The Advantages and Disadvantages of Stone Tiles

The variety available in home decor would send anyone in a tizzy. The market of home decor is competitive and consistent when it comes to fashion, so you will find that manufacturers and artisans keep using the same ideas, technologies and even materials for years together. Stone is one of the most popular and important material used in various aspects of home decor, right from walls to tiles. Like everything else, using stone has its own advantages and disadvantages, and here is a brief list.

Stone is the strongest material that you can use for your walls as well as tiles. They do not require much maintenance. If you are not comfortable with the stony look that they provide to the room, you can go ahead and install polished stone; this will give your apartment a look and feel that few other materials can counter. Stone tiles are the best for buildings that will see a lot of movement. You will see many public as well as private offices, and other places that see many footfalls have stone tiles. Some even use stone tiles on the walls for better effect.

Stone tiles are natural products, and the manufacturing – that is cutting and shaping – process is the least polluting. Stones are some of the most eco-friendly materials used in home decor. They are extremely durable, and if installed in the right manner, they are stain proof too, which make them a very good option for people who wish to add a unique aspect to their homes.

The usage of stone tiles has some disadvantages too. They are durable, but extremely heavy too, and in some cases they may increase the weight of the building, make the entire building cumbersome. Stone tiles also do not give something known as ‘give’, which makes it difficult for people to walk on them on bare feet. Then again, because these tiles are so strong, it could injure a person harder than the other types of tiles in case of an accident.

These tiles are not just heavier, but they also are difficult to install, as well as expensive. It is difficult to install them too, therefore the price of installing them increases manifold. Therefore, these tiles might not fit in everyone’s budget. Traditionally, stone tiles have been expensive, and only the rich and the famous used them in their houses. Unless they are sealed, any stains on them will remain for a lifetime. Though this might give them a unique look, not everyone would like it.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of using stone in the walls and flooring of structures. You would need to ask your interior decorator about which type of flooring and walls would be the best for the structures. There are several manufacturers and retailers that provide such materials and some of them have websites too. These websites provide information like contact numbers, the inventory that they offer, and the logistics that go into supplying these materials.