The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bullet Proof Doors

Bullet proof doors have been used for years in financial institutions, but companies are now choosing this type of glass door to protect their companies on a daily basis. As with any type of glass, these do come with advantages and disadvantages, which you need to take into consideration before making a decision.

The main advantage to bullet proof doors is the strength. These doors are exceptionally strong, enabling them to withstand heavy impact, including bullets. Due to their strength, these are exceptionally durable and will last for many years. They are thicker than most other glass doors, which add to their appeal, making staff and customers feel safer.

This means that bullet proof doors improve safety in the work environment. Staff at counters is able to lock the doors and feel completely secure should they feel threatened in any way. The biggest advantage is that these can make it more difficult for burglars trying to access your property once everyone has gone home.

In most cases this type of material is used for banking institutions and jewelry stores, any company that stores high value goods which appeal to burglars. It can help reduce the risk of theft, while also keeping staff and customers safe.

Because of the durability of this material, rocks, stones, bullets and other heavy objects won’t get into the premises when bashed on the glass. A gunman can stand and fire a shot directly at the doors without compromising the people inside. This is a huge advantage to high risk businesses.

Of course with bullet proof doors come a few disadvantages as well. While they are exceptionally appealing and used by high risk businesses throughout the world, they can break after repeated impact.

What this means is that over time they will eventually start to wear, which you would expect from any type of glass material. The good news is that this type of material will take longer to wear, unless it’s constantly being bashed on a daily basis by heavy objects.

The next disadvantage is the price. Because bullet proof glass doors are thicker than the average glass material and offers the added security you would expect from this material, the price is inflated.

While it may seem a lot of money to pay for an entry to your property, think of how these can help you save money in the long run. If you didn’t have this material in your entry way, burglars would get easy access into the property without much effort, making it easy for them to steal valuable items before the police could reach them.

You need to always take the return on investment into consideration when looking to purchase bullet proof doors. Take the price of the doors and work out how much you will save against theft and safety of your customers and staff. You’ll be amazed how these long lasting doors can make such a difference to the overall security of your company on a daily basis.

Don’t purchase your doors from any company. Always do some research to ensure the company is able to supply, install and repair them if necessary. This means you only have one company to call when you need repairs or installation done.

Further check to see if the glass companies you are thinking of has the necessary licenses and insurance in place, offering you that added peace of mind you need when you allow workers into your property.

Always check to determine if they offer an emergency service. Some of these repair companies will offer their services twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, which is essential should you open for extended hours at certain times of the year.