The 3 Crucial Home Remedies For Infertility That Will Get You Pregnant in 60 Days

What thoughts were running through your mind when you were diagnosed as infertile? Did you feel a bit inadequate? Trust me, I know exactly how you feel, as I also have rode the emotional roller coaster known as infertility too. I went through years of pain and anguish trying everything under the sun to get pregnant. There was nothing more in the world that I wanted than to have a baby I could love and hold.

My desire to be a mother took me to great lengths as I endured several expensive and painful surgeries as well as a litany of fertility drugs. Much to my dismay nothing on the medical side worked… So I decided to check out different home remedies for infertility that I had been hearing about as I was not about to give up on my dream of becoming a parent. And I have something super exciting I want to share with you!

I discovered some holistic secrets that helped me to get pregnant naturally and so can you! As a matter of fact these methods are so effective that I was able to conceive within a matter of weeks after using them. Below you’ll find the most powerful holistic tips that I discovered so that you can use them yourself:

1) Body cleansing: our bodies are wonderful machines that were designed to work under optimal conditions. This is most important when pregnancy is concerned. In order to conceive, a perfect symphony of hormones, vitamins, and minerals need to be present, or your body will not allow for the production of a baby. Since our current culture is structured around convenience, there are numerous toxins we ingest every day. The most effective way to cleanse your body is through a healthy diet fortified with vitamins and by getting regular cardiovascular exercise.

Now this doesn’t mean that you must undertake a massive overhaul of your entire life. Start small by changing one meal or just taking a walk with your spouse

every night.

2) Changing beauty products: Many cosmetics contain the chemical Paraben, which is a known to disrupt the necessary hormonal balance needed to become pregnant. Paraben can commonly be found in deodorant and shaving cream. They are very dangerous as the FDA lists them as a possible carcinogen and recent studies have linked to them to a heightened risk of breast cancer. A quick check through of your beauty products is definitely in order if you’re experiencing problems getting pregnant. This chemical alone can keep you from ever conceiving.

3) Eliminate certain beverages entirely: I’m the kind of person who likes a good glass of wine every now and then, so I was totally shocked to discover that any amount of alcohol consumed can lower your odds of conception by 50% or more.

Getting rid of alcohol for at least three months prior to attempting conception will give you the strongest chance of getting pregnant. Another beverage you are going to need to ditch is coffee. Studies have shown that drinking as little as one cup per day can decrease your ability to have a baby by half or more, just like alcohol. These two areas can be very difficult to change, but please consider your parental goal in making this small and limited sacrifice.