The Advantages Of Using HVAC Filter Media As Your Air Conditioner Filter

About HVAC Filter Media

Air filters have but one common goal which is to maximize functionality of either the heating or air conditioning system, regardless of brands and types, while achieving distinctive indoor air quality.

These filters all help to make the heating or air conditioning system work efficiently, made possible by removing or avoiding accumulation of dust, dirt, and other tiny air particles. Air particles are captured in these air filters therefore clogging is reduced, if not avoided. Consequently, clogging may result for possible damage on the equipment, which can result to work inefficiently, time-consuming, or labor- and cost-intensive repairs.

Replacing or cleaning of filters is significantly emphasized. It is not surprising since having failed to do any of these tasks can result to losing of the equipment?s functional efficacy. HVAC filter media are available in various types depending on the medium used for production. These HVAC filter media include fiberglass filter media, polyester filter media, dog hair filter media, blue/green filter media, charcoal filter media, and others more. Although many are less expensive, most of these are not much efficient.

For instance, most of the designed induct filters specifically for home forced heating and air conditioning systems are completed from sloppily -spun fiberglass. Such filters happen to be come in a range of sizes and densities, are disposable, and less expensive. Unfortunately, filters that are less-dense may allow higher airflow but do not efficiently remove as much dust. In contrast, filters with higher density are able to take out further air particles may be more restraining with airflow. Higher dense filters also can be that instantly loaded with dust and other particles.

However, over time, production and design of these filters were improved making them more efficient requiring low maintenance even at an affordable price.

Some helpful tips

Since keeping the filters is crucial, following tips can be useful in maintaining your HVAC filter media.

* Make sure that relative humidity does not reach dewpoint in the ductwork, otherwise an environment conducive for molds and bacteria growth is created. Change immediately filters when they become wet as this also attracts for microbial growth. Also, replace filters at the sight of slight damage or major one.

* Do not allow dust to accumulate in this ductwork to avoid clogging. Having it unclogged by a technician can be time-consuming as it may require a lot of labor, and therefore, can cost you more from getting the repair or cleaning done.

* Make changing filters an easy task for everyone. You can do this by strategically placing labels that include essential information, especially the type of filters, pressure drop, and date changed. In this way you are making everyone aware resulting to a further strengthened maintenance.

Concluding, HVAC filter media has gone a long way in terms of benefits and improved functionalists. These filters have become more efficient and affordable requiring less amount of effort in maintaining. It doesn?t get any better than this.