The 6th Universal Law Is That of Detachment and Rhythm

Be involved with passion, yet detachment. Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie teach us to stay in the moment and to be accepting of our present reality. Byron explains that you can not win if you try to fight what is, so it works better for you to accept what it. This is detachment. And this leads to being an integral man and a master manifestor.

Integrating Passion with Detachment:

In order to make this Universal Law work to your benefit promise yourself: "Today I will factor in uncertainty and celebrate and experience more joy." If you have a desire that you are passionate about, celebrate the fulfillment of this desire, but do not attach to a specific item, car or home or job or boss. Celebrate how great you feel now that it has been accomplished, but do not connect this to a specific result.

I no longer give a specific time that I will arrive at work, and I find that I am getting here faster and earlier than I was when I was more specific. I formerly had a specific car that I was interested in, but almost as soon as I changed the desire to a more general, "Thank you for our comfortable and safe new vehicle with low mileage" we were given an opportunity to buy a Jeep with low mileage that got us through a horrible winter without any difficulty.

I used to ask for houses near the water with a private back yard and room to garden, and always got what I asked for, but then I realized that I should also ask for the money to afford them and that worked much better.

When I have asked for specific jobs, I have gotten them and not always been happy with them. I learned to ask for a job that I would enjoy which pays enough money for all my bills and expenses. Sometimes the pay is less, but the boss and colleagues are always great.

The Universe always has Balance and Rhythm:

This earth has balance. There are rainy seasons and dry seasons and warm seasons and colder seasons. We interfere with the rhythm of change at our peril. This is one area where we need to show some detachment. The earth follows certain natural laws that we can not interfere with. This balance was set in motion by the Creator / Source / God.

There are high tides and low tides, and these are necessary to maintain life in the oceans. There is dark and light each day, and this is also necessary for life on this planet. We can not interfere with these things.

However, we can alter space and time locally. Your spirit is not limited by time and space, and does not live by natural laws and you can manifest a different reality. Gregg Braden tells a story of traveling with a group in Egypt. They were on their way to see the pyramids which should have been an all day trip. They were talking about and visualizing what they wanted to see, and when the bus stopped at a checkpoint, there was some distress. Gregg went out to assist, and it seemed that they had gotten to the checkpoint a couple of hours ahead of time. This had been done without speeding or taking any shortcuts. The Universe had simply bent time-space to accommodate the group desire.

Another way taught by Yoga masters is to visualize the sun in your heart, and then add the moon. As these are the astronomical bodies that determine time on Earth, once you hold them together, you are able to stop time. I have been practicing this for a few years, and my most successful attempt was this morning. A trip that I do with a colleague that normally takes 2 hours, took only 1 hour and 8 minutes this morning!

Any manifesting requires passion and belief:

(Visualization + Belief) * Passion = Manifestation

Most Westerners start out with pretty good ability to visualize and we have pretty good passion. It is belief where we fall short. As your belief grows, so will your manifesting.