The Advantages and Disadvantages Of A Solar Pond Pump

A solar pond pump is a fountain pump that gets its power from solar energy by utilizing solar cells connected to the unit. You can select from two options: submersible and external. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the advantages & disadvantages of using a solar-powered pump for your fountain.

A water element such as a lily pond is more relaxing when the water is running thereby producing a trickling sound. It is always the centerpiece of landscaping. Nevertheless, because garden pools are man-made bodies of water that doesn’t get its supply from nature, it is a must to clean it regularly for maintenance. This stagnation leads to the outgrowth not only of moss and alga but also bacteria, which makes the water green & dirty. The effects of this are contrary to life as it depletes the oxygen suffocating the pond fauna, that is the frogs & the fishes. A pond pump keeps the water from being stagnant; aeration & circulation hinders the growth of these aquatic parasites.

However, the issue we are discussing here is the cost of operation. An electric-powered fountain pump has an expensive upkeep. For this reason, a considerable number of fountain owners are choosing solar-powered pumps.

Solar pumps rely on the abundant sun for their power. The same as standard pond pumps, you also have the option of the submersible type or the external type. The submerged pump operates within the pond under the water. The external pump, on the other hand, runs outside the water, therefore it creates a steady hum unlike the former, where only the sound of trickling is heard.

The external pond pump is indicated for medium-sized to large-sized ponds, meaning a capacity of 1000 gallons or more. While the submersion pump is indicated for small-sized ponds or pools with a capacity of less than 1000 gallons. Usually the small pumps are labeled in gallons per hour or GPH even as the large pumps are marked in horsepower or HP.

Utilizing solar energy is environmentally friendly. Although the initial cost of installing solar panels is expensive, it comes out cheaper in the long run with the money you save on electrical bills. Plus, solar pumps are safer because without electricity chances of electrocution are nil.

The disadvantage of solar power is that it is not suitable in gloomy countries. The sun should always be shining in order to store enough energy to power the fountain. Although there are back-up batteries where energy is stored, if the sun doesn’t shine for a week, the energy is used up.