but actually they are formed from love only.

Love consists of compassion, sacrifice, passion, lust, possessiveness and even anger. It’s really difficult to understand that anger can be a form of love but it is. Because mostly the anger arouse in you is because of your loved ones not doing the things you expect, so it is a form of love definitely. So love is really hard to understand.

Now coming on the topic, Teenage love: attraction or true love. Actually in my view Teenage love is more of attraction and less of true love. I am not saying that true love doesn’t exist in teenagers but in most of the cases it’s just attraction. For example the love which starts in college is attraction in my opinion (there can be some exceptions.) because at this age students are most fascinated towards the opposite sex and they became more frank with each other than ever before. Also they change themselves according to the liking of their respective partners for only the period of time in which they are together.

The other reason can be that because there is so much competition today parents and even teachers always keep telling the child that 11th and 12th are the two classes in which they should only study in order to have a bright future and don’t pay attention towards any other thing.

So after doing so much hard work and getting admission the suppressed desires sprout out which results in sudden attraction and they think that’s love and this is the only reason that so many break-ups happen. Because when you spend time with your partner than only you came to know about the real qualities of your partner and you may or may not like it.

And that can be a reason also to the divorces which happen even after love marriages.

So guys one can’t help the attraction but a piece of advice is that don’t believe in 1st sight love when you are in college give some time for the relationship and then make the decision.

And for girls especially DO NOT allow the physical intimacy in a new relationship.

Some of you may think that I’m wrong in saying that teenage love is attraction only but guys I am not denying the fact that true love can also happen it’s just that true will overcome all these boundaries and will win after all.

Because true love is the ultimate winner and it’s incredible and impeccable.