The 5 Easy Ways to Market Your Daycare Center

You've taken the leap of faith and decided your going to open your own family daycare center. You start thinking about where you're going to have your daycare, and how it's going to be arranged and what toys you are going to have.

But one thing you may not have thought about is, "how am I going to get kids?" Well, I'm here to tell you do not worry. I really believe that there are a lot of families out there looking for childcare. Especially good childcare.

Marketing your new daycare can be reliably easy and painless. You do not need to spend a whole lot of money or time. Just use a little creativity and you are well on your way. So, let's begin with the 5 easy ways to market your new daycare center.

1. Visit your neighbors announcing your new business: Print up some flyers or invitations inviting your neighbors to an open house. Be sure to make it fun, serve juice and cookies and have some children's games planned. Nothing to complicated but just make sure it's fun. Remember even if your neighbors have no children, they may know someone who does so be sure to tell them to invite friends from work.

2. Reward Parents for telling others about your daycare: This is a surefire way of spreading the word about your daycare. For every parent who explains a friend who enrolls reward them with a special thank you. Sometimes a gift card, discount on childcare, something they would really enjoy.

3. Visit Employers in your area: Introduce yourself to human resources and or management. in any business. Tell them about your daycare and be sure to leave some business cards behind. Ask if you can place some on a bulletin board in the lunch room.

4. Become Good Friends with the School Secretary: Visit your local elementary school with a plate full of cookies and some business cards. Announce your new daycare and ask if they have a list of daycares in the area that do after school care. Be sure to place yourself on that list.

5. Get really excited about Halloween! Really decorate your home for Halloween and be sure to give out candy with business cards. Wear a costume and scare children as they walk up the side walk to your home. If parents see you love the holidays and you're having fun would not they be interested in coming to your daycare?

There's just a handy of fun and easy idea's I have about marketing your daycare. And as you can see most of them cost little or nothing. Having fun and making money is what it's all about.