The 7 Archangels – Archangel Jophiel

The next article in my series on the 7 Archangels is on Archangel Jophiel. Once again, the 7 Archangels' names and roles are:

• Archangel Michael – Angel of Protection

• Archangel Jophiel – Angel of Illumination

• Archangel Chamuel – Angel of Love

• Archangel Gabriel – Angel of Communication

• Archangel Raphael – Angel of Healing and Abundance

• Archangel Uriel – Angel of Peace

• Archangel Zadkiel – Angel of Transmutation

Archangel Jophiel – Angel of Illumination

Jophiel works on the Second Ray which is the Yellow Ray of Illumination and Wisdom. The Archangels each have an associated Ray of energy and light that they work with and which you can call on to help you. Simply imagine yourself bathed from head to foot and all around you in the relevant color as though you were cloaked in colored light. In this way you will draw in the gift that each Angel offers us. For Jophiel, that is the gift of illumination and wisdom. A wonderful, Spiritual and very useful gift!

Archangel Jophiel's name means "Beauty of God." His Archeia or Twin Flame is Christine and their etheric retreat is above the Great Wall of China near Lanchow. Another article will be written explaining how you can go "on holiday with the Angels" – simply and easily by visiting them in their etheric retreats and conversing with them for guidance, direction and advice.

Jophiel is the Angel of Illumination and will help you when you need wisdom, clarity and insight. Whether you're a student at high school or a professional academic and scholar, Jophiel is a great Angel to call on to assist your studies – whatever level, whatever subject. He will, however, help anyone who asks for wisdom or even a bright idea on a problem in life. Jophiel can also be asked to overcome addictions and negative thoughts and thinking.

Jophiel will also assist you in seeing the beauty in life and everything around you. He will bring beautiful thoughts to your mind. He will dissolve ignorance and pride and replace them with loving thoughts. Jophiel also aids in cleaning up pollution and the planet. Jophiel is sometimes depicted as female, a woman carrying a light. The light represents the illumination of souls.

SAMPLE PRAYER: Jophiel, Jophiel, Jophiel, I'm having trouble studying for my exams. Please send me some wisdom to help me. Thank you for your loving assistance, in love and light.