The Advantages of Portable Air Compressors

Contractors often use portable air compressors. Since these contractors are responsible for many concrete and paving jobs, portable air compressors are easier to use and to transport. These newer inventions make some jobs a lot easier.

In recent years, the sale of portable air compressors hit a high mark and then gradually decreased. Some experts believe this is due to the fact that they were new contraptions that got a good running start, but over a few years lost their appeal. This is changing as we have advanced the technologies. Another reason that sales are on the upswing is because of the housing boom. With all of the new housing developments and new homes being built across the United States, there is plenty of work in store for portable air compressors.

Portable air compressors have the same functionality as standard, traditional air compressors. They usually have tanks that hold up to eight gallons and have the same safety devices intact. The advantage of these offspring of other air compressors is obvious: the ability to transport them from job-to-job. Portable air compressors have wheels that can roll the compressor and are often more lightweight than industrial models.

When buying a portable air compressor, as with the purchase of a traditional air compressor, look for models that are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). These models have been tested for quality and safety and are the only ones available that guarantee quality workmanship. An air compressor certified by the ASME will have a label or sticker located somewhere on the unit; parts and accessories should have this label as well. It is illegal in some states to buy or sell air compressors that are not certified by the ASME. Keep in mind that not all portable air compressors are created equal.