The 3 Day Face Lift and 7 Minute Face Lift

If you have noticed the telltale signs of aging and you are interested in getting a face lift, you should know there's more than one kind. You can certainly get a surgical full-service lift, but there are three other types of face lifts you might also want to consider.

Specifically we're talking about a weekend lift (or minilift), a 3-day face lift that's achieved through diet, and a 7 day face lift that's achieved through the use of a high quality wrinkle cream.

Weekend lift

Gone are the days when a woman would have a surgical face lift and disappear for weeks after, ostensibly in "Bermuda" or on some other holiday. These days, many women opt for the weekend lift, or minilift.

The weekend lift is called that because the recovery period can be as short as a weekend. A woman who gets this kind of surgical lift might return to work as early as Monday after getting a lift on Thursday or Friday.

Though many claim that the weekend lift provides the same benefit as a full face lift, a weekend lift concentrates on the areas of the face that need it the most – the neck and the folds of the nose, for example. This lift requires fewer incisions and takes much less time to perform. It is a good option for the woman who are interested in the benefit of a surgical procedure but who do not want to risk the pain and expense of a full face lift.

3-day face lift

This method of face lift is really no lift at all. It's a diet that promises, in three days, to change and enhance the look and feel of your skin.

The 3-day lift is promoted by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a dermatologist who has written books and promoted a lifestyle that – through diet – can make people look younger.

If you're interested in the 3-day face lift diet, be prepared to eat a lot of salmon (wild salmon, in particular) and a good deal of vegetables and spring water. A small amount of oatmeal and fruit like raspberries and cantaloupe might also be part of the equation.

You can continue the diet past the initial three days, of course, but Perricone promises results in those three days.

7 minute face lift

No, eating a big dose of salmon will not get you an immediate face lift, and no surgical procedure can bring results in seven minutes, but there is one thing that can bring that quick result: A wrinkle cream.

A wrinkle cream like the Athena 7 Minute Lift can provide solid benefits that within just a few minutes will give your skin the look and feel of skin that's been lifted in some other way.

Through its use of natural and organic ingredients, the Athena 7 Minute Lift can – within just a few minutes – reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin.

A little bit of aging is natural, but you can look like you're slowing the process down a bit when you take advantage of some of the quick fixes available these days.