The 5 Most Preferred Nike Dunks

Though Nike Dunks have been around for many years now and they have introduced many styles and models since then over the years, some of them still remain fresh and are preferred by many over the others. Given the opportunity and availability of stock, many would still purchase these preferred styles of Nike Dunks as under.

They are not mentioned in any particular order. So here goes:

a) The Dontrelle Willis Dunks

They are from the Nike Collection Royale and were exclusively meant for those members. The very initial lot of shoes released was priced at $90 and was known as the Lebron James variety of the “King of Spades” fame. Some other designs that merit mention are the Ronaldinho number 10 fame Air force Clubs shoes, the Serena Williams 2 of hearts collection and the actual Dontrelle Willis dunks named after the renowned opening pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.

b) The Osaka Dunks

It is not surprising that Japan is a great market for Nike and two such preferred styles of Nike Dunks originated there. The Osaka Dunk, also known as the Doutonbori Dunk was named to celebrate the food of Osaka and as a tribute to the very famous drumming doll icon known as the Doutonbori. This Nike Dunk is also one element of the 4-pack design that was promoted as the Japan City Attack Pack commemorating the cities of Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Fukouka. The design was very creative in releasing this collection within a box made of wood and displaying an insole that showed the Osaka street.

c) The Nagoya – Golden Dolphin Dunk

This Nike Dunk was the second of the two released as part of the Japan City Attack Pack and the motif of the Golden Dolphin was chosen carefully to reflect the significance of the city which is the fourth largest in the country of Japan. Its shimmering metallic golden color along with the superb mint green lining towards the inner truly gives it a majestic look. In terms of lending continuity to the motif, the pair has designs of fish scales at its back and is also double stitched for added resilience.

d) The Vandal Valentine’s Day Limited Dunk

This was produced in very limited quantity and France was the first country where it was released. The artwork was very striking showing a woman on one side and the king on the other. The letter Q added near the design of the King adds further dignity to the overall artwork.

e) The 1 Ice Blue Dunk

This premium pair of Dunks had a metallic blue finish to its body to give it that shiny look and acquires a very attractive appearance when worn with the sun shining. It also boasts of the Air Zoom technology patented by Nike giving it wonderful comfort.