The Advantages of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is less expensive than other types of flooring and it can actually make a room look very appealing. In some cases it is almost indistinguishable from real wood floors. There are many advantages to choosing laminate flooring over other options. Here are some of the reasons why it might be the best option for you.

Ease of Installation:

Laminate flooring is probably the easiest type of flooring to install. Some of the highest quality laminate offers an installation process that does not require the use of glue. To install the pieces, they just need to be cut to fit the area. They are then clicked together and put into place. Afterward, they are ready for use. They will withstand walking and furniture placement without any issues. A flooring professional can install your new laminate in just a couple days.

Low Cost:

Laminate is well known for being inexpensive. It is a very economical choice, especially when you take into consideration the prices of the other types of flooring that are available. Not only are the other options more expensive to install, they require costly maintenance. If you were to install hardwood flooring, for example, it will need to be refinished about four or five times over a lifetime. Carpet and vinyl will require quite a bit of maintenance as well. They need to be torn out and redone at least twice, sometimes more if they see more use. Laminate, in contrast, very rarely needs to be replaced at all.


Hardwood, vinyl, and carpet can’t hold up to the strength of a laminate floor. One of the layers in laminate is included specifically to prevent wear as time passes. Laminate flooring is much less likely to scratch over time than the alternatives. One small scratch may not look like much, but over time scratches cause the appearance of a floor to dull. Scratches can result not just from pet claws or dropped knives, but from dirt or sand caught in people’s shoes. This is not the case with laminate. It will look shiny and in perfect condition for several years.


Laminate floors will almost never stain. They also stand up to the elements. Moisture is less likely to cause them to warp, and they are unlikely to fade with time. To back up these statements, most manufacturers of laminate floors will provide a warranty that lasts somewhere between ten and twenty five years. Laminate is also incredibly easy to clean. Soap and water is all it takes to remove a mess from a this type of floor. Other types may require you to use specific types of cleaning products in order to be effective, and they may stain where laminate will not.


Finally, laminate is an excellent choice for the health of you and your family. Other types of flooring can end up contaminated with dust, especially carpets. People who are suffering from allergies will definitely benefit from using laminate floors.