Telescoping Pole Tools for Hanging Ceiling Wire From the Ground

A single suspended ceiling worker can hang over 600 ceiling wires in day. Such a worker can safely reach ceilings of up to 30 feet with the longest version of this tool.

The unique head design of an eye lag pole allows a worker to first twist in an eye lag screw into a wood joist, then with the screw set in place, the ceiling wire is twisted onto the screw. Typically such an eye lag screw will hold up to 150 pounds safely. “How-to” installation videos are available on YouTube.

Self-drilling eye lag screws are available for both wood joist and metal decking. When fastening to metal deck care should be taken not to over-torque or “strip out” these screws, otherwise they install exactly like the wood screws.

In some areas, eye lag screws pre-wrapped to ceiling wire are available. These pre-wrapped assemblies are called “Hospital Wraps” as they are required on hospital jobs. Hospital wraps are used in order to make installation of ceiling wire faster and to satisfy California codes for hospitals, jails and schools. Installing pre-wrapped eye lags require a special head for the telescoping pole tool.

These telescoping pole tools are designed for industrial applications. Continuous use of up to 8 hours a day on jobsites is not unusual. They are typically made from heavy duty aluminum to keep weight down. They are powered by a drill with at least a 10mm chuck attached to the bottom of the pole. The whole tool is rotated by the drill. The operator uses one hand to operate the drill while the other hand controls the pole.

Perhaps the most advanced telescoping eye lag pole is the LagMaster Plus, as it has interchangeable heads that can be used for many applications. It has been called “the electricians pole tool”. In addition to hanging ceiling wire, the same telescoping pole tool to can be used to hang threaded rod, Jack chain or even rope by use of its unique interchangeable heads. One of the interchangeable heads is a female ¼” hex driver. Another can be used with the Powers Sniper powder actuated tool. There is even a broom handle thread which can be used with light changers, saw blades and paint rollers.

In the field of fire sprinkler installation the process of hanging threaded rod has always been an onerous and at times dangerous task. These problems have been met and solved by telescoping pole tools, and specialty screws such as the Sammy Super Screw or the HangerMate Screw. These poles tools are innovative and well worth considering over a ladder or scissors lift.