The 2008 Yamaha YZF-R1

The 2008 Yamaha YZF-R1 is here! Born from MotoGP technology Yamaha claims the YZF-R1 is “the most advanced open-class motorcycle ever built.” I must admit the R1 is one awesome looking motorcycle. The R1 has a liquid cooled 998cc in-line four cylinder powerplant, making more power than the previous versions. Yamaha also claims the 2008 R1 “is the most powerful, tractable R1 powerplant ever, thanks partially due to the worlds first electronic variable-length intake funnel system”. The throttle system is also cutting-edge due to Yamaha’s Chip Control Throttle, featuring a 32-bit ECU fuel injection system that adjusts the funnel length between 65 and 140mm for a smoother powerband.

As soon as you pick this motorcycle up you can rest assured you have an awesome streetbike that is ready for the track whenever you decide to run it. Technology runs rampant is this bike, and help from MotoGp technology will blast adrenaline through your soul! This bike has a 4.75 gallon, two-piece fuel tank, fuel in the back, and an airbox for the ram-air system in the front. The motor features fuel-injection, 12.7 to 1 compression, with dual overhead camshafts, and four valves per cylinder including titanium intakes. The transmission has a 6 speed gearbox with a #530 chain turning the rear tire. The front suspension is a fully adjustable, 43mm, KYB inverted telescopic front fork design, while the rear is an adjustable twist-style spring preload, with low and high-speed compression adjustability.

The front fairing is striking as well as functional. The large ram-air scoops bring power-producing air into the engine, and the design is aerodynamic for high-speed riding. Overall the 2008 YZF-R1 is a stylish cutting-edge motorcycle.